Indiana State Little League: Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 17

Indiana District Administrators  Spring  State Meeting

                                    March 18, 2012

    The spring state meeting convened at the Central Regional Headquarters  at 10:00 a.m.  All districts were present.  Special guests included Central Regional Director Nina Johnson and Tammy Lisby.


    The minutes from the fall meeting were approved.  The Treasurer’s report was given and the ending balance was $1,565.55.  The report was also approved.


    Tammy Lisby reported that the final deadline for the ASAP reports will be April 13th this year.


    Nina let everyone know about the renovations that are taking place at the complex.  She also discussed the Challenger Jamboree that will take place June 23rd at the complex.  She also said the Round Tables went well. 


    Bill Futrell  was introduced and welcomed as the new District Administrator from District 9.


    Next item on the agenda was concerning trading pins at the state tournaments.  A motion was made by Kevin and seconded by Steve to send enough pins to cover five games at a state tournament per division of play.  Motion Passed.


    Shelly discussed a memorial for Dean Pierson at the complex.  The cost would be around $250.00.  After discussion on each district paying their share, it was determined that the state association could pay the cost with the money from DPH profits from the pins ordered yearly.  A motion was made by Shelly and seconded by Troy to have the state association pay the designated amount for the memorial  in Dean Pierson’s memory.  Motion Passed.


    The site for the Big League Softball State Tournament will be at District 11. It will be played at Mathis field in South Bend.


    Discussion was held on having a 10/11 girls state tournament.  District 5 was interested in hosting it at the New Albany Little League. It would be possibly 6-8 teams. A motion by Shelly and seconded by Bill  was made  that a special games format would be used for this tournament in District 5 with a $50.00 entrance fee to be paid to the state treasurer.  Motion Passed.


    Discussion was held on the date and place of the fall meeting for the state association.  A motion was made by Mark and seconded by Bill to hold the meeting on October 21, 2012 at the Regional Complex.  Motion Passed.


    Steve Heck announced that April 28, 2012 at the Lake Station Little League in District 1 they will be honoring Jim Robb and dedicating the 2012 season in his name.


    Derek discussed Phil Rizzo from Elgin Illinois is interested in hosting a super region for the 50/70 program in the 10/11 year old division.  Derek will get more information and email it to all DA’s.


    Tournament Sites and Dates

    Next item for discussion was Junior Baseball.  District 6  will be unable to host the Junior Boys state this year.    District 8 is also unable to host the Junior Girls this year.

    District 12 said it could host the Junior Boys State tournament.

    District 5 would be willing to host the Junior Girls State.  They would run the Junior Girls and Senior Girls at the time with the dates that had been set.

   A motion was made by George and a second by Mark to accept these two sites for the Junior Boys and the Junior Girls.  Motion passed.


The following are the sites and dates for the 2012 season


       Nine and Ten Boys  July 28-August 2   District 2 Dyer Little League

      Ten and Eleven Boys   July 21-26          District 7  Franklin Township LL

      Major Boys  July 21-26                        District 14 Oslo Little League

      Thirteen’s  July25-29                           District 9  Wabash Little League

      Junior Boys  July21-26                         District 12  Greenwood LL

      Senior Boys  July 25-29                        District 1  Portage Little League

            (All the teams that want to enter can )

      Big League Boys  July 9-12                    District 1  Portage Little League


    A motion was made by Kevin and a second by Steve to accept the sites and dates for the boys’ divisions for the 2012 season.  Motion Passed.


        Nine and Ten Girls  July 18-22             District 3  West Lafayette LL

        Major Girls  July 11-16                        District 11 Chet Waggoner LL

        Junior Girls  July25-29                       District 5  at Clarksville

        Senior Girls  July 17-21                       District 5  at Clarksville

        Big League Girls  July 21-22                 District 11 Chet Waggoner


    A motion was made by Bill and seconded by Derek to accept the sites and dates for the softball divisions for the 2012 season. 


    A review of the Tournament Draw List Notes was given.  Pease note the items highlighted in yellow.


Tournament Draw

Don made a motion with a second by Kevin that the same draw for all 12 and under divisions will be the same starting with the major boys draw first.  Motion passed. 


    A motion was made by Kevin and a second by Steve that the same format for baseball and softball be used.  Motion passed.  The fourteen team pool play format sheet in the packet will be the one used to schedule games.


    Everyone signed the waiver sheets for the Thirteen year old Boys and the 10/11 girls special games state tournament.


    A motion was made by Steve and a second by Derek that if using the 12 team Pool Play Sheet we use the six team pool with a 4 team championship bracket.  Motion Passed.


    Meeting was adjourned  at 12:30 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                        Paula Grede

Tuesday, December 13

                   Indiana District Administrators Association State Meeting

                                                     November 12, 2011


   The fall Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. at the Rose Hulman Institute in Terre Haute.

Districts present:  District 1, District 2, District 3 (Rick Moore), District 5, District 6, District 7, District 8, District 9 (Mike Hierholzer), District 11, District12, District 13, District 14.  District 10, absent from meeting.


  A moment of of silence was observed for the passing of our fellow District Administrator, Dean Pierson. 


  Special guests for the meeting were:  Nina Johnson, Central Regional Director and Sean Farawell, the new assistant director.  Also, Tammy and David Hammer from DPH pins. 


  Marlin started the meeting by thanking Mike Howard for arranging our state meeting with Rose Hulman. 


  The minutes from the spring meeting were approved, as was the Treasurer’s report.  The present balance for the account is $2,046.94.


  A count of the teams who participated in the 13 year old state tournament was given. George will mail out checks in December to the leagues who participated.


  Nina Johnson gave a report on what is going on in the region.  The 225 fences and new lights are completed.  A new playing surface and new scoreboard have been placed.  She is hoping for a protective net to be put up for next year.  The tennis courts have been resurfaced and some updates for the administrative building  are taking place.  A new building is being constructed to replace the scoring building.  It will be a multipurpose building for the complex.  A scoring building for Ferguson Field will also be constructed.  She is hoping to get some landscaping done at the complex also.  She also passed out a sheet concerning the ASAP program in the Central Region as well as a sheet on charter numbers for the region.  She let everyone know that the 50/70 program seems to be still going but it is not as popular in the Central Region as it is in other parts of the country.  She has received the umpire recommendations for the region, but is still seeking people for the LL Softball Region and the Big League Softball Region.  She mentioned that the Charter Committee would be the final decision maker in changing any state’s increase or decrease of districts.  She gave everyone a Calendar of events for the upcoming season and mentioned a regional round table that will take place in March,2012.  A memorial garden is being planned at the complex to honor District Administrators who are now deceased.  Honoring with a plaque, stone, or something else.  It is still in the works.  Nina also introduced Sean Farawell as the new assistant Regional Director. 


  Tammy and David Hammer from DPH pins gave out folders with new pins, medallions, etc.  They presented the association with the 5% rebate check in the amount of $407.56. 


  Marlin read a letter from Mary Lou concerning her team that went to Williamsport to play during the World Series.  They had a great time there and wanted to thank everyone for all their donations and good wishes. 


  Mark spoke on the eteamz site.  He said it is fine to either text or email him information for the site. 


  ASAP have new dates for turning in safety reports.  They will be March 13 and April 13. 


  A motion was made by Steve and a second by Shelly to pass the meeting agenda.  Motion passed. 


Old Business  

  Discussion was held on presenting pins and flags at the section tournaments.  In 1999 a motion had been passed that it was too costly for some districts to spend on section memorabilia.  A motion was then made by Mark and seconded by Kevin that it would be up to the hosting District Administrator to purchase or not to purchase pins and a flag for that section tournament. Motion passed.  This is only for section play.  It will go into our state handbook.


  Discussion was then held on trading pins at state.  Not every team has pins to trade.  The subject was tabled until the spring meeting.


New Business 

  Don Mason stated that the 9 & 10 boys Super Regional was cancelled this past year because of lack of participation.  


  Mark had the only district in the state with participation in the 50/70 program.  He had 8 or 9 teams who played. 


  Derek gave a report on the Regional Picnics this past summer.  They received a great deal of donations for both the boys and the girls.  They will continue to host the boys’ regional picnic.  They are open to having someone else host the girls.  They are waiting to see what Nina is planning for next year.   She will make the final decision. 


  Teenage Baseball and Softball Sections were discussed.  It was the consensus that most districts would not be able to host a 14 team format because of lack of big diamond fields close together. 


  The Spring Meeting is tentatively scheduled for the same weekend as the Regional Round Tables.  Sunday March 18, 2012 at the complex.


  The next item for discussion was the waiver for teams to play in the regional tournaments.  Last season a problem occurred with the IHSAA.  They will only allow one waiver for the state.  A motion was made by Mark and a second by Kevin that in the teenage divisions of softball and baseball if a conflict occurs concerning obtaining a waiver for play in the regional tournament, the state tournament winner will receive the waiver.  Motion passed.   This will go into our state handbook for future reference. 


  Marlin informed the association that we will purchase something for Dean with the assessed amount of $10.00 from each district.  He asked Shelly if should would talk to Joan Pierson about an appropriate memorial would be for Dean. 


  The next item on the agenda was concerning State Packets and Flags.  A motion was made by Don and a second by Shelly to purchase State Championship flags only through Little League.  Motion passed. 


