Indiana District 8: Meeting Minutes

Sunday, March 1
February Meeting - 2009

Presidents Meeting

February 18, 2009



  1. Introductions – Present were:  Mark Commons-DA, Jim Nitchman-ADA, Rick Green-ADA & Brownsburg, Ryan Lindley-ADA, Bob Monday-ADA, Sandy VanWye-ADA & Eagledale, Neil Gobel-DUIC, Gus Legeay-Dist. Ump., Scott Rosenberger-DSO, Rob Wagner-TW, Bill Stanczykiewicz-Zionsville, Greg Wilson-St. Albans, Bill Tollison-Danville, Jim Cohee & Rich Deering-Fall Creek, Rob Goldner-WDT, Rick Bales-Eagle Creek, Jack Mees-Broad Ripple, Cecil Sinkfield-Douglass
  2. Butler Baseball Camp

a.       John Dury of Butler Baseball Camps and Matt Tyner of Butler Baseball were in attendance to present the Butler Baseball Camp program.

b.      Additional information can be found at

c.       Of the $175 tuition per player, $10 will be given back to District 8.  Mark offered that $5 of the return would be allocated toward each leagues District team assessment.

  1. Presidents Cup for baseball & softball

a.       Mark stressed the importance for each league to provide the managers contact information.

b.      If a team/league wants to play a second Presidents Cup game it is up to the individual league to coordinate the scheduling and location.

  1. 13+ Baseball update

a.       Next meeting March 15th in Brownsburg.

b.      Mark reminded everyone a league age 15 year old can play in Big League and/or Senior League.

  1. Charter Update

a.  St. Albans & S. Montgomery still need to submit their charter.

  1. ASAP status and timely submission

a.       Scott advised that the Leagues did a good job last year getting their plans in with exception of 2 leagues.

b.      Scott advised that the ’09 plan requirements really haven’t changed from the ’08 requirements.  Plan requirements can be found on the Little League website.

  1. Rumble at the Region

a.       Game times were selected by the Presidents.


9-10 year old teams

Friday, May 8

     6PM - Broad Ripple Haverford v. Plainfield #2

     8PM - Douglass v. Danville

Saturday, May 9

     9AM - Fall Creek v. Ben Davis

    11AM - Zionsville v. Tri-West

   1:30PM - St. Albans v. Eagledale

   3:30PM - Westland Delaware Trails v. Plainfield

     6PM - Eagle Creek v. Brownsburg


Major Boys Teams

Friday, May 15

     6PM - Zionsville

     8PM - Westland Delaware Trails

Saturday, May 16

    10AM - Danville

    Noon - Tri-West

    2:30PM - Brownsburg

    4:30PM - Fall Creek

    7PM - Broad Ripple Haverford

Sunday, May 17

    1PM - Eagledale

    3:15PM - St. Albans

    5:30PM - Douglass


b.      Mark advised that the concession stand will be open and to relay the message to your teams.

c.       Mark advised that each team is to bring 2 new baseballs for each game.

d.      Mark advised that manager contact information be sent to him asap.

  1. Post Season Tournaments

a.       Mark solicited each league for hosting tournaments.  Tournament dates and locations will be on district website.

  1. Additional Items – Mark reminded the floor to submit all waivers asap.



Sunday, November 30
1st Presidents Meeting minutes for 2008 - 2009
The Presidents met at the Zionsville Lions Club Bldg for the first meeting.  Attached are the meeting minutes.


