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Sunday, April 22
Snack Bar News

  The Snack Bar will be serving up Buscuits and Gravy on Saturday May 5. Also we have a lot of new items with a positive feedback so far!

 We had Polish Sausage with chips and a soda on Saturday April 21 for the special and they were a big hit!

Starting this week until we run out.. all games played at home, kids in a jersey will get a free ice cream!!

An ICE CREAM SOCIAL, stop by in your jersey and get one!

Were working hard for you  :)

  Have any suggestions please feel free to leave them on the guest book page


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Saturday, May 5
Cinco De Mayo Casino/ Poker Night

Friends of Jubilee Park and with the help of the Illinois Valley Little League are holding a fundraiser called  Cinco De Mayo Casino/Poker Night at the Illinois Valley Golf Course on May 5, 2012.  The Taco and beer bar will be open at 4:30, serving 2 Tacos, beans and rice for $5.00 if you want just a Taco it will cost only $1.50 and Texas hold-em poker will begin at 6:00 p.m. until 2:00 am so be ready for a long and fun night!!

Join in on the BlADDER BUSTER CONTEST... 2 for 3 until you pee!! Sounds like a fun contest, could you do it?

All donations to any of these events by Friends of Jubilee Park are going toward the building of the second Little League Field. So much is needed  and any support from the community is always appreciated, please come out and do your part for our kids in the community.

 If your  a dealer and know anything baout Texas Hold -em poker please come and help out. Contact Shelly Davis for more details 415-1718

Tuesday, May 1
Signing the petition for ball field

Anyone that may be interested in signing the petition for the the  new field that we are trying to get going at Jubilee Park. Please contact Shelly at 541-415-1718 and ask to sign. This is very important for our youth today and the youth of the future. The petition will be handed over to the Mayor soon and his committee so don't hesitate!!

 This is not only for a new field but also other items will be added to the park for the whole community.

 Please give us your support

Saturday, May 12
Bake Sale Fundraiser

Bake sales seem to go really well for everyone in the valley. We will be holding several this year as fundraisers for the Little League.

 There will be games all day starting at 9:00 am  at Jubilee Park and during these games we will hold a bake sale. Come out and get something from the snack bar and buy something sweet to go with it to enjoy the games !

 Play Ball :)

Tuesday, May 1
Little League Photo contest

Here is just the first part of what I read to get your interest for this contest. If you would like more information just click on the Little League news letter for all of the details.

It’s time for Little League families, friends and fans to share their memorable moments. The 2012 Little League photo contest is under way and open to any Little League volunteer.

The annual Little League Baseball and Softball Photo Contest will gather entries and award recognition to three photographers for their outstanding images depicting Little League Baseball and Softball activities. Winners will receive 2012 Little League Baseball World Series merchandise, have their photographs displayed in the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum, will be recognized on the Little League website and social media pages, as well as appearing in the Little Leaguer e-newsletter.

Saturday, May 26
Burgers are Grilling!

We will be grilling up burgers with your choice of potatoe salad, macaroni salad and a drink for only 5.00.

 This is Memorial Day so come out have lunch and there just might be a Sandlot game going on! It all starts around 1:30 until into the evening.

Friday, March 18
Little Leaguer Newsletter!!

Here is a Link to the Little Leaguer Newsletter, March edition..