Hurley Little League: 2007 Little League Season

Archive of handouts from the 2007 Little League season.
2007 Player Registration Forms

This section contains player registration information for the Spring 2007 baseball and softball seasons. To play in the Spring 2007 season both a player registration form and a medical release form must be completed for each child. Birth Certificates are required for players new to Hurley Little League.

Use the Little League Age Charts (one for baseball and one for softball) to determine your child's league age requested on the player registration form.

Player Registration Form 2007Player Registration Form 2007

Player Registration Form 2007 - PDFPlayer Registration Form 2007 - PDF

Medical Releae Form 2007Medical Releae Form 2007

Parent Code of Conduct 2007Parent Code of Conduct 2007

Little League Baseball Age Chart 2007Little League Baseball Age Chart 2007

Little League Softball Age Chart 2007Little League Softball Age Chart 2007

2007 Volunteer Application

This volunteer application form is required for all parents and/or volunteers who wish to make their players' season successful. In order for Hurley Little League to satisfy Child Protection regulations, any person, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular serivce to the league and/or repetitive access to, or contact with playsers or teams, must complete a volunteer application annually. For more information about the Children Protection regulations, look under links for Little League Children Protection Program.

Volunteer Application 2007Volunteer Application 2007

2007 League Information

Information Sheet 2007Information Sheet 2007

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