Indiana District 8: League Boundaries

League's Boundary to be posted
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Wednesday, March 11
Avon Boundary Map
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AJAA Little League: From the corner of Raceway Road and 300 S, go west on 300 S to 400 E.  Then go north on 400 E to 250 N, then East on 250 N to Raceway Road, then south on Raceway Road to 300 S.

Ben Davis Little League
Ben Davis
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Ben Davis Little League Boundary: South on I-465 From I-74 to Washington Street, then west along Washington Street to Smith Road, then North on Smith Road to 300S, then West on 300S to Dan Jones Road, then North on Dan Jones Road to 300N, then East on 300N to Raceway Road, then north to 38th Street, then east to I-74, then southeast to I-465

Broad Ripple Haverford Little League
West on 38th Street from Emerson to White River, northeast on White River to College Ave., North on College Ave. to 75th Street, east on 75th Street to Keystone Ave., North on Keystone Ave. to 96th Street, East on 96th Street to Washington Township boundary, south on the Washington Township Boundary to Graham Road, south on Graham Road to 62nd Street, west on 62nd to Emerson Ave., south on Emerson to 38th Street.

Brownsburg Little League
Brownsburg Little League
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Consists of Brown and Lincoln Townships in Hendricks County. From the Marion - Hendricks County Line at 250N; then go west on 250N to 500E; then north on 500E to 550N; then east on 550N to 550E; then north on 550E to the Hendricks - Boone County Line; then east on the county line to the Hendricks - Marion County Line; then south on the Hendricks - Marion County Line to 250N.

Dougalss Little League
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From Sherman Drive and Massachusetts Ave., southwest on Massachusetts Ave. to Washington Street; then west to White River; then North to 38th Street; then east to Sherman Drive; then south to Massachusetts AVe.

Eagle Creek Little League
Eagle Creek Map
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From the Marion - Hendricks County Line at 38th Street north to the Marion - Boone County Line; then east to Michigan Road; then southeast to 62nd Street; then West to the Pike - Washington Township boundary; then south to 38th Street; then west to Lafayette Road; then northwest to 46th Street; then west to Dandy Trail; then south to I-74; then northwest to 38th Street; then west to the Marion - Hendricks County Line.

Eagledale Little League
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North on I-465 from Washington Street to I-74, then Northwest on I-74 to Dandy Trail, then North on Dandy Trail to 46th Street, then east on 46th Street to Lafayette Road, then Southeast on Lafayette Road to 38th Street, then east on 38th Street to White River, then south following the river to 10th Street, then West on 10th Street to Lynhurst Drive, then South on Lynhurst Drive to Washington Street, then west on Washington Street to I-465

Plainfield Little League
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Starting at the Marion, Morgan and Hedricks county line intersection, go West to County Road 500 East, then go north to County Road 300 South, then east to the Marion - Hendricks County Line. then south to the place of beginning.

Wednesday, November 23
Tri-West Little League
Tri-West Boundary
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Tri-West Little League is located in the northwestern most part of Hendricks County, comprised of Eel River, Middle, and Union townships and the incorporated towns of North Salem, Pittsboro and Lizton.  The school district has a total land area of 98.4 square miles.  It is bordered to the north by Boone County, to the east by the town of Brownsburg and Brown Township, the west by Putnam and Montgomery counties, and the south by Marion, Center and Washington townships.

WDT Little League
From Michigan Road (U.S. 421) and 96th Street, go east on 96th Street to Shelbourne; then go north to 116th Street; Then go east to Rangeline; then go South on Rangeline to 96th Street; Go east on 96th Street to Keystone Ave.; then go south on Keystone to 75th Street, then west on 75th Street to the White River; then southwest on White River to the White River Canal; then southwest to 38th Street; then west on 38th Street to the Pike - Washington Township boundary; then north on the township boundary to 62nd St.; the east to Michigan Road and then northwest on Michigan Road to 96th Street