  It was also discussed that the information packets sent out to DA’s for State Tournaments must be sent by July 1st as it is listed in the Requirements for hosting a State Tournament.  They may be sent by mail or electronically.


  We reviewed the Requirements for Hosting a State Tournament.  

            5. C  The change will read that the packets be mailed electronically or through the post office by July 1st.

            5.  K Update this with a State Championship flag purchased through Little League.


  We then went over the state rotation plan for the 2012 season.


  District 9 is scheduled to host the 13’s, but this will be tabled until the spring meeting.  The Senior Boys tournament needs to be moved from District 13 because they do not have the program.     District 1 was interested in hosting the tournament.  A motion by Mark and a second by Derek that District 1 host the Boys Senior State.  Passed.


  Next item on the agenda was host sites for Big League Baseball and Softball.  District 1 is interested in the Big League Boys tournament.  Motion by Mark and second by Don to allow District 1 to host The Big League Boys state.  Passed.


  The only two districts to qualify for the Big League Softball State are District 5 and District 11.  Kevin and Shelly will decide who should take the tournament and report back at the spring meeting.


  Next agenda item was the number of teams entered into the state tournaments.  A motion by Paula and a second by Mark to have all Softball divisions and all 12 and under baseball divisions stay in the 14 team format for 2012. Motion Passed.


  Discussion was held about sections for teenage baseball.  It was determined that a section will still be played in the teenage baseball divisions after a motion failed on the floor to send all teams to state (4-6). District 1 said they would like to have the opportunity to host a larger number of teams in the senior boy’s tournament...  A motion was made by Mark and a second by Don to allow District 1 to host as many teams in the Senior Boys State who wanted to play.  Motion passed.


  The dates for the 2012 baseball and softball state tournaments were tabled until the Spring Meeting.


  District 8 is interested in hosting a 10/11 girls state tournament either under special games or a sanctioned tournament.  Discussion at spring meeting. 


  Umpire Applications were turned in.  The deadline for turning in applications is December 31.


  Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    Paula Grede

Spring 2011 Meeting

Indiana District Administrators State Meeting

Spring Meeting


All Districts present except District 1, excused because of medical reasons.

Meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. at the Regional Complex on February 27, 2011.


Special Guests:  Mike Legge, Regional Director.


A motion from George and a second by Jim was made to excuse Steve Heck from the spring meeting because of medical reasons.  Passed.


The secretary’s report was accepted and the Treasurer’s report was also approved.  The ending balance for the State Association is $1561.94.


Mike Legge announced that he will be retiring this year and Nina Johnson will be named as the Regional Director.  He let everyone know that the light fixtures at Stokley Field are new for this season.  Ferguson Field will be lit next year.  They are using the new LED lights and they are brighter than the old ones.  The new scoreboard is coming the end of March. It will be 24x8.  With the added room around the sides for added information, the final size will be 24x16.  Permits are being obtained to repair storage sheds, and backstops at Stokley and Ferguson are coming soon.  The sprinkler system on Stokley Field is being updated.  He also announced that the girls will be staying in the dorms at the complex for the regional in July.




A flyer was given out by Tammy Worland with email addresses to offer any help to District Safety Officers.  Donna Dobbs  and Tammy  


Challenger- Mary Lou was unable to attend but checks were collected for her team to go to the Challenger game in Williamsport this summer.


George discussed the Residency Flyer in the D.A. packet The information on the back of the flyer informed everyone of the residency requirement set up this year through Little League.  At registration, a family may use a proof of residency from last year.  Anyone moving into the league after the February 1st deadline must obtain a waiver through the Charter Committee.  A player driver’s license is acceptable or a state ID. 


Mark gave a report on the ETeamz website.  He would like anyone who has umpires going to a Regional or World Series to send him information about these umpires and also a picture if possible.  He will also post tournament dates on the site.


Committee Reports


Mark and Shelly discussed a format to be used at the fall meeting.  It was suggested that the tournament draws be done at the spring meeting rather than in the fall.  A motion by Shelly to table the discussion and a second by Troy was made.  Passed.


A motion by George and a second by Shelly to approve the agenda for the spring meeting was made.  Passed. 


Old Business

Derek gave a report on the LLBB Regional Picnic.  He said donations would be made, District 7 would gladly take donations of pop, cookies, beans and condiments.


Jeff Knoebel, the regional UIC volunteered to start a database of umpires for the region.  Discussion was held and no decision was made at the time.  Other states should be contacted for input. It was suggested also that he come up with a plan and bring it back to the D.A.’s


Shelly also announced that a Town Hall Meeting would be held at the Grantline Elementary School for suggestions to help the softball program.  The suggestions would then be forwarded on to Williamsport.  Topics would include travel teams, boundaries etc.  A Softball Factory will also take place in District 5, April 29-30. at the New Albany Little League. 


Mark announced that a 50/70 invitational tournament for 16 teams would take place at Fall Creek Little League. A league must charter a 50/70 team and purchase the insurance for the regular season.  Even if you don’t play a regular season of 50/70 a team will still be eligible to participate in the invitational.  If a combined team enters this tournament, both leagues must charter and pay for the insurance. This will be for 11 and 12 year old boys.  The cost for charter and insurance is the same as Junior boy’s regular season fee, $62.00.  The entrance fee for the tournament will be $100.00.


New Business


The Softball Regional Picnic was the next agenda item.  Marlin said that he would contact Nina and see if any plans were being made, he would then email everyone and let us know what she said.  George made a motion to table any discussion on this until Nina was contacted.  Shelly made the second.  Passed.


The fall meeting site was the next.  Mike Howard suggested we come to Terre Haute for the meeting.  We could meet at Rose Hulman Institute.    The meeting is scheduled for November 12, 2011.  A motion was made by George and seconded by Dean to have the meeting in Terre Haute.  Passed.  We will start at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.


George included in our packets information on a 9/10 Boys invitational tournament to be held in Eaton Ohio.  The tournament is for state winner, state runner up, district winner and district runner up teams. Other teams are also eligible.  They will allow three teams per state.  Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois will play in the tournament that will start on a Thursday and conclude on Sunday.  LL Tournament Rules will be used. There is no entry fee and each team is responsible for their own expenses.


George went over the tournament dates for 2011. 

9/10 Boys      July 23-July27      District 13   Princeton

10/11 Boys    July 24-July 28    District 8    Plainfield

11/12 Boys    July 22-July 28    District 5    Jeff GRC

13 Boys       July 27-July 31    District 9    Wabash

Junior Boys   July 27-July 31    District 14

Senior Boys   July 27-July 31    District 10  Fort Wayne

Big League    July 11-July15      District 7


9/10 Girls    July 16-July21      District 6    Yorktown

Major Girls   July 13-July18      District 2    Hessville

Junior Girls  July 23-July27      District 11   Chet Waggoner

Senior Girls  July 21-July25      District 7    Indiana Central

Big League    July 23-July 24    District 11


The 50/70, 11/12 Boys Invitational will be played at Fall Creek Little League and hosted by District 8.  It will play July 30-August 3.


A motion by Dean to trade the Senior Boys and the Thirteen year old boys between Districts 9 and 10 was made.  Second by Shelly.  Passed.


District 3 is unable to host the Senior Girls.  District 7 said they were interested.  A motion was made by Shelly and a second by Mark to move the Senior Girls from District 3 to District 7.  Passed

A motion was then made by George and second by Ed to approve the tournament dates for 2011.  Passed.


After reviewing the requirements for hosting a state tournament sheet, a motion was made by Shelly for District 5 to be allowed to pass out miniature bats to the major boys’ teams instead of participation pins.  A second by George.  Passed.


The tournament draw was held and a motion by George was made to accept the draw list.  A second by Jim.  Passed.


A letter was passed around for all Indiana D.A.’s to sign for the Charter Committee to allow Indiana to hold a 2011 Thirteen Year Old Boys State Tournament.

George went over the tie breaker rules and the Lightening Safety Sheet that is included in our packets.  He also handed out a Tournament Stat Summary Page to be used at our State Tournaments.  Something needs to be posted on concession stand with the stats in case there is a conflict during the tournament. This will show that a record has been kept. 


District 9 is hosting a Wooden Bat tournament July 1, 2011.  More information to follow.  It will be played in Wabash. 


Meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m.


                          Respectfully submitted,

                          Paula Grede



Thursday, March 24
Fall 2010 Meeting

Indiana District Administrators Association Meeting Minutes

                                      October 23, 2010

   Meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. All districts present except  District 4.  Special Guests were Mike Legge, Central Region Director and Jim Hammer from DPH pins.

   Mike gave a report on the painting and refinishing of the dorm and administrative building siding.  New windows were replaced in the dorm building.  The Shirley Ferguson field is now complete.  A new scoreboard and extended fencing (225 feet) are being added to Stokley Field.   An announcer’s box and radio room will be added to Ferguson Field.  Plans are to also put up a new booth on Stokley Field.  Also, they will replace the backstop.  The ASAP program for the year had Indiana at 96%.   He encouraged Indiana DA’s  to use the Data Center on the LL website to obtain information about all their leagues.  Mike also discussed the upcoming Softball Regional to be held at the Central Region Complex.  It will run from July 22-29th.  The Baseball Regional will run August 4 (day of arrival) with play starting on the 5th and ending on the 13th.  He also discussed the 50/70 program that Little League is promoting.  Players will be allowed to play in the 50/70 program and not be required to play in the regular season.  If that team plays both, then they must pay two charter fees, one for 50/70 and one for the regular season.  If Indiana wants to run a “State Tournament” they will have to run it under the Special Games format as we have done with the Thirteen Year Old boys’ tournament.  We would be allowed to have combined teams from our districts to enter into the tournament.  Interleague play would be used in a regular season in order to give playing time to the teams.

