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Wednesday, May 22
Election of Officers
Be advised that Mike Lynch has been re-elected as President of the Hudson County Umpires Association.  In
 addition, Alan Adler and Anthony Aleman have been elected to the Executive Board .  Congratulations, and Good Luck to all !  Hope to see you on June 3rd.
Hudson County Championships
     Congratulations to Secaucus and St Peters Prep on their recent victories in the 2013 Ed Ford Memorial/Hudson County Championships in Softball and Baseball respectively.  The games were officiated by two 3-man crews that did an excellent job.  WELL DONE HUDSON COUNTY UMPIRES ASSOCIATION!  Well done  gentlemen:
Baseball:Rich Rinalli Sr (UIC), Manny Bernardez (1st), Anthony Aleman
Softball:Michael Purvis (UIC), Ron Picillo (1st), (                      ) 
End of the Year "Banquet"
     Our end of the year party will be held on Monday, June 3, 2013 at R & B'z in Bayonne.  It will include the annual Cadet class induction ceremony, and Excellent Service awards.  Cost to members will be $10.00 and Guests will be admitted for a $20.00 charge. This year's "banquet" will feature a "Harmonica Solo" by Gene Klumpp Sr. as well as a "Trip down memory-lane-Songfest" by long time member, John Riley!  Don't be late for this one.  7:00 PM! 
Do you know WHY the "Tie goes to the runner"?
Is the batter batting out of order, out? 
Is it legal to run the bases in reverse order  ?
With R1 on 3rd and R2 on 1st (0-out), R2 attempts to steal 2nd. B3 interferes with F2.
R2 is thrown out and R1 scores. Does the run count?