Hurst Girls Softball League: Blast Ball Registration

Blast Ball Registration


 Blast Ball is a type of t-ball for children ages 2-4.  Each player from the batting team will take a turn hitting off a tee.  They will the run to 1st base, the only base used, and jump on the base causing it to squeek/honk.  The team in the field will yell “BLAST-BALL!” when the ball is fielded/caught.  Each team will have each player bat and then trade places with the other team to do the same thing.  Over all games last about 30 minutes and are tons of fun for not only the child but the parents as well.  Typical teams in addition to their Saturday morning game will have one 30 minute practice during the week. Cost is only $25 for each child for each season, about 7-8 games.  Your child will make new friends, learn the value of team work and sharing, get a cool shirt and a trophy at the end of the season!! Please call Lacey at 817-925-0357 for any questions regarding Blast Ball or logon to our website at


Handout: Player Registration Form