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Monday, September 8

Sign up NOW!!! for Softball Pitching Clinic with Mr. Michael Lawrence for ages 7 to 12 beginning September 16, every Tuesday for 12 wks. Practice will be at SMES. Students will need to bring someone to catch for them. Time slots will run 45 mins. and be assigned at time of registration. Cost is $40. Registrations will be accepted until September 11. Call 410-745-5102 or 410-745-6073.

Thursday, June 12
2104 Major Boys Champions!!!

Trappe Lions defeated Cordova Fire Department in a very close game 5-3 to become the 2014 Champs. Congrats to both teams for a very well played season

2014 Champs

Friday, May 23
2014 Summer Femi Baseball Camp

Please check out this handout for all the information about the camps
Handout: 2014 Summer Femi Baseball Camp

Thursday, January 9
You can NOW play with your Friends and Classmates
Little League has now allowed you to play where you go to school.  If you attend White Marsh, Chapel, or St Michaels Elementary Schools you can play within those town.  Where you live is no longer a barrier.  Please pass on to your classmates

Wednesday, October 16
Softball Parents. We need your input

We had a very productive but very limited meeting last night with the Softball Parents. Here are the leagues concerns and what was discussed. We would like more input as the board will be discussing this item sometime before the end of the year in order to come up with a plan and have a vote.

There is a very good chance that each of the three towns will still be able to field an 11-12 team. Projections have Chapel at 12, St Michaels at 14, & Trappe at 13. However if 1 or 2 girls don’t return that may not be possible. The big concern is that neither Chapel nor Trappe will be able to field their own 7-10 team. Chapel will only have 10 and Trappe 8. With almost a decade of tracking these numbers from year to year we understand that these are not concrete however we do fell that will not fluctuate greatly. 4 or 5 more girls in each town are not just going to appear.

The input we received from last night; it is time to move to the 7-8, 9-10 model. We should be able to field 2 9-10 teams and 1 7-8 team. Practices should be rotated between towns to elevate travel issues. Coaches will be evaluated and chosen by the HRB board. Once a coach is chosen home games will be held in his town. Field prep and other requirements make this necessary. We obviously will no longer be capable of just playing with Talbot County. We will need to join the rest of the District which could include games in Dorchester and Caroline Counties.

As stated we are looking for your input, constructive input. Feel free to post on Face Book thread or if you prefer an email can be sent to home_run_baker@hotmail.com

Thursday, October 3
Softball Meeting for 7-12 year olds

We will be having a meeting to discuss the future of Home Run Baker Softball.  This meeting  will take place Oct 15th 7pm at the Easton YMCA in second floor multpurpose room.  We are working to have a second room with baby sitting services but that has not come thru as of now.  If you wish to have a say in the direction the board choose to go please PLEASE Attend.

Monday, August 26
Umpire Clinic

ImageEastern Shore Umpire’s

2013 Two Man Umpire Camp

DATES & LOCATION – Chesapeake CC

October 25 - 27, 2013. Camp will begin Friday evening 6PM with a comprehensive classroom session. Saturday and Sunday will be on field training followed by evaluation games starting at TBD.

Camp Instruction will include

This camp will be comprehensive study of 2-man mechanics for umpires working at all levels. Umpires will have the opportunity to work LIVE GAMES with a full evaluation of their performances given.


Instruction will be presented by Division 1 Collegiate umpires currently working in high level of baseball.


Cost of the camp is $80. Lunch Included (Saturday) Hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the umpire.

Members of ESUA eligible for a ratings bump for the completion of this camp.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NAME__________________________________ E-MAIL________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________ PHONE# ________________________



c/o Tommy Hall

3607 Fox Run Road

East New Market Md. 21631

Saturday, July 20
Cordova Fire Department 2013 Major Boys Champions

With the very rainy end of the season the playoff were forced to be cancelled. However Cordova Fire Department with a record of 14-1 took home the Championship. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Wednesday, June 12
Talbot Girls Champions!!!

Junior Womans Club of St Michaels defeated Chesapeake Island Oysters 7-3 last night to take home the Championship.  Congratulations to both teams!!!!!

2013 Girls champs

Friday, April 26
MInor League Softball News!!!!!

UNFORTUNATE NEWS!!!! St Michaels has been forced to fold the MRYC team. There have been a rash of injuries. A new schedule has been posted

Monday, January 21

Major Boys - March 2nd

  • Chapel - Correction March 2nd 
    • 9 am Chapel Field
  • St. Michaels  March 2nd
    • Noon
    • @ Perry Cabin Field (in case of rain time will be 12:30 and location SMMHS)
  • Trappe March 2nd
    • 2 sessions 9am  & 10:30 am.  You will be notified which session to attend
    • White Marsh Elementary

Junior Boys March 10th  @ Hog Neck

  • Last Names between A-M
    • 12:30
  • Last Names between N-Z
    • 2:30

Junior Girls March 10th

  • Hog Neck
  • 12:30

Senior Boys and Girls TBA

Friday, January 4
Softball....We have heard your concerns and have made changes

Softball Parents....we are altering the 2013 plans based on your concerns.   

