Huntsville Men's Softball League: Welcome

Wednesday, May 18
Spring 2016- Update

* D League Championship was cancelled on Monday, May 16 due to wet conditions.  The games will be made up on Monday, May 23.

 * Tonight, May 18, has been postponed due to wet field conditions.  Games will be made up on Wednesday, May 25.  

Playoff Brackets are now set.  See below!


*SPECIAL SUMMER ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon.  Please stay posted.


*We opted to NOT have a 2016 League wide meeting this year.  All rules and policies stand from last year.  This includes the use of both .44 core/375 compression and .52 core/300 compression softballs.  Hitting team has choice of ball.

There will not be any rule changes for pitchers this spring.  The pitcher must be in contact with the pitching rubber when the pitcher releases the ball.  HASA will follow the rule as it is stated in the ASA/USA RULE BOOK.    







Thursday, May 12
Spring 2016 Playoff Picture

D Division Championship - MONDAY, (May 16.),

 #3 RIP CITY vs. #2 DODGE BOYS  @ 7 p.m.

 #4 S.O.P. vs. #1 PTO @ 8 p.m.

Championship game @ 9 p.m.





C Division Championship  - WEDNESDAY, (May 18.),

#3 SPUD SQUAD vs. #2 KINGSNAKES @ 7 p.m. 

#4  ALCOBOLLICS vs. #1  GRIM RIPPERS @ 8 p.m.

Championship game @ 9 p.m. 




Friday, March 18
Men's C and D Divisions - SPRING 2016

C Division -  Grim Rippers, Alcoballics, Spud Squad and Kingsnakes

D Division -  Dodge Boys, PTO, Rip City and S.O.P.

NOTE: What division you're in now is subject to change.  We have the option to move teams up and down in divisions when seeding the C and D divsion playoff bracket. 

Friday, March 18
Sign up for the 2016 Spring Session

Registration for Spring 2016-  Now closed

Make check payable to: Huntsville Adult Softball Association for $385 (three hundered and eighty-five).  Fee covers 12 regular season games, including umpire fees and city fees. Top 4 C teams and Top 4 D teams will make the playoffs.

Mail Check or Money Order to:  Ed Chatal, P.O. Box 2387 SHSU, Huntsville, TX 77341  OR drop off roster & check or m.o. @ Potato Shack.

* Due Date:  Post marked by Mar. 16 or drop check off at Potato Shack by Mar. 16. League will begin Mon. March 21. 

Include:  Team Roster for up to 16 players, your 1st, 2nd  and 3rd choice of preference to play Mon,Tues, Wed or Thurs nights. 

* Include: Choose C Division or D Division.  Teams will play an unbalanced schedule in order to play more teams within your Division.

Include: Contact info for team manager, assistant manager, cell phone #, mailing address, etc.

Friday, March 18
Free Agent List

No team in 2016?  No problem.  Sign up on the FREE AGENT list.  If we have 12 paid individuals, we'll create a FREE AGENT team for the next available session.   Sign up at the Potato Shack and mention FREE AGENT list for Huntsville Mens Softball.

Any questions, please contact Ed Chatal.  Send me an e-mail:


Wednesday, December 9
Recent Champions

Recent Champions- C DIVISION

Spring 2005 -         Kingsnakes

Summer 2005 -       Walker County L.P. Gas

Fall 2005   -           B.Y.O.B.

Spring 2006 -         B.Y.O.B.    

Summer 2006 -       Busch League

Fall 2006   -           B.Y.O.B.

Spring 2007 -         Rip City

Summer 2007 -       Country Boys

Fall 2007 -              B.Y.O.B.

Spring/Summer 2008 - WP Gators

Fall 2008 -              Tribe of Judah

Spring 2009 -          Tribe of Judah

Summer 2009 -         Trophy Hunters

Fall 2009 - NO CHAMP DECLARED, Inclement Weather

Spring 2010 -           Kingsnakes   

Spring II/Summer 2010 - Real Deal

Fall 2010 -               Trophy Hunters

Spring 2011 -            Pig Benis

Summer 2011 -          Pig Benis

Fall 2011 -                Pig Benis

Spring 2012 -           Pig Benis

Summer 2012 -          Fuzzy's a.k.a. Trophy Hunters

Fall 2012 -                Kingsnakes

Spring 2013 -           Kingsnakes

Summer 2013 -        Trophy Hunters

Fall 2013 -                Kingsnakes

Spring 2014 -             Kingsnakes

Summer 2014 -          Kingsnakes 

Fall 2014 -                 Kingsnakes

Spring 2015 -             Kingsnakes

Summer 2015 -           No league after spring goes into July

Fall 2015 -                  Grim Rippers

Recent Champions- D DIVISION

Spring 2007 -         Tribe of Judah

Summer 2007 -       Backdraft                                                  

Fall 2007 -             Fat Boys

Spring 2012 -         Slump Busters

Summer 2012 -        Slump Busters

Spring 2013 -         Huntsville Pet Clinic                                                                                                                              

Summer 2013 -       Grim Rippers

Fall 2013 -              Bad News Bearkats

Spring 2014 -           PTO

Summer 2014 -         PTO 

Fall 2014 -                PTO

Spring 2015 -            Bat Sumpitches

Summer 2015 -         No league as spring goes into July

Fall 2015 -                Spud Squad  

Saturday, September 27
Rainouts/ Make-up Game Time Schedule

* For rainout information, call (936) 294-4889 or check this website. Rainouts will be determined by 4:30 P.M. CST.   So, if you call before then, we might not have any information for you.

* Any inclement weather after 4:30 P.M. CST,  game and/or field status will be determined by umpires down at the field.  In some cases, rain cancellations will occur because of rain coming down after 4:30 p.m. We will do our best to put the playing status on the site but the phone number listed above will be taken out of play.

* In some cases, team managers will be contacted before rain games are officially rescheduled. A good effort will be made to play all rain make-up games.