Presidents Meeting

November 11, 2008



1.   Introductions – Present were:  Mark Commons-DA, Jim Nitchman-ADA, Rick Green-ADA, Ryan Lindley-ADA, Dennis Ison-Zionsville, Rob Wagner-TriWest, Bob Walters-ADA, Greg Wilson-St. Albans, Frank Birely-Brownsburg, Brian Holsclow-Plainfield, Rob Goldner & Merrill Grayson-WDT, Rick Bales-Eagle Creek, Jim Krueger-Ben Davis, Jack Mees-Broad Ripple, Cecil Sinkfield-Douglass

2.   ’08 Problems / Opportunities

a.       Last year seen an increase in waivers, request was made from Mark to the floor as to how the response was from the District and LL.  There was no response offered from the floor.

b.      Presidents Cup – Mark stressed the need for presidents to communicate each manager’s name and contact info to him as well as game schedule changes.

c.       Tournaments – The floor suggested Junior division games to be scheduled earlier.  Mark indicated the ’09 District major tournament may be pool play and double elimination in the finals.

3.   Registration Issues

a.       Web registration was being utilized by most of the leagues

b.      Range of registration fees from the floor was $75-$125

4.   District financials

a.       Mark distributed spreadsheet with breakdown of income and costs

b.      Mark implemented an April 1st deadline for all league ASAP plans to be submitted, this will allow income from LL to the District.

c.       Mark asked for recommendations from the floor for District fundraiser, the consensus was that a T-shirt fundraiser with all leagues indicated on the shirt did not sound feasible.

d.      Mark also offered a league discount for District assessment fees.  A $17 assessment will be applied for each team if the leagues ASAP plan is submitted by April 1.  If not submitted by April 1, the assessment will be $20 per team.

5.   Background checks & ASAP issues

a.       The District staff recommended leagues utilize the 80 free checks offered by ChoicePoint.  (Note: that number has since been increased to 125)

b.      Mark indicated that ASAP plans can be submitted as early as Oct. 1, 2008 for the 2009 season.

6.   Pitch count – Mark provided hand-outs of the 2009 pitching regulations and changes.

7.   Schedule of events

a.       Mark provided District calendar hand-out

b.      Mark advised to check the Regional Headquarters website for schedule of important clinics and dates.

8.   Umpire Association – Mark reminded the floor the District has an umpire association and recommended each league’s umpire in chief be involved.  Mark also indicated LL offers umpire school for anyone interested.

9.   Pres. Cup pitch count – the floor decided the pitch count for pres. cup games will be maximum of 6 outs or 40 pitches whichever occurs first.  The pitcher is not allowed to finish the current batter if he reaches 40 pitches.

10. 9 & 10 yr. old Rumble – May 8th-9th

11. Major Rumble – May 15th-17th vs. District 7

12. 13+ Baseball – Mark will be soliciting for new ADA for the junior and senior divisions. (Note: Todd Webster has agreed to perform this role)

13. Additional items – A request was made from the floor to invite a representative from Positive Coaching Alliance to make a presentation at the January presidents meeting, Mark indicated he would work on the request.



Wednesday, February 20
3rd Presidents Meeting

Presidents Meeting

February 13, 2008


 1.                  Introductions – Present were: Mark Commons – DA, Jim Nitchman – ADA, Rick Green – ADA, Sandy Van Wye – ADA and Eagledale, Rick Bales – Eagle Creek, Dennis Korb, Fall Creek, Dennis Ison and John Williams – Zionsville, Roger Turpen – Ben Davis, Jack Mees – Broad Ripple Haverford, Keith Bradley and Cecil Sinkfield – Douglass, Anthony Jones – St. Albans, Scot Rosenberger – Dist Safety Off. 

2.                  Presidents Cup for Major baseball and softball – In memory of the late president of Zionsville, the Presidents Cup will be renamed the Keraga Cup

- additional game for losers of first round game. – This was found to be doable and will be scheduled as 16 teams on Tuesday and 16 teams on Thursday 

3.                  13+ Baseball Update – Seems like there is a large amount of interest in this level.  We have a new ADA for 13+ Baseball, Mark Conway.


4.                  Coaches Clinic – Feb 23, at John Marshall Middle School $15 each or $10 each for 10 or more from the same league.