  1. We are keeping the 11/12, 9/10, 7/8 divisons.  This is simalar to how we split the boys into AA, AAA, and Majors a few years back. We believe many of you were in favor this part of the original plan 
  2. We are going to allow each town the field its own team in each of these divisions 
    1. If you live in Chapel you will need to recruit quite a few 7-8 girls and possibly a few 9-10
    2. If you life in Trappe you will need to recruit quite a few 9-10 and 7-8 girls
    3. If in the case, for example, there are only 6 7-8 in Chapel and Trappe respectively then at that time we will form a merged team.  The team will split time practiicng and playing between the 2 towns
    4. If in the case, for example, there are 11 players in a town and 3 in another town.  Those 3 would be force to play in the town that had enough to field a team - This is exactly how we have handle lack of participation in the past

I can not stress these items enough

  1. Sign up at Signups  1/16 and 1/19.  If you delay then we won't have a true account of the numbers.  We have to move forward and the direction we take will be based on the numbers
  2. If you are one of those age groups of concern  RECRUIT.  We are trying to give you the opportunity to stay at home but its going to take some leg work on your part
  3. Please spread the word of these changes.  We knaw some have written off Softball for this season because of the travel issue.  Please share on your face book pages send emails to friends, basically RECRUIT!!!!!!

We appreciate your input and the passion that some have shown in this debate.  We formed a plan and got it out early so that we could hear the feed back.  We truly wish everyone a great Softball season and want to see a lot of girls out playing and having fun

Tuesday, December 11

Dear Softball Parent,

The Home Run Baker Board, which is made up of representative from all three towns, has decided to be very proactive with Softball Program. As many of you might know the numbers have been dwindling over the years. We feel there are a number of issues that are contributing to this:

  • The lack of competition.

  • Talent should be spread evenly and not restricted by town.

  • Pitching is extremely limited and is not being developed at the younger ages.

  • The wide age range for the players.

  • We have 7 year olds many times playing with 11 year olds.

  • 9-10 year olds playing with the wrong size ball at the Majors.

In order to combat these items we have decided to follow the more popular Little League option of splitting the girls in to 3 levels: Majors, 9-10, & Coach Pitch. This will allow girls to play at a more appropriate level. 9-10 will play with the smaller ball and be able to develop their pitching. 7-8 will be able to see more significant playing time at their skill level. All levels will have the talent spread more evenly over the available teams making for a more competitive and therefore more fun experience.

Now in order to do this we are assigning each of our three towns a level. These have been assigned by the luck of the draw. St Michaels will host all Major (11-12) team(s), Chapel will host all 9-10 team(s), and Trappe will host all Coach Pitch team(s). We estimate we will be able to field 3 Major, 2 9-10, and 2 Coach Pitch Teams. We plan on keeping these town assignments from this point on. This will guarantee you will play in your hometown for one level during your softball career.

You will still need to sign up with in your local town. You will then try-out in the appropriate town and be assigned to a team. You will have the same responsibilities of helping out with the concession stand and team functions. Coaches will be assigned by the Home Run Baker board so if you would be interested in coaching any level please let your town President know. Some of the other logistics are still in the works.

Sometimes change can be difficult. The Home Run Baker board truly feels this is best for Softball today and in the future. We ask you to embrace these changes; they have been successful with other leagues. The number of younger players has steadily declined for years. This will help grow Softball in to a much better experience for your daughters, and that is who we all do this for.

Friday, June 15
Trappe Lions are the HRB Champions

Trappe Lions defeated Rotary 5-3 last night at Perry Cabin Field to win the HRB Championship.  Congratulations to all.  It was a very good game.

HRB 12 Champs

Monday, January 9
UMPIRE CLINIC. open to anyone interested in Umpiring and Managers and Coaches

Sunday, November 6
Trappe vs St Michaels cancelled today

Soccer killed our numbers and we could not come up with 18 players for todays game.

Sunday, October 30
Junior Girls Softball Cancelled

The game @ St Michaels between the Cool Breeze and the Lightning is cancelled.  The field is to wet.

