Illinois Valley Little League: Tidbits and other News

Sunday, March 6
Tidbits and Other News

On this page you will find out what we are doing with that fundraising money besides just uniforms, insurance and trophies. It really does go much further with your help.

We were the first in the State to get in our paperwork for the year which is really good new for IVLL! Because we were the first one to get all the paperwork in and it was approved we have been entered into acontest to recieve new lights on the baeball field!! Keep your fingers crossed that we win!!

 We have been doing improvements to keep our community baseball field clean and safe and we have expanded the equipment shed inside adding new shelves and much better organization.


We are getting a new pitchers mound for the 2011 baseball season!!



There will also be some new fencing put up before we start this year by the bleachers and get rid of the old chicken wire that exists now.


Hopefully, we will have the scorekeepers booth rebuilt or improved much better than it has been the past few years!! We are working to get this done also before baseball kicks off or at least construction through  the season.