Hopewell Golden Eagles: Policies/Procedures

Saturday, January 20
Here are some of the basic policies and procedures in force for all Hopewell Golden Eagles teams. Please note that these policies/procedures are subject to change at the direction of the Board of Directors without prior notice.

The Hopewell Golden Eagles is a select basketball organization. Boys are selected to the Hopewell Golden Eagles teams based on their skill level and expressed commitment to a high level of youth basketball. When players are selected to a Hopewell Golden Eagles team it is assumed that playing with the Hopewell Golden Eagles will become an important activity for that player. The success of the Golden Eagles depends on the commitment of all of its players and coaches to all of our team activities. When players fail to regularly attend practice or games, the team suffers and the experience becomes less enjoyable for the other team members and the volunteer coaches. Therefore, it is expected that each player selected for a Hopewell Golden Eagles team will regularly attend practices and games as scheduled and will arrive for such practices and games on time and ready to play, as directed by the coaches. The organization acknowledges that certain irregular circumstances may interfere with this commitment from time to time. School work, religious obligations, family commitments and illness are all considered to be valid excuses from practices or games. In the event that a player is unable to make a practice orgame, that player (or his parents/legal guardian) must contact the coach as soon as possible prior to the practice/game to notify him/her of the absence. Repeated or prolonged absences without notification/justification are grounds for dismissal from a Hopewell Golden Eagles team at the discretion of the coaches.

The organization acknowledges that its players may play for other teams concurrently while participating on a Hopewell Golden Eagles team. Golden Eagles policies concerning participation on other teams are very clear when there is conflict. For both teams, participation on an official school winter team (middle school or high school) or summer league team (such as jv or varsity) takes priority over all Hopewell Golden Eagles practices and games when there is a conflict. Hopewell Golden Eagles coaches understand this policy and encourage full participation on all official school teams in the event of a conflict.

The Hopewell Golden Eagles encourages participation in other sports to the extent they do not conflict with our practices or games. If your son plays another sport, please discuss this with the coaches prior to the time team selections are made so that the coach can assess the extent of likely conflicts and the likely commitment to/attendance at Golden Eagles practices and games.

The amount of game playing time a Hopewell Golden Eagles player receives will vary based on his skill set, the skills of his teammates, his attendance at practice, and the individual coach's philosophy. Unlike recreation or other youth basketball, there is no guaranteed minimum playing time or a guarantee that everyone will play in every game. Simply put, playing time is earned not given. Nevertheless, it is the goal of the Hopewell Golden Eagles to develop all of its players and playing time in games is one aspect of that development. In the event that your son believes that he should receive more playing time, the first and best step is always to discuss directly with the coach the reasons for lack of playing time and the areas that the coach believes improvement is necessary to earn more playing time. The coach has the final say over playing time and it is up to the parent to make a judgment as to whether the coach is acting fairly and in the best interests of the team with respect to the allocation of playing time. If a parent has a question about his or her son's playing time feel free to contact the coach and discuss this matter in private not in front of your child or other players or parents.

We ask that each parent take part in providing volunteer services to the organization at some point during the year. The overall time commitment is not great but volunteers are essential to making the Hopewell Golden Eagles a successful basketball organization. Volunteer responsibilities can be assigned by team and can include scorekeeping/timekeeping, concessions, clean-up/set-up, and admissions for the three or four scheduled tournaments hosted by the Hopewell Golden Eagles. In addition, we would like to get volunteer team parent(s) to assist the coaches travel arrangements for tournaments that do not include overnight trips and local trips. We encourage all parents to make an effort to travel with the team to show their support. It is also understandable when it is not possible to do so.
Contact me if you are interested in volunteering your help in any way.