   Mike also discussed the Senior League Softball program.  It can be run like the Big League format.  A district can charter a program in Softball just like they do in Big League.  If the girls want to go back and play at the Junior level for tournament, then the district must charter Juniors as well. Mike announced that Diane Wagner would be the Umpire Consultant for the Softball Region this year. 

   Jim Hammer handed out pin packets to all DA’s and suggested that all league President’s  get a copy so that they can order pins for their staff and players.  The deadline for ordering pins and medallions for engraving is January 1, 2011.  Delivery will be in March.  The jewelry that is in the flyer can be sold at tournaments and any that is left can be  returned to Jim.   He also let everyone know that the 50/70 pins will be coming out for next season.

   Our regular meeting reconvened after the special guest reports.

   The secretary’s report was approved and the treasurer’s report also.  Ending balance was $1586.41 after districts paid dues and Jim Hammer gave George a check for the remaining  pins sold from last year.

   Donna gave a report on the ASAP program for our state.  We had 96% participation.  Tammy and Donna will have an updated ASAP plan for the Spring Meeting in February.

   Mary Lou gave a report on the Challenger program.  She announced to everyone that her team had been chosen to go and play at the World Series in 2011.  She is looking for donations to get the kids there.  They need hotel, transportation, and other things necessary to get to Williamsport.  Some of the Districts have pledged to give $100.00 to help with expenses.  Money will be collected at the Spring Meeting.  Checks can be made out to Challenger Little League.

   George gave a report on the Tournament Committee meeting.  He went over the five topics of discussion that the committee discussed and recommended.   1. Softball, eliminating section play and allow all districts to send their district winner, 2. Teenage baseball, continue seven section tournament alignment with no section partner changes, 3. Age 12U baseball, all fourteen districts advance to state tournament, 4. 50/70 Pilot Program Review, Special Games format by ages 11 & 12.  No interest in 12/13, 5. Review the State Rotation Plan, No revisions for 2011.  A motion was made by Steve and seconded by Shelley to accept the report.  Motion Passed.

New Business

   Discussion was held on holding future Super Regional’s in Baseball and Softball.  Both District nine and District 6 felt there was not enough response from other states to warrant trying it again this next year.

   The discussion on districts in the Indianapolis area, who will host during the Brickyard, stated that last year the turnout at the race was down from previous years and they did not feel it would be a problem hosting this year either.  It was also mentioned that more hotels have been built to accommodate more people.

   The next topic of discussion was the Regional Picnic for Baseball.  District 7  will still run the Baseball Picnic.  Shelley made a motion that the state winner in Indiana will purchase 15 watermelons for the picnic.  A second was made by Ed.  Motion Passed.

   Derek stated that funds are needed to purchase all things that they do not get donated for the picnic.  They need paper products, condiments, cookies, etc.  For all donations given for the picnic, a letter will be sent out by Region thanking all vendors who donated hot dogs, buns, beans etc.  Derek will have more information at the Spring Meeting.

   A motion was made by Mark and seconded by Troy to annually donate $100.00 to all regionals held in Indiana.  Motion Passed.

   A motion was made by Paula and seconded by George to give Regional Headquarters authority to purchase a new microwave for the kitchen in the complex to replace the old one, the amount not to exceed  $400.00.  Motion Passed.

   The Spring Meeting was the next agenda item.  Mark made the motion to hold the meeting on February 27th at 10:30 at the Complex.  Don seconded the motion.  Motion Passed.

   Marlin handed out packets and introduced John Reisdorf who represents Brax Spirit Cups.  Each DA was given a sample of the cups to show their leagues.  Every sleeve of cups sold, John will donate 25 cents to the Challenger team.

   The next agenda item was the Meeting Format.  A motion was made by Don to continue the meeting after lunch until 5:00 p.m. A send was made by Mark. Motion Passed.  Meeting will commence at 1:15 p.m.

   Meeting resumed at 1:30 p.m.


   A motion was made by Kevin to allow all districts to send a district winner to the Softball State tournaments , a second by Dean. Motion Passed.

   A motion was made by Shelley to draw the Softball tournaments at the Spring Meeting.  Second  by Mark.  Motion  Passed.

   Discussion was held on the 10/11 Softball Tournament.

   Kevin made a motion to have this run on a Special Games format instead of a state tournament.  A second was made by Don.  Motion  Passed.

   A poll was taken of the districts who might have a team.  Two definite teams, seven no, and five maybe.

   The motion was then amended to include allowing districts to use a combined team format to enter a team into the invitational tournament.  Motion Passed.

   A motion was made by Shelley and seconded by Mark to hold the draw for the Teenage Baseball at the Spring Meeting.  Motion Passed.

   Discussion was held on the 12U Baseball .  A motion was made by Shelley and seconded by Mark to allow all districts to have their district winner enter the state tournament. Motion  Passed.  A motion was made by Shelley and seconded by Mark to hold the draw for the 12U at the Spring Meeting.  Motion Passed. A motion was made by Shelley and seconded by Troy that if a DA cannot host all 14 teams at the state level, then the tournament will go to another District. Motion Passed.

   50/70 Pilot Program was discussed next.  A motion was made by Don and a second by Derek to allow 11 and 12 year olds to participate in the program in Indiana.  Motion Passed. Districts were asked if they would be interested in hosting an invitational tournament this next season.  District 8 has some interest.  He would consider a 16 team tournament run under a special games format.  He will brings some plans to the Spring Meeting. 

   The State Rotation Plan was discussed.  Concerns were there if a 50/70 state tournament was added at a later time.  A motion was made by Kevin and a second by Troy to accept the state rotation as it is now.  Motion Passed. 

   The Tournament Draw List Notes were reviewed and the following changes made:  Under Teenage Baseball (5) the draw list for all baseball tournaments except Big League will take place at the Spring meeting.  Under the Softball Divisions (7)  draw for the softball divisions at the Spring Meeting.

   A motion was made by Derek and a second by Jim to accept the Tournament Draw List as written with the two changes above.  Motion Passed.

   Discussion on the Requirements for Hosting a State Tournament Sheet were held next.    Number 3 will be changed to read The Host DA shall be the Tournament Director unless otherwise approved by the Tournament Committee.  Number 5e, section will be changed to read district,  Number 5i, it will be optional to purchase pins for the senior or big league players, manager, coach or umpire at the state level.

   It was also discussed and agreed on that the umpire evaluation requirement  should be deleted for lack of interest and participation.

   A motion was made to accept the document with the above changes by  Paula and a second by Kevin.  Motion Passed.

   The Big League Softball and Baseball Tournaments were next to be discussed.  District 7 was interested in hosting the Big League Boys State.  A motion was made by Mark and seconded by Don to allow District 7 to host that tournament.  Motion Passed.

   District 11 was interested in hosting the Big League Girls State tournament.  A motion by Steve and a second by Paula to allow District 11 to host Big League Girls State.   Motion Passed. 

   District  10 was unable to host the Major Girls tournament.  District 2 was interested in hosting.  A motion was made by Paula and seconded by Kevin to allow District 2 to host the Major Girls State.  Motion Passed. 

   District 12 is unable to host Senior Girls this year.  District 3 is interested in hosting but will confirm decision at the Spring Meeting. 

Dates for the 2011 State Tournaments

Nine and Ten Boys  State July 27-August 1   District 13  Jasper

Ten and Eleven Boys State  July 25-30  District 8  Plainfield

Major Boys  July 22-28  District 5  Jeff GRC

Thirteen Boys July 27-31  District 10  Fort Wayne  Georgetown & St. Joe

Junior Boys  July 27-31  District 14  Middlebury

Senior Boys July 27-31  District 9  Wabash

Big League Boys  District 7  Decater Central High School

Nine and Ten Girls July 16-21  District 6 Yorktown

Major Girls  July 13-18 District 2  Hessville

Junior Girls  July 23-27  District 11  Southeast

Senior Girls  July 26-31   District 3?

Big League Girls  July 22-26  District 11

  The umpire selection process sheet in packet  was reviewed.  A motion by Don and a second by Derek to accept the sheet as written was made.  Motion Passed. 

  If a District Administrator is sending an umpire application to a hosting district for a state tournament, the DA sending the application should run the umpire through the database to have them  background checked, prior to sending the application.  The deadline for sending applications to host districts in December 31, 2010.  The deadline for notifying umpires of their assignments is February  15, 2011. 

