IYS: Welcome

Welcome to IYS

Important Note

For IYS to continue this year we need a volunteer to take on responsibility for overall administration and organisation. An online registration and payment system already exists.To date, we have not had any volunteer (or volunteers). ProDirect soccer academy will hold off for one more week. If a volunteer comes forward Soccer will commence 10 September and the registration pages will open.

Rory and Murt are available to help transition to the new organiser(s). Please contact us on Internationalysports@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer.
If no volunteers come forward, sadly the programme will not run this term. 

What is IYS 

International Youth Sports (IYS) is a sports programme run by ACS parents for our children in Early Childhood and Lower School. Our goals are to help our children learn sports skills, become great team players and above all else to have fun. Our programs are non-selective, everyone plays.
We provide coaches, sports equipment and an end of season prize giving  for all our young sports stars. IYS focuses on learning the basic skills of each sport, good sportsmanship and most of all having fun. 
The sports we currently offer for boys and girls from ages 4 to 10 years old are: 

Fall - Soccer & American Football
Winter - Basketball
Spring - Soccer & Baseball/T-Ball
Join our facebook group IYS - ACS for updates.