5.                  Charter Update – Still had three leagues without charters sent in.


6.                  ASAP Plan Status and getting them in on time – We had the first league as BRH completing their plan and getting it approved.


7.                  Indianapolis Indians Game for District 8 Fundraiser - Goal (1,000 tickets) May 10th – Game at 7PM – Passed out the brochure.  Please push this game as a fundraiser


8.                  Rumble at the Region – May 9-10 (9-10 year old teams)

 Time Team   Team
 May 9    
 6PM  Fall Creek Plainfield 
 8PM   BRH  Danville 
 May 10     
 9AM  St. Albans  Eagledale
 11AM  Zionsville  Tri-West
 1:30PM  Eagle Creek  Brownsburg
 3:30PM  WDT  South Montgomery
 6PM  Douglass  Ben Davis



9.                  Post Season tournament – Confirmed, District 8 will be hosting the Boys Senior State Tourney.


10.              Additional Items


Friday, January 18
2nd Presidents Meeting

Presidents Meeting

January 17, 2008



1.                  Introductions – Present were: Mark Commons - DA, Jack Mees - BRH, Charles Kerega - Zionsville, Bob Christiansen – Fall Creek, Roger Turpin – Ben Davis, Todd Webster - WDT, Merrill Grayson - WDT, Bob Monday – ADA, Rick Green – ADA, Rob Tejchma – Plainfield, Ryan Lindley – Tri-West, Jeff Clair, Frank Bierle – Brownsburg, Jerry Dingle – St. Albans, Jim Nitchman – ADA, Neil Goble, UIC – Mike Morris – Eagle Creek, Keith Bradley – Douglass, Cecil Sinkfield - Douglass


2.                  Rule Changes (regular season and tournament) – UIC Neil Gobel updated the meeting with the changes for 2008


3.                  Presidents Cup for Major baseball and softball – The presidents think that the Presidents Cup would be better received if the first game losers had another game scheduled later in the week.  Bob Monday and Mark Commons were to investigate this potential.


4.                  13+ Baseball Update – Seems like good participation.  Western Boone will be playing with us, and South Montgomery as well.


5.                  Umpire Association – Update – Idea has been well received.  Meetings are planned and an update will occur later.


6.                  Charter Update – Some leagues have failed to send in their charters.  Reminder, you don’t have to pay at the time of sending in the charter.


7.                  ASAP Plan Status and getting them in on time – Get them in so that the district can receive benefit from the completion.


8.                  Indianapolis Indians Game for District 8 Fundraiser - Goal (1,000 tickets) June 17th – Youth Clinic at 5PM, Game at 7PM – This date was not acceptable to those present, I will get with the Indians and get a new earlier date.


9.                  Rumble at the Region – May 9-11 (9-10 year old teams) – This idea was accepted very well.  Each league seemed ready to volunteer a team to play in this week end.  The participants wanted to eliminate the Sunday games.  So 2 games on Friday and 5 on Saturday.


East (Douglass, St. Albans, Fall Creek, Broad Ripple Haverford, WDT, Zionsville, Eagle Creek)




West (Eagledale, Ben Davis, Plainfield, Brownsburg, Tri-West, Danville, South Montgomery)

 10.              Rumble at the Region – May 18-20 (Major Boys vs. District 7) – Selection made tonight:a.                   Friday at 6PM – Fall Creekb.                  Friday at 8PM – Eagle Creekc.                   Saturday at 9AM – Brownsburgd.                  Saturday at 11:30AMSt. Albanse.                   Saturday at 2PM – Brad Ripple Haverfordf.                    Saturday at 4:30PM – Zionsvilleg.                   Saturday at 7PM – Ben Davish.                   Sunday at 1PMPlainfieldi.                     Sunday at 3:30PMPlainfield

j.                    Sunday at 6PM - Douglass


11.              Post Season tournaments – Forms needed. – Reg II-d and IV-h discussed as well as any waivers needed.  The deadline is June 1, 2008.


12.              Additional Items