Saturday, October 29
Softball at North Park tomorrow

The Softball games scheduled for North Park are cancelled for tomorrow!!  That just leaves one week of games left

Thursday, October 27
Parks & Rec Fee

The County Council has forced a Parks & Rec user fee. That fee will be a base of $1500 per league and an additional $50 per team. Based on last years numbers that comes to about $3000 in fees for our children to play Baseball/Softball. This additional cost will have to be passed on to the players. There registration fee for Teeball thru Major will be $60 per child for the 2012.  Junior and Senior League still to be deteremined

Sunday, September 25
8-11 Boys Fall Game New!!!!

The Games on Anthony are Cancelled for Today.  Cordova vs TriCity and St Michaels vs Easton are off.  However Butler is playable so the Trappe game @ 3 is still on

Tuesday, August 2
Fall Softball Info is HERE!!!

Friday, July 29
Fall Softball Info Coming

Wednesday, July 13
12-13 Fall Ball Info!!!

For anyone within HRB that was League Age 12-13 this year.  We are asking that you sign up in Easton @ the North Park Monday 7/25 and Wednesday 7/27 from 6-7:30.  If you can't make those dates please contact us Home_Run_Baker@hotmail.com

Talbot Championship
Tuesday, June 21
Great Game, but Lions game up just short

Congratulations to both teams for a great season.  The Elks did come out on top with the score of 9-6 to win the Talbot County Championsip.  It was a well played game by both teams.  Sportsmanship was at a VERY high level.  It was a shame that either team had to lose.

Monday, June 20
Talbot County LL Boys Championsip!! MOVED!!!

The game is still on.  However it is moving to North Park.  Home Run Baker Park's fields are 2 wet.  Still Trappe Lions vs Elks.  Game time still 5:45

Thursday, June 16
Trappe Lions wins Home Run Baker Championship for 3rd year

2011 HRB Champs
Trappe Lions defeated Rotary last night 11-6.  Sorry not 100% sure on the score.  Trappe Lions will host Easton Elks for the Talbot County Championship Monday 6/20 @ 5:45

Saturday, June 11
KW Davis wins Talbot LL Girls Championship

11 girls champs

KW Davis bested Talbot Bank 18-16 in a great game last night.  Congratulations to all the Girls for a great season.

Thursday, June 9
Talbot Girls LL Championship Game

Talbot Bank will be hosting KW Davis @ Perry Cabin Field Friday 6/10 @ 5:45 for the Championship.  GOOD LUCK to all the girls.  Play Hard

Wednesday, February 2
2011 Tryout Dates Set

Majors & AAA

  • March 5
    • Chapel: Boys & Girls @ Chapel Field by the School 
      • Majors: 9:30am
      • AAA & AA evaluations 10:30am
    • St Michaels:  St Michaels High School Gym
      • Majors Boys & Girls: 2:00pm
      • AAA: 3:00pm
    • Trappe: White Marsh Gym
      •  Boys 8:00am - 2:00pm  age division TBA
      • Girls 3/12 3:00pm to 6:00pm
    • Junior League @ Hog Neck Field
      • Boys: March 13th 3:00pm
      • Girls: March 13th 2:00pm

Tuesday, June 15
Steen Insurance Wins 2nd Championship!
Steen Insurance beat Phylis James Realty from Cambridge 13-3 to win the 3 League Championship.  This was a repeat for the girls.  Ashby Steen was the winning pitcher.  Danielle Hayes drove in 4 runs and had an in the park homerun.  Shelby Smith and Caroline Camper made several key plays at shortstop and catcher respectively.  Congratulations to all the Girls, it was one great season

Sunday, June 13
Trappe Lions win Championship

Trappe Lions defeats Tri County Ruritan 7 to 5. There were several lead changes and it was a very competitive game. This is a threepeat for Trappe Loins.

Congratulations to both teams for a very successful season

Sunday, June 21
Homerun Baker wins 1st Talbot Championship
2009 Talbot Championship

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TRAPPE LIONS!!!!   The Lions defeated Easton Rotary 2-1 at Home Run Baker Park today.  This was an excellent ball game.  Both pitchers threw two hitters and both only walked only 3.  There were no errors by either team.  This was a great inaugural Talbot Championship Game.  Next year Easton will host the game.

Wednesday, June 17
Talbot County Little Leauge Girls Championship Crowned!!!!
Talbot Softball Champs
The Champs
Steen Insurance defeated Allens Angels 11-0 in 5 innings.  Brooke Endzel was the winning pitcher striking out 8 while only walking 4 and giving up just 1 hit.  Ciara Lednum led the offense going 3 for 3, scored 4 runs and drove in 4 rbi.  Brooke also helped her cause going 2 for 2 while driving in 4 rbi.  The defense was extremely solid with mutilple plays being made by third baseman, Daniel Hayes, shortstop Chase Browning, and first baseman Ashby Steen.  Congratulations to all that participated it was a great season for both teams

Wednesday, June 17
Homerun Baker Little Boys Champs Crowned
Trappe Lions scored 2 runs in the bottom of the 7th to over take Cordova Fire Department.  From all accounts this was a great little league baseball game.  There were multiple lead changes and a great deal of excitment.  Congratulations to both teams for having sucessfull season.  This makes two in a row for the Trappe Lions!!

