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ISD 196 Nordic Ski Team: Welcome  

ISD 196 Nordic Ski Team

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11-24-14 06:29 PM
Get Directions to ISD 196 Nordic Ski TeamRosemount Local Weather
ISD 196 Nordic Ski Team
Brian Abery
ISD 196 Nordic Skiing c/o Rosemount High
3335 142nd St. West
Rosemount, Minnesota
Minnesota's ISD 196 High Schools: Apple Valley, Eagan, Eastview, Rosemount, and The School for Environmental Studies

Over the first 2-weeks of the season we have been able to get in 2 classic technique training sessions with skiers. As most of you know, skiing this technique requires the application of kick wax to the center section of the ski. Due to the large number of skiers we have on the team ( N = 87) on both days we trained with this technique it took 30-40 minutes to wax. This is far too great a period of our limited practice time to waste with skiers standing around not involved in training.
As a result, from this date forward skiers will be responsible for coming to practice on CLASSIC TECHNIQUE days with their skis already kick waxed.  If we need to "tweak" our wax because the wax we selected does not work we will do so with team wax, but this will take far less time than trying to put on 3 coats of wax on every skier's skis.  Coach Abery will specify which wax to use each evening prior to a classic practice.  This information will be communicated at practice and posted on the team website.
This approach will require skiers/parents to purchase 3 basic kick waxes, a scraper and a waxing cork that should enable everyone to get sufficient kick at practice in 90% of the conditions we face.  Skiers are free to purchase their own wax, or they can buy the necessary wax and accessories through the booster club.  This will cost $25.00 (make check out to ISD 196 Nordic Boosters) with payment made to Coach Abery.  We discussed this opportunity at our waxing clinic on Saturday and 13 skiers signed up (if you have not yet paid please bring your payment to practice ASAP). There will be sign-ups at practice all this week for any additional skiers who are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.  There are many different brands of kick wax available and most will work well in the condition we ski.
The team is able to purchase wax at a 20% discount and avoid tax on it.  However, if you want to purchase your own wax, you are more than welcome.  All skiers will need the following kick waxes and accessories: Green (cold conditions); Blue (moderate conditions); Violet (mild conditions); a SYNTHETIC waxing cork; & a plastic scraper.  Place everything in a plastic bag and make sure its available at workouts.  Skiers are more than welcome to share with a buddy but will be responsible for finding wax on their own if their buddy (who has the wax) is not at practice.
We have already begun to provide instruction to skiers as to how to appropriately kick wax their skis and will contnue to do so through the next several classic practices.
Please note: Coaches will kick wax skis for athletes at all competitions. 

Practice* - 3:15-5:00 PM @ Valleywood
(until further notice)*
We may move back over to Lebanon Hills for a while this week if the trails are in running shape.  
(I will make an announcement at practice AND post here if this is necessary). 
Monday 11/24: Valleywood GC 3:15 PM-5:00 PM (Varsity & JV)
Tuesday 11/25: Valleywood GC 3:15 PM-5:00 PM (Varsity & JV)
Wednesday 11/26: Valleywood GC 3:15 PM-5:00 PM (Varsity & JV)
Friday 11/28: Valleywood GC 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (Varsity & JV)
Saturday 11/29: Valleywood GC 9:00 AM - 11:00 (Varsity Required; JV Optional)
* SORRY WE CAN NOT BE MORE SPECIFIC ABOUT PRACTICE FOR THE UPCOMING WEEK.  IT WILL ALL DEPEND ON HOW MUCH SNOW, IF ANY WE RECEIVE. Unfortunately, what we had is gone and we will need at least 2-3 inches to start skiing again.  All skiers should bring running gear and bounding poles to practice tomorrow.  If the ground is white tomorrow morninig, please also bring your skis.  We will ski if at all possible but everyone should be ready for both types of workouts. 

Parent Social
The captains' parents are co-hosting a parent social on Saturday, Dec. 6, 6pm at the Martell home (2021 Royale Dr., Eagan)
All parents & coaches are invited to this adult only gathering; sorry skiers, you're not invited!
Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share. The captains' parents will provide all beverages. This is a great and fun way to meet the other parents on the team! 

If you don't see your name on the website's roster, we don't have an email address or any contact info for you!
PLEASE download and fill out the Skier Contact Information Form located under "Handouts" as soon as possible! Return it via email to

Sign up for text messages
Text @Nordic2014 to 81010
Texting is used by the team when there are last minute changes, usually due to weather, but is not used for daily communications. Always checck the website and your email to keep informed!

Fundraising Opportunities:
WOW  - Congratulations on a very successful night at Chipotle! We raised over $580 in the three hours!  
The next restaurant night is at the Apple Valley Smash Burger THIS Tuesday, November 18th from 4-8.  Everyone who comes through the doors applies to this fundraiser - no need to say you are with the ski team!


Also don’t forget - Old Chicago Pizza Pals! Buy one for $11 and it's good for a $22 pizza (and $5 goes into your skier account). Let me know through email that you would like to purchase some Pizza Pals and I can bring them to practice on Fridays.


Cub Food Bagging sign ups are under the links section and are up for the month of November. 



If you have not been a subscriber to the Pioneer Press for at least 3 months you can take part in this fundraiser.  $26.00 for 52 Sundays puts $40 in your child's account. 


Contact Jill Selchow ( ) 

  Please submit all Booster Club fees to Ron Hedberg at 14170 Foxtail Ln., Apple Valley, MN 55124. You may contact Ron at to find out your current balance. 

Real skiers ski uphill!

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Mon 11/24 star Cub Foods Bagging-Eagan (Rahn/Cliff) 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Tue 12/2 star Freestyle Meet 3:45 PM - 5:30 PM Hyland Lake Park Reserve
Tue 12/9 star Classic Meet TBA Hyland Lake Park Reserve
Tue 12/16 star 4 x 2.5km Relay 3:15 PM Valleywood Golf Course
ISD 196 Nordic Ski Team
ISD 196 Nordic Ski Team

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