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6:00 TO 7:30

July 14 to August 27 

At Ironmen, we focus on the growth and development of EACH individual.  Every individual is trained and no-one is left out. Here you, as a developing wrestler, are not  just a simple practice dummy for the "studs".   Our elite wrestlers will work with you as part of their training as well. Our advanced wrestlers recieve individualized training and are paired to develop their maximum potential. We will alter our training to suit each athletes needs to help them achive their next level of development.


 As a community public charity, our 100% volunteer staff is commited to each child, not a contract. We keep our fees as small as we can to so everyone can get quality training.   


Being successful in life and on the mat is a matter of growth and character.  It is not gold that is the measure of man, but how that man responds when the gold is gone.  At Ironmen we feel that the path to becoming a man is filled with obstacals.  Our overall  goal is to teach you life skills to overcome them no matter where they are encountered.


We have helped multiple students achive sectional, state and national rankings.  So, if you would like help in achiving your next level, come train with our family.