  The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m


                                                          Respectfully Submitted,

                                                          Paula Grede,  Secretary

Thursday, May 13
Spring 2010 Meeting
Indiana State Association Minutes
February 13, 2010
The Meeting was called to order at 2:05PM.
Sweaters and magnetic ID badges were given out to DA's by Jane Culp.
The Secretary's report was approved.  The Treasurer's report was given and approved.  The current balance is $1,303.20.
Tammy Lisby met with all safety officers in attendence.
The regional Challenger program is still looking for donations for their jamboree.
A motion was made by Paula and seconded by Shelly to approve the meeting agenda.  Motion passed.
The super regional for Nine and Ten boys was discussed by Dean.  Kentucky is planning on entering two teams, and Michigan one team.  Packets will be given out at the Regional Meeting at Congress with all information.  The nine and Ten girls Super Regional is still being finalized.  The packets will also be given out to State Coordinators at the Regional Meeting also.
Mark gave a report on the state eteamz site.  He is interested in stories and pictures of umpires who will go to any World Series or Regional games this year.
Marlin suggested that we hold our Fall Meeting in Elkhart this year.  He handed out packets with hotel information as well as places to visit for the weekend.  A motion was made and seconded to have the meeting in Elkhart over the seekend of October 23 and 24, 2010.  Motion passed.  We will stay at the Comfort Suites for $79.00 + tax per night.
The district tournaments for baseball and softball this year can begin June 28, 2010 without regional approval.  All incoming freshman, as well as returning high school players must be done playing Little League by August 2, 2010.  All information is at the bottom of State Tournament Schedule sheet in DA packets.
The 9 & 10 Girls State will be July 22 - July 26.
Major Girls State will be July 22 - July 26 at State Park LL in Chesterton.
Junior Girls will play July 29 - August 1.
Senior Girls will play July 21 - July 25 at Cleveland LL in Elkhart.
Big League Girls is July 22 - July 25.
A motion was made by Derek, and seconded by Ed to approve the baseball and softball state tournament dates.  Motion passed
A review of the requirements for hosting a state touirnament was given (in DA packets)  Number 7 emphasized that all umpires are to be evaluated using the umpire evaluation form.  The umpires from non district as well as host district umpires are to be given and evaluation.  They should be forwarded to State Secretary by September 1st.
George went over the yellow sheet included in the DA packets about the tournament rule differences for both baseball and softball.
George nominated Paula for State Secretary. Paula accepted.  No other nominations were given.  A motion was made by Mark and seconded by Ed to close the nominations.  Motion passed.
The State Coordinator is Marlin Culp.  State Treasurer is Geporge Glick and State Secretary is Paula Grede.
Tammy Lisby gave a report on her discussion with the safety officers, and let everyone know tha she has copies of safety reports if anyone needs help in their district.
Marlin thanked Derek for getting the medical center for the meeting.
Shelly wants everyone to meet at 7PM outside the hall to have pictures taken at congress.
Meeting adjourned at 4:20PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Paula Grede

Monday, May 17
Fall 2009 Meeting

Indiana District Administrators Association Minutes

Marlin Culp-State Coordinator, George Glick State Treasurer, Paula Grede, State Secretary

Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m  on November 14, 2009  at the Holiday Inn Express in Edinburgh, Indiana by Marlin.

All districts present, District 11 represented by Keith Wagner.

Special Guests:  Mike Legge  Central Region Director, Tim Ward Illinois District 17,Linda Sanifillippo Illinois District 11, John Roll, representative from the International Board of Directors. 

Indiana District 13 has a new District Administrator.  He is Troy Baize.

The Secretary ‘s Report was approved from the Spring Meeting.

The Treasurer’s Report was also approved.  The balance in our account is $1197.75.  George will issue the mileage checks from the 13 year old state tournament.

Mike Legge gave a report to the association about the Regional Complex.   New windows and repairs for the dorms have been approved in the amount of $115,000.  The logo window at the Complex will be restored also.   The Regional Sites will be the same in 2010.   The League Administration Clinic will be held at the Hyatt North in Indianapolis .  The room rate will be $79.00 and a lunch will be offered for $5.00. Information will be sent out soon.  The Umpire Clinic will be same weekend at the same place.    He  also discussed the District Administrator clinic held the weekend prior to our state meeting.  If your district is chartering a big league program, it is important to file a safety report through the district.  The field surveys from the fields that are played on should be used in the report.  If your district offers Big League it is important that your teams schedule ½ of their games prior to June 15th. 

Tim Ward from Illinois District 17 and Linda Sanifillippo from Illinois District 11 spoke for a few minutes.  They are running for the International Board of Directors.  They both discussed what they would like to do for our region as the new representative.  A question and answer period was held.  The election for the Board will take place at the Congress in March. 

Mary Lou talked about Challenger this past year and the tournament was great.  There is a power point program available to download at

Mark reported on the state eteamz site.  He would like everyone to send in their game results by email to him.  He would like to expand the site by adding information about each district if it submitted. He would like to make the site more than just a place to see scores from the state tournaments. 

A motion was made by Paula and seconded by George to approve the meeting agenda.  Approved


Jim Hammer from DPH pins gave out the Congress pins that the districts had ordered and passed around a complete set for everyone to see.  He passed out order forms for additional pins, the new medallions with LL logo on them and new travel exchange pins.  He is now able to have the medallions engraved for $.50 a piece if he receives the orders no later than June 1st .  He let everyone know that there is no 13 year old section pin available, only district, state and all stars.  If additional Congress pins need to be ordered they must be ordered no later than February 1, 2010.   Jim has started a new program with his recognition pins that he offers to all leagues and districts.  He will give the state DA Fund 5% back on the sales of these pins.

Shelly  discussed the Congress sweaters and attire for the Opening Ceremony at Congress.  She suggested that each District Administrator wear a Burgundy V-Neck sweater with a button down white shirt, black pants and black shoes. Also she suggested we wear a magnetic name tag on the sweater.  A motion was made  by Shelly  and seconded  by  Mark to approve  the Congress attire.  Approved.  A form will be emailed to all District Administrators for sizes.  The sweaters are $30.00, but  each DA will receive his/her sweater free this year because of the DPH  discount program.  The magnetic name tags will have to be paid for however as well as any ADA sweaters that are purchased for Congress.  The ADA sweaters will be in a neutral color. 

John Roll discussed that we will soon see a 9 & 10 World Series.  He also stated that Congress Jackets are available for $50.00.  He can be reached on his email if anyone is interested. 

Mark was named by Marlin to be the State Parliamentarian.  He accepted. 

All state umpire evaluations should be turned in to Paula. 

The umpire applications should be turned in to Marlin.


Dorothy St. Martens talked about the Central Region Picnic.  They are in need of help either with products or money.  She will send out a sheet to all district administrators of what they would like donated for the picnic.  They also could use more volunteers to help with the picnic.

The Super State Tournament will be held in Wabash Indiana and hosted by District 9.  They will use 3-4 diamonds.  Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin will be invited to participate.  It will start July 31 and end August 4, 2010.  A letter will be sent out with all the information. 

 A 9 & 10 Softball Super Regional is also being planned for Yorktown Little League in District 6.  The letter has been submitted to Williamsport and is awaiting final approval. 

George discussed that he has been offering fall ball for the teenage divisions with incoming freshmen with great success.  No team had more than 5 players from the same high school so it didn’t affect the IHSA rule.  It ended with a single elimination tournament.

  Ten and 11 softball  was discussed again for starting it back up as a state tournament.  A motion was made by Paula and seconded by Shelly not to have the tournament in 2010 because of lack of participation  Approved. 

George discussed the tournament rotation for 2010.  Changes need to be made. 

Shelly made a motion that District 14 host the Senior Girls, second by Don and District 9 host the 9&10 Girls.  Approved.

 A motion was made by Mike and seconded by Shelly that in 2011  District 14 will swap 10/11 boys to District 8 for Boys Juniors, and District 8 will swap 10/11 boys to District 14 for 13 year old boys in 2013.   Approved


George discussed the Big League Program.  Fifteen year old boys are being approved through region to play in the program for the regular season, returning to Seniors for the tournament program. A waiver must be attained.  If a district wants to charter big league they may use geographical boundaries rather than district boundaries.  .

A Vendor Fair was brought up for the next fall meeting.  Lack of interest with the District Administrators.  We will not have one. 

District 7 will be hosting the hospitality room at the League Administrator Clinic.  If anyone wants to contribute,  Derek will be sending out information to all districts. 

The Spring Meeting  will be held Saturday February 13, 2010 at 2:00 p.m.  at the same medical center that we met last spring in Indianapolis.  Derek will send out directions to everyone.  A motion was made by Paula and seconded by Mike to approve the date and place.  Approved.

A motion was made by Don and seconded by Dean to give the regional’s  held in Indiana $100.00 to defray costs .  Approved. 

The meeting was closed until Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m.

Sunday November 15th 8:30 a.m.

Meeting resumes under New Business

All districts present except District 13.

We went over the requirements for hosting a tournament. (in packet)

A motion was made by Shelly and seconded by Ed to approve the following host sites:

Big League Baseball  District 8

Big League Softball District 11

Boys 13’s  District 1

Boys Seniors District 12

The motion was approved. 

Discussion was held on a 14 team schedule for the 9/10’s 10/11’s  and the Major Boys.   A motion was made by Paula and a second by Shelly to adopt the 14 team format  for the 2010 season.  Approved.

Discussion was also held on the number of teams in the softball state tournaments.  A motion was made by Shelly and a second by Steve to adopt the six team softball state for one year.  Approved.

A motion was made by Shelly and a second by Derek  to have the teenage baseball sections  remain the same and will host eight teams. Approved. 

