Illinois Valley Little League: Snack Shack Menu

Snack bar
Snack Bar Menu

                            We have a variety of foods and snacks during all the games

Taylor’s Famous Hot Dogs                                                                        Variety of Soda

Jalapeno Dog                                                                                          Sports Drinks

Cheddar Dogs                                                                                          Rock Star (flavoring extra)

Cheeseburgers                                                                                         add: Blackberry, Red Raspberry

Chicken or Cheeseburger Sliders                                                             Mango or Watermelon

Regular Hot Dogs                                                                                     Coffee

Bowl of Chili                    


Nachos                                                                                                    Water 

Chilitos ( corn chips with chili and cheese)                                               Hot Chocolate


BBQ Rib Sandwich

Cup O’ Noodles

Sausage , egg and cheese hot pockets                                                       Add 50 cents to get chili or

Sausage , egg and cheese Biscuit                                                                cheese on any item

Breakfast Burritos

Cotton Candy


Sunflower Seeds

Variety of candy like licorice ropes, chocolate bars, sour candy, big League bubble gum, smarties, lemonheads, suckers and much more.

                                 We have Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup and Relish and onions at your request

                                We will also be offering special meal deals so watch for them! ?