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Wednesday, February 17
Big Al Clinic coming to Indy on Sunday March 13th

Indiana District 7 and District 8 is happy to have the Big Al Clinic back in Indy this year.  This clinic will be held on Sunday March 13th at Broad Ripple High School.  Big Al training program is designed for managers and coaches of  players from league age 4 - 12.

Al Price (Big AL), brings a rich set of experiences and strong background to his new online training and development programs. Professional educator with years of teaching experience and understand how players learn. He has had the opportunity to present live training sessions to over 180,000 coaches and over 80,000 players and have coached teams at all levels. He has authored curriculum and developed resources used by thousands of leagues and over 1.4 million coaches, managers, players and their parents. The Big Al Baseball program continues to evolve with his passion to help coaches and players in this fantastic game.

A hands on training session for managers and coaches working withTee Ball, Minor and Major Division players. Using his ‘TEACH IT - TRY IT - GAME IT' approach, Big Al will get you out on the gym floor and lead you through warm-ups, throwing, catching, fielding ground balls, fly balls, base running, hitting, bunting, pitching and catching behind the plate. 

Click here for more info about the clinic.  Click here to go to the Big Al website for even more info.

If you are a manager or coach from a District 7 league and would like to register please contact Derek Lisby at  If you are a league, manager or coach from Indiana District 8 please contact please contact Mark Commons at  If you are a league, manager or coach outside of Indiana District 7 or District 8 please register at  Managers and coaches can also register at the door.

League fee is $300, you can send as many of your managers and coaches from your league as you'd like.

Managers and coaches fee is $25 each.

If you are a manager or coach from Decatur LL, Douglass LL or Eagledale LL you may attend the clinic at no cost, because you league has agreed to pay the league fee. 

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