State Tournament Host Sites   

District 1  Major Girls and Boys 13

District 2  Junior Boys

District 3  Junior Girls

District 4

District 5

District 6  Major Boys

District 7  9&10 Boys

District 8  Big League Boys

District 9  9&10 Girls

District 10  10/11 Boys

District 11  Girls Big League

District 12  Senior Boys

District 13

District 14 Senior Girls

A motion was made by Derek and a second by Steve to approve the host sites.  Approved.

Umpire Applications can still be mailed to Marlin for the State Tournaments.

A master list will be mailed to Paula and she will mail out copies of the umpire evaluations to host DA’s.

A motion was made by Shelly and a second by Paula to table the draw list for the state tournaments until the spring meeting.  Approved.

The dates for the tournaments are as follows

There will be no section tournaments for the 9/10 boys,10/11boys, or major boys

                        9&10 boys  July 17-July22

                        10&11 boys  July 29-August 2

                        Major Boys  July July 24-July 29

                        Thirteen Boys  July 28- August 1

                        Junior Boys July 28-August 1

                        Senior Boys July 28-August 1

                        Big League Boys  July 12-July16

A motion was made by Paula and a second by Shelly to postpone the dates until the spring meeting for softball because we have gone to the six team format.  Approved

A motion was made by Mark and a second by Don to approve the dates for the baseball state tournaments.  Approved

Please note that if you are accepting umpires to come to your state tournament, they should be background checked by your district prior to the tournament. 

If anyone is interested in hosting the next fall meeting please bring your proposal to the spring meeting in February. 

A motion was made by Shelly and seconded by Ed to adjourn.  Meeting Adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    Paula Grede/ Secretary

Friday, May 8
Spring 2009 Meeting
Indiana State DA Association


Marlin Culp, Coordinator, 54239 Riverview Dr. Elkhart, In. 46514, 1-574-264-3144 FAX 1-574-266-5870 Email

Paula Grede, Secretary. 13504 78th Ct. Dyer, In. 46311, 1-219-365-9276 Email:

George Glick, Treasurer, 2425 White Oak Dr. Fort Wayne, In. 46805, 1-260-483-4553 FAX 1-260-483-6141*51 Email:

All districts present and various guests.

The meeting was called to order at 9:55 a.m. on Saturday, February 21, 2009 at the International Medical Group in Indianapolis, Indiana. The secretary’s report was approved from the Fall 2008 meeting. A Treasurer’s report was given and approved. Our current balance is $1,682.82.

Old Business

Tammy Lisby, co-chairperson for the state ASAP program collected the District Safety Officer information.

Volunteers are needed for the Challenger weekend. The date is June 6, 7 and 8th. If a district is planning on sending a team, contact Nina.

Congress Pins and Attire

George handed out packets with the pin design drawn up by Jim Hammer. The pin came in two sizes. The center pin could be 3 inches across or 2 ½ inches. The individual district pins would be either 1 ½ or 1 ¼ inches long. Everyone thought the 3 inch center pin and the 1 ½ inch district pin would be the best choice. All orders for Congress pins must be in to Jim Hammer by June 1, 2009. George also had drawings for individual travel pins, white for baseball and yellow for softball. He discussed custom medallions that Jim now sold. Orders needed to be placed that day for shipment in late March from China for the medallions.

Shelly discussed Congress attire with the group. It was decided that the DA’s would wear a different color at Congress than the ADA’s Blazers, sweaters, shirts were all mentioned. The committee will meet after the state meeting to discuss it further.

Mark discussed the state safety standards that are in practice. He talked to Mike Legge about the matter. Mike stated that for state tournaments we have a say so outside the field fence, but not inside it. Mike Howard said that ANSI sets a standard for bleachers. They must follow a certain code. He will email a copy to each DA as to what this standard is. Mark said in the end we should rely on Little League to set the safety standards.

Dean reported on the Super Regional in West Virginia. It will start on Saturday, August 1, 2009 and end on August 5, 2009. If anyone has an umpire who would be interested in the Regional, they should contact Dean. As in the past, if the state winner is unable to attend the runner up will go.

A moment of silence was given in remembrance of Shirley Ferguson. Donations are being taken for new tables for Central Region. Those who donate in Shirley’s memory, their names will be placed on a plaque in the Regional hallway.

Shelly reported that her new complex in Clarksville will be opening this year on April 7, 2009. She will email the address of the park.

Discussion was held on the Ten-Eleven year old girls state tournament. Participation in this tournament has been down. George handed out a report from the Tournament Sub Committee held on February 15, 2009. The committee discussed the drop outs at this state tournament last year. Pins and shirts were purchased and several teams did not show up to play. It was also discussed the realignment of districts, and hosting consecutive tournament levels. Further discussion will take place at the Fall meeting.

Paula made a motion to eliminate the Ten-Eleven year old Girls State Tournament A second was given by Don. Motion passed. Instead of the state tournament, districts are encouraged to offer special game tournament to local leagues.

George passed around a letter to Williamsport for the Thirteen Year old Baseball State Tournament. All DA’s were asked to sign, so we would get approval to have the tournament again this year.

Mark talked about the State Eteamz site. All DA’s are encouraged to contact Mark with teams involved in their particular state tournament and also the daily scores. The State tournament Director should be the one to contact him.

New Business

Discussion was held on the conflict with Brickyard dates. It will start on Sunday July 26, 2009. Dates for some tournaments held in this area may have to be moved.

Discussion was held on the Umpire Evaluation sheets that are done through regional tournaments. Indiana State DA’s starting using that form last year for our state tournaments. A motion was made by Shelly to continue to keep the umpire evaluation forms, submit them to the State Secretary, for all umpires doing state tournaments. Also, in future years a copy of the evaluation will be sent along with the umpire’s application to the DA hosting that particular tournament along with the umpire’s application. A second was made by Don. Motion passed.

A motion was made by Don and seconded by Brian to approve the rotation list of tournaments. Motion passed.

The requirements for hosting a State Tournament were gone over and it was stressed that the tournament director for all state tournaments should always the District Administrator. The assistant director can be the President of the league hosting. It was also brought up that when the final game of a state tournament comes, umpires from outside your section should be doing the plate to avoid problems. On the Hosting a State Tournament form, item 8 will be added; the umpire evaluation form will be done on all umpires coming in to the tournament outside of your district.

The Nine and Ten boy’s State tournament will start July 23, 2009. All fourteen districts will send a team. It will be played in District 9.

The Ten and Eleven boys will start July 30, 2009. It will be an eight team tournament, played in District 2.

Major Boys will start July 27, 2009 at District 4 in Terre Haute.

Thirteen Year Old Boys will play at District 11 starting July 30, 2009

Jr. Boys will start July 29, 2009 in District 1.

Sr. Boys will start July 28, 2009 at District 14.

Big League Boys will play in District 5 starting July 9-12th.

If any distinct is sending a team, Shelly needs to know by June 15, 2009.

Nine and Ten Girls will start July 30, 2009 at District 8.

Major Girls will play at District 7 starting July18, 2009.

Jr. Girls will start July 30, 2009 at District 5.

Sr. Girls will start July 18, 2009 at District 6.

Big League Girls will start July 23, 2009 at District 5

Fourteen copies of the State Round Robin Sheet are due March 1, 2009 to the State Secretary. They will be mailed out with the minutes of this meeting to all the District Administrators.

All State Packets are due to District Administrators by July 1, 2009.

George went over the Pool Play guidelines that are on the state round robin sheet. It was also noted that all games for ages 12 and under must receive permission to play double headers during a state tournament by Mike Legge.

The Fall Meeting will be November 14th and 15th. A site has not been chosen yet. Several DA’s are looking into some possibilities.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the state meeting at 1:55 p.m. Passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Paula Grede

State Secretary









Friday, May 8
Fall 2008 Meeting


Marlin Culp, Coordiantor, 54239 Riverview Dr. Elkhart, In. 46514, 1-574-264-3144 fax 574-266-5870


Paula Grede, Secretary, 13504 78th Ct. Dyer, In. 46311 1-219-365-9276, E-Mail:

George Glick, Treasurer, 2425 White Oak Dr. Fort Wayne, In. 46805 1-260-483-4553 fax 260-483-6141 *51 E-Mail:

All districts were present.

Guests present: Mike Legge, Regional Director, Nina Johnson, Asst. Regional Director, Donna Dobbs State ASAP Chairperson, Mary Lou Davis, Challenger Chairperson, Jim Hammer from DPH Pins

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Express in Edinburgh Indiana.

The secretary’s report from the Spring meeting was approved.

The treasurer’s report was approved. The association has a balance of $1,881.88.

Committee reports were given. Donna Dobbs passed out a sample ASAP program that could be used by leagues in the districts. It includes all thirteen requirements. She informed everyone that the volunteer application must be the one for the current year.

The Challenger Jamboree will be held June 12-14 at Regional. She will be sending out reminders to the districts for items for the goody bags for the kids.

Mark Commons gave a report on the eteamz website that the state association has. He would like each state host site to turn in updated stats from the tournaments to the website so everyone can know what is going on. He would also like pictures and information on the umpires who are going out to regional games and world series. The website is The website can also be accessed from the regional website.

