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Tuesday, September 30
Little League Announces Change in Umpire/World Series Policy

The policy regarding the maximum number of World Series assignments a volunteer umpire may receive has been changed.

Previously, a Little League volunteer umpire was permitted to umpire only two different World Series tournaments in baseball and/or softball. Also previously, there was no minimum time limit between those two World Series tournaments. 
The new policy places no limit on the number of different World Series tournaments in baseball and/or softball that an umpire could work. However, the new policy places a minimum four-year hiatus between each of those assignments - during which the volunteer umpire must continue to provide his/her services to the local league/district.

With these additional opportunities spread out over a number of years, it is our hope these veteran umpires will continue to lend their expertise to the Little League program beyond their most recent World Series assignment.
Here are the conditions that apply:

1. Any umpire who has been assigned to a World Series may apply for another world series at a different level. 

2. It must be at least four years since the last assignment. (Example: An umpire works a 2009 World Series. That umpire once again becomes eligible under this condition to be recommended in 2012 to umpire a different World Series in 2013. If that umpire works a World Series in 2013, that umpire again becomes eligible under this condition to be recommended in 2016 to umpire a different World Series in 2017.)

3. An umpire may only be assigned to any one of the eight World Series one time.

4. An umpire that has left the Little League program for one season or more must re-qualify once again with all the required recommendations and umpire at least four years from when that umpire came back into the program. 

Saturday, November 10
2008 Umpire Registry Information

Dear Little League Volunteer Umpire,

   I wanted to let you know that we have opened online registration so that you can renew your umpire registration now and not have to wait for our regular mailing. Just visit our web site at and click on the registration link. We will also be offering online registration for our Umpire Schools and Clinics soon.

   As you know, the Little League Umpire Registry offers Little League umpires a smart way to stay on top of their game. The 2008 registration is now available online and you can sign up in minutes and start enjoying the benefits. By joining the Umpire Registry, you immediately become part of a unique information network charged with enhancing umpire services for Little League players everywhere.

   We started the Umpire Registry to provide umpires an easy and effective communication channel to stay updated about their game and the response has been tremendous. Rule books are literally sent right to your doorstep and through our regular newsletter, you gather industry news and information. The Umpire Registry provides an opportunity for all umpires to stay updated on rules and regulations, exchange ideas, and offer suggestions that will continually improve them. You can also access the latest information on clinics, seminars, rule interpretations, regulations updates and more.

   Tools like the Fair Ball newsletter provide you with a network so that you can correspond and receive peer feedback on situations happening out in the field. Umpires from around the world send in real situations and ask for feedback. The situations and responses also become valuable tools for improving the profession and educating volunteer umpires. The Umpire Registry also maintains an updated file of members, providing an excellent referral resource to league officers and tournament directors. As part of your membership, you will receive:

* A copy Little League Baseball and Softball Rule Books in print and on a CD

* A copy of The Umpire in Little League

* A copy of Little League’s The Right Call

* An official Little League Registry Identification Card

* A Little League Umpire Registry Certificate

* An Umpire Patch

* An Official Little League Bat Ring

* A Subscription to The Umpire Registry Newsletter, Fair Ball

* A listing in the Little League Registry of Umpires

   You can register online right now for a one-year membership for just $25. To register online, just visit our web site at .

   I hope you will renew your membership online to the 2008 Little League Umpire Registry.


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