Friday, June 12
Congratulations to Lions and Cordova Fire Dept

Lions and Cordova Fire Dept have both moved on to play in our Championship Game!!!!  The game will be played at Homerun Baker Park on 6/17 @ 5:30pm.  Please come out a support the boys.

Wednesday, June 10
Allens Angels moves on to Girls Championship Game
Congrats to Allens Angels.  They defeated Mid Shore Recyclers 10-0 to move on to the Championship Game

Wednesday, June 10
Baseball and Softball Summer Camps
There are two very good camps this summer.  Please check out the link for the handouts.

Monday, June 8
Little League Girls Playoff Results
Mid Shore Recyclers beat KW Davis and move on to play Allens Angels in Cordova on June 10th.  Merrill Lynch defeated Easton Bank & Trust.  They will play Steen Insurance on June 10th in St. Michaels.  Good Luck to everyone.

Saturday, June 6
Foxy's defeated Ruritan

Foxy's defeated Ruritan 13 to 5 to move on to play Trappe Lions Tuesday!  Contrats and Good Luck

Friday, June 5
LIttle League Girls Playoff Set!!!!
Do to the rain today we have LOCKED IN the standings.  The playoffs will start Monday with KW Davis vs Mid Shore Recyclers @ Perry Cabin Field and EB&T vs Merill Lynch @ North Park.  Good luck to all

Tuesday, March 3

We will have tryouts 1pm Sunday 3/8 @ Perry Cabin Field.  This is only for the 7 or 8 girls who are eligilbe to move up to Little League

Sunday, February 1
St.Michaels Little League Girls Tryouts!!!!

Tryouts for the Little League Girls have been moved to 3/1.  They will be held at Perry Cabin Field at 1:00pm.  These tryouts will be for the girls going out for Little League alone.  There is no need for Minor League evaluations, there will all be one team.  Once again these are for St. Michaels/Tilghman only.  Chapel will be announced later.

Any questions can be forwarded to homerun_baker@hotmail.com

Wednesday, July 16
Easton to host Fall Ball Again
Easton will again host Fall Ball this Sept and Oct at Eastons North Park


League age 8 to 11 (2008 league age)

Very similar rules to the fun tournament, very instructional

Baseballs provided

Concession and bathrooms available

Game to begin the Sunday after Labor Day and run through Oct

Each team will be offered a DH on Sunday

let me know if you have any interest.  If there is not enough interest for a team.  Easton will pick up individuals.  steent2@hotmail.com


Tuesday, December 2
2008 How was it?

Just interested in how everyones season went last year.

Friday, June 13
EB&T wins the first Talbot County Little League Girls Softball Championship
EB&T came back in the top of the six to take a 1 run lead.  There were able to hold off Cordova Kids for a 5 to 4 victory.  It was a hard fought game by both teams.  Congratulations to all the girls for very good seasons.

Wednesday, June 11
Cordova Kids to host EB&T for the Talbot County Little League Girls Championship
The undefeated #1 seed, Cordova Kids remained that way beating Allens Angels 10 - 0 last night.  They will face EB&T for the Championship on Friday 13th in Cordova.  Good Luck to both teams.

Friday, June 6
Ruritan moves on to the Championship Game
Ruritan moved passed Village Shoppe  6 to 4 Thursday Night in Cordova.  This means the Championship Game will be in Cordova no matte the results of Friday nights game.  Congratulations to Ruritan and good luck Sunday

Sunday, June 8
2008 Champs

Congratulations to the Trappe Lions, they beat Ruritan in Cordova 22 to 10.  They did so by beating Rotary to earn the right to face Cordova Fire Department.  They then took out the #1 seed, Corodova Fire Department, on Friday night to make their way into the Championship game.

 It was a very good season for all this year and I would like to thank all the coaches, parents and volunteers who made this Homerun Baker year a success.  Allstars will be announced around the 12th.  Good luck to all who make a team and I hope to see everyone out next year.

Tuesday, June 10
EB&T Moves past Steen Insurance in a HARD fought game
It was a very exciting game.  Steen Insurance jumped out to a pretty good lead.  EB&T clawed there way back over the final 3 innings and scored 2 in the bottom of the 6th to take the win.  Both sides played some very good ball in some very tough conditions.  IT WAS HOT!  Good Luck to EB&T in Fridays Championship game

Friday, December 6
Home Run Baker Little League

Monday, September 8
Click the link for the 2014 Softball Schedule.

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