Mike Legge gave a report about the DA Clinic that was held October 31 and November 1, 2008. A synopsis of the round tables will be sent out to the DA’s who attended. He also encouraged everyone to support the ASAP program so that Indiana can reach 100%. He discussed the calendar of events that are coming up . A player agent workshop, league administration, umpire clinics, etc. He also discussed the combined teams form and that it is good for one season only. If you are using the combined team form for your regular season then you can combine that team for tournament also, but the forms must be submitted early so they can be processed. The subject of 4 year T-Ball came up. Only 4 year olds can play with 5 year olds. A waiver must be attained for a 4 year old to participate in a league program. Nina Johnson mentioned that waivers have increased dramatically. Anything that is outside the rules must be approved through a waiver.

Old Business

Absenteeism was brought up by Marlin. He asked Mark if anything had been recorded in past minutes about the subject. Mark informed Marlin that nothing had ever been written down and suggested that at the next fall meeting a committee be formed. The state officers will be the committee.

The IHSAA problem was brought up by the standing committee. Indiana is still having problems. It was suggested that instead of starting the teen age division tournaments on Thursday, we go backwards to possibly the preceding weekend. The committee will continue to investigate the problem.

Dean gave a report on the Super Regional. He won’t hear from West Virginia until after November 14, 2008. Umpires who are interested in umpiring that tournament should contact Dean.

Mark discussed the DA Manual that he started. He passed out copies to all DA’s. He stated that Michigan has a state manual and that new items are added every year. This manual should accompany the DA to every meeting. Everyone was encouraged to look it over to see if it conflicted with our constitution and by-laws. We will revisit it in the Spring.

New Business

The next International Congress will be held in Lexington, Kentucky. All Indiana DA’s were encouraged to help Kentucky with preparations. Jim Hammer passed out some sample pin designs for everyone to look at. He will take back DA’s ideas and come back to the Spring meeting. He also passed out flyers of his stock pins and medallions for DA’s to order. Jim also had a sample of a new state pin that could be used for trading at tournaments.

Marlin set up a committee to look into shirts for Congress. Shelly Gaither will head the committee. Paula Grede, Anne Glick, Jane Culp, Dorothy St. Martens, Rick Moore, Ed Harris and Brian Simpson will serve on the committee.

District Finance was discussed by Mark. In order to get some ideas on how a district can generate money for district expenses. It was brought up that if a league or district holds 50/50’s bingos. Texas hold-ums, etc. it is a requirement to obtain a gaming license for the state gaming commission. The cost is $50.00 and information can be obtained by googling Indiana gaming commission.

Mark also discussed league development with the DA’s A motion was made by Mark for a committee to be set up to set goals for district standards and alignment of districts. Seconded by Keith. Motion failed

The brickyard tournament is set for July 23-26. We will look at this in the Spring meeting.

George discussed the teenage divisions playing Fall Ball. Not everyone plays football, so It is a good time to get those players who are still interested in playing baseball after the season ends.

Don discussed that he had problems last year with teams dropping out of the state tournament right before the start. He stated that leagues still have finances even if the teams do not show up. A motion was made by George and seconded by Don to set up a committee to realign sections and also for the teenage divisions including Don’s concerns. Marlin set up a committee to look into solutions to this problem, also section rotation. Committee will consist of Kevin Weinberg, Don Mason, Paula Grede, Steve Heck, George Glick and Mark Commons. George will head the committee.

The 10/11 year old Softball participation has not grown but diminished in our state. A motion was made by Mark to eliminate the 10/11 year old Softball State Tournament. It was seconded by Paula. A motion was then made by George and seconded by Steve to table the subject until the Spring meeting. Passed.

George stated that if anyone would like to see a rule changed it is better to individually send a request rather than in a petition form.

It was also brought up that if a district is hosting a state tournament, the host league must file a safety report with Williamsport.

State Safety Standards were tabled until the Spring meeting. Mark Commons and Mike Howard will work on a presentation.

A motion was made by George and seconded by Kevin that the Spring State Meeting be held Saturday, February 21, 2009 at the Regional Complex at 9:00 a.m. Passed. The Fall Meeting will be November 14 & 15, 2009. No site named. We will discuss this at Spring meeting.

A motion was made by Don and seconded by Shelly that the tournament sites for 2009 be approved. Passed.

District 1 Junior Boys

District 2 10/11 Boys

District 4 Major Boys

District 6 Senior Girls

District 7 Major Girls

District 8 9 & 10 Girls

District 9 9 & 10 Boys

District 10 10 & 11 Girls

District 11 13 Boys

District 12 Junior Girls

District 14 Senior Boys

District 5 will host both Big League Baseball and Big League Softball.

A motion was made by George and seconded by Mark to postpone the tournament draw until the Spring meeting. Passed.

A motion was made by Kevin and seconded by George to hold the Major Girls State tournament July 20-23. Passed

A motion was then made by George and seconded by Kevin to have the Senior girls play their state tournament on the same dates. Passed.

The Junior Girls, Junior Boys and Senior Boys will have to have their start times adjusted because of IHSAA.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Paula Grede

Sunday, May 10
Spring 2008 Meeting


Marlin Culp, Coordinator, 54239 Riverview Dr. Elkhart, In. 46514, 1-574-264-3144 FAX 1-574-266-5870

E-Mail: MCGTO@

Paula Grede, Secretary, 13504 78th Ct. Dyer, In. 46311 1-219-365-9276, E-Mail:

George Glick, Treasurer, 2425 White Oak Dr. Fort Wayne, In. 46805 1-260-483-4553 FAX 1-260-483-6141*51


Meeting was called to order at 11:40 a.m. at the Central Regional Headquarters.

Districts present: All districts present except for District 13, Brian Simpson.

Guests present: John Roll and Mary Lou Davis, Linda Sanfilippo

The minutes from the November 10, 2007 meeting were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report was read and approved. The present balance is $1,221.88.

John from Kentucky District 1 gave a short report on Little League

Baseball purchasing the King Motel across the street from the International Headquarters. As of now plans are uncertain as to what they will do with the property.

Linda San Filipo from Illinois District was introduced by George. She will be running for the Board of Directors at the next Congress.

Mary Lou Davis then spoke on the Challenger program to the Association. She is looking for volunteers and donations for the Challenger Jamboree which will be held June 6, 7, and 8th. She will e-mail all DA’s information concerning the event.

Donna Dobbs was then asked by Marlin to meet with any district safety officers while the association meeting was being held.

A motion from George and seconded by Shirley to accept the agenda after adding three additional items. Motion passed.

Mark Commons reported that he had no additional information on the issue of absenteeism. Mark moved to table this until the Fall Meeting when we can look into past minutes of the association.

The committee for IHSAA (Shelly, Steve and Brian) gave a short report that things had not changed since the fall meeting. Kevin was asked to join the committee and report in the fall.

Dean reported that the Super Regional in West Virginia is still on for August 1st through August 5th .

District 5 (Shelly) will host the Nine and Ten Girls State Tournament

Discussion was held on having multiple umpires at the state tournaments. A motion by George that a district can submit two or more umpire applications in all divisions except nine and ten boys, ten and eleven boys and 11 and twelve boys divisions. Seconded by Mark. Motion passed.

The thirteen year old boys state tournament was approved by Little League. District 1 will host the tournament. The entrance fee will be $50.00 per team.

The resolution for Nine and Ten, Ten and Eleven and Thirteen Year Old State Tournament Umpires was denied by Little League. These umpires applications will not be accepted for regional tournaments.

New Business

Discussion was held on the State Tournaments being held in the Indianapolis area. The Brick Yard week-end conflicts with the Ten and Eleven Year Old Girls State Tournament. (July 24-29). Don Mason said there would be some hotel rooms available. He will let us know more information. A motion was made by Paula that the Ten and Eleven Year Old Girls State tournament be held July 17-21. Seconded by Mark. Motion Passed. This will be for this year only. This will coincide with the Majors girls state tournament.

Mark discussed the E-Teamz site set up for the DA Association. He went over the items that it will have. Discussion was held on posting our Constitution on the web site, and also the minutes prior to approval. Mark agreed that a notation be made on the minutes that they had not yet been approved by the association. A motion was made by George to remove the Constitution from the web-site. It was seconded by Steve Motion passed.

Each DA received a copy of the Umpire Evaluation sheet This form is used at Regional tournaments to evaluate an umpire’s performance. Discussion was held if the DA’s wanted to use this in the state tournaments for a record of not only who umpired, but also to keep a record of their evaluations. A motion was made by Don and seconded by Mark to evaluate all umpires at the state tournaments and forms sent to State Secretary by September 1st for permanent record to be kept in a book. Motion passed.

The draw was held for the Teenage Tournaments:

Thirteen Year Old Boys at District 1 Junior Boys at District 7

Section 6 Section 1

Section 4 Section 3

District 3 Section 7

District 2 Section 4

Section 5 District 7

District 8 District 6

Section 3 Section 2

District 1 Section 6

Senior Boys at District 8

Section 3

Section 7

Section 5

Section 6

District 3

Section 2

Section 4

District 8

Junior Girls at District 10 Senior Girls at District 13

District 14 District 10

Section 7 District 12

Section 1 District 9

District 11 District 14

District 10 District 6

Section 6 District 1

Section 2 District 3

Section 5 District 2

District 8

District 5

District 13

District 7

George went over the Guidelines for Tournament Affidavits. Section one (front page of affidavit), all spaces are to be completed in all 30 fill in spaces. Section 2 Players, all lines must be filled in properly. If only twelve players are listed make sure the remaining lines are crossed out and new players are added to the replacement player lines below after the the affidavits have been certified by the DA.

