Indiana District 8: Rumble At the Region

2015 Rumble at the Region against District 6 & 7

Here's the Schedule of Games for the Rumble at the Region versus District 6 & 7:


Friday May 29, 2015

 @ 6:00PM       Broad Ripple Haverford vs. Decatur

 @ 6:30PM       Franklin Twonship vs. District 6

 @ 8:30PM       Eagledale Reds vs. District 6

 Saturday, May 30, 2015

 @ 9:00AM      Warren Diamondbacks vs. District 6

 @ 9:30AM      District 6 vs. Tri-West

 @ 11AM          Zionsville Red Sox vs. District 6

 @ 11:30AM     Eagle Creek Athletics vs. Southport Marlins

 @ 1PM            Plainfield vs. Lowell

@ 1:30PM        Warren Indians vs. District 6

 @ 3PM            Franklin Township vs. District 6

 @ 3:30PM       Brownsburg vs. District 6

 @ 5PM            Southmont Walnut Flyers vs. District 6

 @ 5:30PM       Indiana Central Giants vs. Zionsville Astros 

 @7PM             Ben Davis Tigers vs. Christian Park White Sox

 @7:30PM        Southport Orioles vs. District 6

No pitcher will pitch more than 2 innings.  Bat Thru the line-up.  No inning starting after 1:45 minutes from published start time and no more pitches after 1:55 from published start time.


All games are played at the Little League Central Regional Headquarters.  9802 E. Little League Drive Stokely and Ferguson Field