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Sunday, August 28
New Facebook Page

We have created a new Facebook page which will start to replace the old Facebook group.  The new page is IMSA XC and T&F.  It is linked to our website, which will allow for easier updating and will give us a better location to post pictures of the meets.  Let us know what you think!

IMSA XC on Facebook

That's right!  IMSA Cross Country now has a Facebook page!  The profile is Imsa Runner (Facebook wouldn't let us capitilize IMSA...go figure).  We also have a group site, IMSA Cross Country.  Come check them out and post something!

Website Feedback

We've redesigned the website in an effort to make it easier to navigate and we would like your feedback about it.  First of all, the blurbs of the races can be found by clicking on the Annoucements tab.  All old articles can be found in the Archives tab.  We will also have a weekly poll (during the season) that can be found on the Home Page. 

There will always be the feedback option found at the bottom of the Home Page.  We check the results weekly and will try to incorporate ideas we get as best as we can.  If you have more to say than the feedback option allows you can always post something on the message boards.


Sunday, August 28