Section 3 contains the information on manager/coach replacement. Same thing applies here. If only two are listed , a line should go through the third line. An additional coach can be added to the replacement lines after the DA certification.

Section 4 concerns the league boundary map. Each President and District Administrator should sign the map. The map should contain the same number of players that are listed on the affidavit.

Section 5 goes over the Proof of Age Documents.

Section 6 contains the Tournament Verification Check List. (back of packet).

Section 7 contains the waivers that have been issued to certain players.

Section 8 is the section for the column listed on the affidavit for games played by June 15th . (Players must participate in at least 60% of the regular season games).

Section 9 contains information on the Proof of Residency for each player.

If a player comes to a state tournament without the proper documentation, he or she will be able to play that first game, but must produce proper legal documents within 24 hours or they will be dropped from the affidavit.

The Fall Meeting is set for Brown County in November. It was discussed that the original date was not favorable for several DA’s. A motion from George and seconded by Mark to hold the State Meeting the weekend of November 7th, 8th and 9th at the Holiday Inn Express in Edinburgh Indiana if we could get 25 rooms secured there. Motion passed.

A discussion was held on keeping a District Administrator Manual that would contain information that is not covered in our Constitution. It would be updated to stay on top of things. Topics would be (1) Administration of the Association,(2) Tournaments,(3) Umpires, (4) Actions by the State Association as a Whole. A motion was made by George and seconded by Dean to collect data for the Spring meeting next year. Motion passed.

All state tournament schedules were turned in to George and will be sent out with the minutes from the Spring meeting..

Discussion was held on Regional Tournaments that are held in Indiana. A motion was made by Dean to donate $100.00 to all the Regional tournaments in our state. Mark then asked to amend the motion to support regional tournaments hosted by Indiana Districts for 2008 only. It was seconded by Don. Motion passed.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Paula Grede


New email address for Shelly Gaither (District 5)

New email address for Don Mason (District 6)

Sunday, December 9
Fall, 2007 State Meeting

                INDIANA STATE DA ASSOCIATION Marlin Culp, Coordinator, 54239 Riverview Dr Elkhart, In. 46514  574-264-3144  FAX: 574-266-5870  E-Mail:  MCGTO@AOL.COMPaula Grede, Secretary, 13504 78th Ct, Dyer, In. 46311  1-219-365-9276  E-Mail pjgrede@sbcglobal.netGeorge Glick, Treasurer, 2425 White Oak Dr. Fort Wayne, In. 46805  1-260-483-4553 FAX:  1-260-483-6141*51                                                               E-Mail: 

Meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m . on Saturday, November 10, 2007.Districts presents:  District 1, Steve Heck, District 2, Paula Grede, District 3, Jim Tieben, District 4, Roy Patterson, District 5, Shelly Gaither, District 6, Don Mason, District 7, Shirley Ferguson, District 8, Mark Commons, District 9 Dean Pierson, District 10, George Glick, District 12, Ed Harris, District 13, Brian Simpson, District 14, Marlin Culp.Districts absent:  District 11, Kevin WeinbergGuests present: Mike Legge, Central Regional Director, Nina Johnson, Assistant Regional Director, Jim Hammer, DPH Pins The minutes from the Spring meeting were approved.


The Treasurer’s report was given with a present balance of $1,481.38.Report approved.

Mike Legge discussed with the group that the ASAP program in Indiana had risen from 81% to 86% in 2007.  League maps that are signed by both the league president and the district administrator need to be turned in to Regional as well as a copy of the local league’s constitution.  Mike passed out a calendar of upcoming clinics for the 2008 season.  He mentioned that waiver’s were up this past year.  He said it was a good way for the Charter Committee to see what local league’s needs are.  He also reminded the DA’s that the Combined Team forms need to be sent in during the regular season and not wait until tournament time. 


Jim Hammer from DPH Pins handed out flyers to everyone and told them that pins and medallions should be ordered early to ensure that everyone would get their pins before tournaments began.


Marlin asked the DA’s if there were any items that needed to be added to the agenda.

1.     A person to represent District 14 in case of an issue that the chairman’s District might want a vote on.

2.     IHSAA report

3.     Absenteeism among the DA’s

4.     The Christmas Quilt

A motion was made and seconded to accept the agenda.  Passed. 

Dean Pierson took the floor to present a plaque to Delmar Hyde for twenty five years of service as District Administrator. 1982-2007.  He also presented a plaque to Garry Brammer for nine years of service from 1998 -2007.

Old Business

Shelly, Mark and Garry gave their report on memoriam for deceased DA’s and spouses.  The conclusion of the committee was:

1.     Deceased active DA- flowers and a $10.00 amount from each district to purchase a brick at regional, or some item for the dorm rooms in memory of that person.

2.     Deceased spouse who was active in LL- flowers and a contribution to a favorite charity in that person’s district.

3.     Deceased umpire, ADA- a card

4.     Deceased spouse who was not active in LL- a card

Discussion was held if this should be placed in our by-laws.  A motion was made by George to accept the committee’s report. Second by Mark.  Passed.

The final decision was tabled until the Spring meeting. 

New Business

The next item of business was the conflict in our Constitution concerning election dates.  Article V(a) states the election will be held in the fall, while Article IX(a) states the election of officers will be held in the Spring. A motion was made by Mark and seconded by George to strike the words “electing officers (State Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer) from Article V(a).  Motion passed. 

Discussion was held on absenteeism.  Mark was asked to go back and look into our by-laws and Paula was asked to look in past minutes for any decisions on the subject.  It will be brought back to the Spring meeting. 

Shelly discussed the problems that her district is having with the IHSAA.  A committee was named to investigate and bring back some answers in the spring.  Committee is comprised of Shelly, Brian and Steve.

Next item of business was a clarification by Mark on the chairman having a vote in the meeting.  The chairman is allowed to break a tie.  He can name someone from his district to represent him for a vote so his district is represented.  Doug Krallman is the District 14 person for this meeting.

Dorothy St. Martens handed out flyers for a Christmas Quilt that was donated to District 7 as a fundraiser.  The profit from the quilt will go to the Challenger Jamboree in 2008.

Marlin named five committees to serve the Association.

1.     Umpire Committee- State Officers

2.     By-Laws and Constitution- Mark and Marlin

3.     ASAP- Donna Dobbs and Scott Rosenberger

4.     Challenger-Mary Lou Davis and Dorothy St. Martens

5.     Training- George

The next item of business was the Super Regional for the Nine and Ten boys.  Discussion on how popular the tournament has been for our players.  A motion was made by Paula to continue the participation in the Super Regional for 2009. Seconded by Dean.  Motion passed.

The Brickyard will be played July 27, 2008.  This will affect our Junior and Senior Boys tournaments and also the Nine and Ten Girls as far as hotel rooms.  A motion was made by Paula to change the dates for the Junior Boys and Senior Boys to match the Major Boys tournament dates (July 21-25) Seconded by Don.  Motion passed.  The Nine and Ten Girls was tabled until Spring to see if Ed or Shelly will host. 

The State E-teamz site was discussed; Michigan has got their site up and running.  A motion was made by George and seconded by Jim to have Mark investigate the cost of the site and what is involved.  Motion passed.  Marlin then appointed Mark as the State Webmaster.  A motion was made by George and seconded by Roy, that the State will pay the bill for the site if the cost is under $90.00.  Motion passed.

Marlin went over the Umpire Selection Process sheet with everyone.  The changes in red needed to be voted on.

1.     Umpire state tournament application forms are to be distributed to District Administrators or designees prior to the Fall State Meeting.   This passed.

2.     The application for State Tournament must be forwarded to the State Coordinator on or before the Fall State Meeting  This passed.

3.     Applications will be returned (forwarded) at the State Meeting to the host district Administrator or designee.  This passed.

4.     Each DA or Tournament Chief Umpire must complete and Umpire Evaluation form to be returned to the state Secretary prior to September 1st) for distribution to the umpire’s DA. This passed.

Discussion was held on allowing more than one umpire from a district to go to one specific tournament.  A motion was made by Mark and seconded by George to table this until the Spring meeting after the Umpire Committee reviews the process.  Motion passed. 

The letter to Region was passed around for signatures to request permission for the State of Indiana to host the Thirteen Year Old boys State Tournament.  A motion was made by George and seconded by Steve to raise the entrance fee from $40.00 to $50.00.  Motion passed.  This will help in mileage reimbursement.

Discussion was held on umpires who umpire in the Nine and Ten , Ten and Eleven, and Thirteen Year Old State Tournaments.  They are not now qualified to move up to Regional tournaments.  We will send a resolution to Region asking that they be considered.  Signature sheet was passed out.  A motion was made by Mark and seconded by Shirley for George to compose the letter.  Motion passed.


District 10 will host Junior Girls instead of District 9.

A motion was made by Mark and seconded by Ed to change the wording in the Requirements for Hosting a State Tournament 5(h) “utilize selected umpires for one semi final and /or championship game.” Motion passed.

A motion was made by Steve and seconded by George to have District 6 host the 11 year old girls.

