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The Inglewood(ING)Hoops Youth Organization was founded in 2003. As time past, on our youngmen developed strong relationships among each other. In addition, their basketball skill level improved greatly. In April'2005 we became a non-profit organization and shortly thereafter join the(AAU)Amateur Athletic Union. The ING Hoops Boys Basketball team consists of one the best AAU Traveling Teams in the state. We believe that positive character development can be successfully accomplished by focusing on the core values such as: compassion, commitment, integrity, respect, health and responsibility. We strive to help our children develop these values through mentoring, academics and exemplary sports programs such basketball.

Our team is composed of a group of young men, who we believe are among the most dedicated and talented athletes in the state. We have a coaching staff who's personal committment as well as their ability to teach the game is second to none! Our goals are to continue preparing these athletes to compete on a national level. The ultimate goal of our program is to instill GODLY principles in our youngmen so that they can rise above any negative influences and/or activity within our communities. Our Coaching staff being an extention of this will help to develop all of our players into a position to achieve collegiate scholarships. In order to meet these goals we will continue to travel, seeking the highest level of competition.

                              Motto: One Vision, One Goal, One Team

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