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Wednesday, October 1
Little League Announces Change in Umpire/World Series Policy

The policy regarding the maximum number of World Series assignments a volunteer umpire may receive has been changed.

Previously, a Little League volunteer umpire was permitted to umpire only two different World Series tournaments in baseball and/or softball. Also previously, there was no minimum time limit between those two World Series tournaments. 
The new policy places no limit on the number of different World Series tournaments in baseball and/or softball that an umpire could work. However, the new policy places a minimum four-year hiatus between each of those assignments - during which the volunteer umpire must continue to provide his/her services to the local league/district.

With these additional opportunities spread out over a number of years, it is our hope these veteran umpires will continue to lend their expertise to the Little League program beyond their most recent World Series assignment.
Here are the conditions that apply:

1. Any umpire who has been assigned to a World Series may apply for another world series at a different level. 

2. It must be at least four years since the last assignment. (Example: An umpire works a 2009 World Series. That umpire once again becomes eligible under this condition to be recommended in 2012 to umpire a different World Series in 2013. If that umpire works a World Series in 2013, that umpire again becomes eligible under this condition to be recommended in 2016 to umpire a different World Series in 2017.)

3. An umpire may only be assigned to any one of the eight World Series one time.

4. An umpire that has left the Little League program for one season or more must re-qualify once again with all the required recommendations and umpire at least four years from when that umpire came back into the program. 

Thursday, August 25
Do you want to umpire in a State, Regional, or World Series Tournament ?
Any umpire wanting to be involved with a State, Regional or World Series Tournament must begin to get their info together now. In late September, 2011, I will be getting the info on these tournaments and I will be required to turn in my nominations for these tourneys. The forms will require your signature and mine. It will require a review of the accomplishments to-date as a little league umpire.

Some tips on getting to the bigs:

    Register in the umpire registry.

    Take the week long training camp in Indy in April, 2012

    Get to know other umpires who have been successful in the climb to the top. They will have tips you should know.

    Umpire games. I know this sounds trivial, but umpiring games is the only way to encounter those weird situations that may come up in a game that will make you a better umpire.

Basic Umpiring and The Two Umpire System
basic umpiring
Umpire-in-Chief of Little League Baseball Andy Konyar is your Video Instructor. With step by step instruction, Andy takes you through the two umpire system. Veteran umpires Daniel Lowe and Mike Messick demonstrate everything from the beautiful setting of Howard J. Lamade stadium in Williamsport, PA, the home of the Little League World Series.

Animated graphics, narration explanation and game demonstrations, makes this material the complete guide to umpring baseball in a 60' diamond.

The Working The Plate segment includes topics such as positioning & demonstrations for calling balls & strikes, jursdiction for catch, no-catch, fair & foul calls, pop ups behind home plate, pass balls, clearing the plate and more!

The Working The Bases segment includes topics such as demonstrating the set position and safe and out calls, angles and positioning for plays at first base, double play mechanics, steals, positioning for multiple runners and multiple plays on the pases and much more! Whether your learning from scratch, just brushing up or putting on a clinic, this is the information you need! Go to the Central Regional site (find it in the links)to see a 1 minute sample of the video. You can order the video at the Central Region site for just $29.95.

Tuesday, June 30
2015 Major Girls Tourney

Tuesday, July 14
2015 10/11 Boys Tourney

Saturday, July 11
2015 Major Boys Tourney

Tuesday, July 14
2015 9/10 Boys Tournament

Saturday, April 30
2016 Presidents Cup Finals

Thursday, June 25
Young 9's