A motion was made by Dean and seconded by Mark to send 14 teams to the Nine and Ten Boys State tournament.  Motion passed. 

A motion was made by Shelly to delay the draw of the teen age divisions until the Spring Meeting to see how many charters come in.  A second was made by Steve. Motion passed. 

A motion was made by Don and seconded by Dean to start the Nine and Ten boys State Tournament on July 24-29th.  Motion Passed.  The Super Regional will be played August 1-August 5 in West Virginia.  Since the date was moved from the possible July 17th start date to the 24th start date, a motion was made by George to only send eight teams to the tournament.  Seconded by Steve.  Motion failed.

The Draw List for the Nine and Ten Boys is

          Pool A                            Pool B

1.     14                              1. 5

2.     6                                2. 13

3.     4                                3. 1

4.     12                              4. 8

5.     2                                5. 11

6.     3                                3. 7

7.     10

8.     9 

The other tournaments were drawn out except for the teenage divisions. 

District 1 will host the Big League Boys State Tournament in 2008 and District 7 will host the Big League Girls State Tournament.

The Spring Meeting will be held Sunday February 10, 2008 at the Central Regional Complex.  It will start at 11:30 a.m.

The State Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

                                                 Respectfully Submitted,

                                                Paula Grede


Thursday, November 22
Sprint 2007 Meeting
Indiana State DA AssociationDean Pierson, State Coordinator, 1587 University Blvd. Upland IN. 46989          (W) 765-998-2577  (H) 317-879-1124  (FAX)  765-998-1555

Spring 2007 Meeting was called to order by Dean Pierson at 9:45 a.m.  A moment of silence was observed for Mike Weidman, the District Administrator from District 12, who passed away on May 5, 2007.

Districts present:  District 1  Steve Heck, District  2 Paula Grede, District 3 Jim Tieben, District 4  Roy Patterson,  District 5  Shelly Gaither,  District 6  Garry Brammer,  District 7  Shirley Ferguson, District 8  Mark Commons,  District 9  Dean Pierson,  District 10  George Glick,  District 12  Ed Harris,  District 13  Delmar Hyde,  District 14  Marlin Culp.Districts Absent:  District 11 Kevin Weinberg

George reported that the balance in the treasurer’s account is $672.29

Old Business

George made a motion that we postpone a decision on what kind of memoriam to get for Jan Weinberg and Mike Weidman until the November meeting in Brown County.  Seconded by Marlin.  Motion Passed   Dean appointed Shelly, Mark and Garry to meet and come up with some ideas for what we can do. 

Ed Harris is presently taken on the position of District Administrator for District 12.   

The District Administrators Information sheet was passed around for any corrections and to add Ed to the list.   

Dean discussed hotel arrangements for the November meeting.  He had information on the Holiday Express on I 65 by the Outlet Mall.  The room rate would be $99.00 per night with a  continental breakfast.  He also stated that the meeting room was free. Shirley received information from the Brown County Inn in Nashville.   The room rate was $99.00 per night, the meeting room was $100.00.  Mark made a motion to go to the Brown County Inn the second weekend in November (November 10).  Seconded by Marlin. Motion Passed.  We will meet at 9:30 a.m.     

The Election Committee appointed by Dean at Congress (Garry, Shirley and Mark) handed out copies of our State Constitution and an Election of Officers Information sheet.  They explained each point on the sheet(s).Discussion was held on the Information Sheet.  The word office on first page, paragraph six was changed to say election:

          For each office (revised to say election), the Sitting State Coordinator shall appoint an election chairperson and teller.

There was also discussion on the term limits of an officer.  Shelly asked if it was necessary to have a notary public sign the proxy form. Not necessary.  Someone else could act as witness.  George made a motion to accept the Election of Officers sheet, Seconded by Mark.  Marlin made a motion to amend that motion to accept it but remove the Term Limits section.  Seconded by Paula.  Motion Passed.  (Revised copy attached for your files.) 

Mark brought up the point that there is conflict in the by-laws over the time of the year when our election shall be held.  Under Article V Meetings it states that the elections will take place in November, but in Article IX Officers Duties and Powers it states that elections will be held in conjunction with the International Congress at the Spring Meeting.  Dean asked Election Committee to come back with a solution for the Fall Meeting.   

Dean then thanked everyone for his last twelve years as Indiana State Coordinator.   

New Business

Dean appointed Garry Brammer as the Election Chairperson and Shelly Gaither as the teller for election. 

Shirley Ferguson nominated Marlin Culp for State Coordinator.  Marlin Accepted the Nomination.  George Glick nominated Kevin Weinberg for State Coordinator.   Ballots were passed out and counted.  Marlin Culp is the new Indiana State Coordinator.   

Shirley Ferguson nominated Paula Grede as the State Secretary.  Paula Accepted the Nomination.  Motion made to close nominations by Mark.  Seconded by Garry.  Motion Passed.  Paula Grede elected as Secretary. 

Marlin nominated George Glick for State Treasurer.  George accepted.  Mark moved that nominations be closed.  Seconded by Garry.  Motion Passed.  George elected as Treasurer. 

Delmar Hyde, District Administrator from District 13 announced that he is retiring after 25 years.  Brian Simpson will replace Delmar as District Administrator.  

Jim Tieben announced that he will not seek re-election in June for his position as District Administrator in District 3.   

District Tournament Brackets were handed out to all District Administrators for the 2007 State Tournaments.  Correction (typo) under Junior Girls.  In the Draw column B it should read District 2 instead of Section 2.   

Ten and Eleven Year Old Girls Softball State:  Districts involved are District 3, 10,14,1,11,6, and 8. 

Important Information on Waivers

If you are entering a team into the State Tournament in any division under Big League who has not had an opponent in district or section, a waiver must be obtained through Central Region before the tournament begins.  This waiver must be carried by the manager to the tournament.  Baseball and Softball  

If your district is planning to enter two teams in any division other than Big League, you must obtain a waiver prior to June 15th through Central Region.  Baseball and Softball 

If your district is entering more than one team in the Big League Boys or Girls State Tournament you must receive a waiver from Central Region.  This will allow you to receive two expense forms.  Without the waiver you will only receive one even if you have two teams.  The waiver buys you the other expense form. 

Please remember that all overdue fees are due to Little League by June 1, 2007. All Charter Committee waivers are due by June 1, 2007 

Big League Boys will play in Fort Wayne.  Districts entering teams:District 1- two teams, District 2- one team, District 5- one team, District 7- one team, District 8- two teams, District 10- two teams, District 14- one team (maybe) 

Big League Girls will play in District 6.  Districts entering teams:  District 5, District 7, District 10, District 11, District 14.  District 6 doesn’t know yet if they will have a team.  Shelly made  a motion that if District 6 is not going to have a team in the state tournament that the tournament should be moved to their section partner’s (District 7) field.  Seconded by Delmar.  Shirley agreed that would be fine.  Motion Passed.    

Steve Heck suggested that we develop a pool of umpires to draw from when our own district  team is involved in the final games.  This pool of umpires would be able to travel around the state to the different tournaments.  Discussion was also held on the umpire selection process in our state.  Marlin will look into this and a decision will come at the November meeting.   

Shelly talked about the Super Regional for the 10-11 year old boys.  It will be held at Jeff GRC August 2,3 and 4th.  She will send out packets to the Central Region state Coordinators as well as the DA’s in our State.    Mark made a motion that our state participate in this tournament this year.  Seconded by Marlin.  Motion Passed.   

The Major Boys Tournament dates on the bracket sheet were incorrect.  The Major Boys Tournament will start Thursday, July 23rd through Tuesday July 28th.  Jim Tieben will mail out the new brackets. 

Discussion was held concerning the West Virginia Invitational for the 9&10 boys state winners.  The tournament begins July 28 through August 1st.  Mark made a motion that we go back into that tournament this year by eliminating the section and start 9&10 boys on the 19th and make it a 14 team bracket.    It was seconded by Marlin.  Motion Passed.  Roy wanted to discuss this with his district staff to see if it was all right with them.  The tournament was redrawn to make a 14 team bracket.          

Pool A                                                          Pool B

1.     District 11                                      1.  District 6

2.     District 2                                        2.  District 1

3.     District 8                                        3.  District 10

4.     District 13                                      4.  District 4

5.     District 14                                      5.  District 3 

6.     District 5                                          6.  District 7

7.     District 9

8.     District 12    

George will e-mail Roy’s assistant the 14 team bracket sheet.  Roy will let us know about the change in the 9&10 boys.     

Gary brought up that every DA should review the tournament packets that are going out with the tournament teams going to state to make sure everything is in order.  Also he told everyone that the Brickyard has been moved up one week.  It will be harder to get hotel reservations for the state tournaments unless districts secure them early.  He also said that it would be very helpful if all district winners would automatically send a photo and roster to state tournament host district so that programs could be ready on time.  Mark then made a motion that this become policy.  Seconded by Marlin.  Passed.  When your team wins district, even before section is played, you will need to send a photo and roster to whoever is hosting that division’s state tournament.  This needs to be done before section is played. 

Shelly asked if we were going to require certain qualifications for facilities to host state tournaments.  Marlin will look into this and report back at the fall meeting.    Meeting was adjourned at 11:55a.m.

Respectfully submitted,                                                         

Paula Grede