Hollister American & National Little League: Coaches Corner

League Paperwork
Your Manager's Nomination Form and Volunteer Applications need to be turned into your Division Rep.

   * T-Ball Rep: Kim Marquez
   * Farm Rep:  Albert Ramirez
   * Minor Rep: Rick Alexander
   * Major Rep: Mike Nelson

Equipment Problems
If ANY of your equipment is damaged, you MUST have it replaced ASAP. Your contacts are:

   * Equipment Manager: Richard McAbee
   * Chief Umpire: Dale Harris
   * Safety Officer: Greg Lopez

Rules Rules Rules
You should study the rules in the Green - 2011 Little League "Official Regulations and Playing Rules. To expand on those rules, Hollister has published the League By-Laws, see "Printable Handouts" or "Rules" for a copy.

You also should attend the Umpiring Clinic given by our Chief Umpire Dale Harris. For ANY umpiring questions, please email this website or contact Dale.

Game Schedule / Umpiring Assignments
Umpiring Assignments are MANDATORY. Failure to umpire a scheduled game will result in a 1 game suspension for the assigned team's manager.

If you need to re-schedule a game, there are specific guidelines to follow. Contact your division rep for guidelines.

The umpiring schedule will be coordinated by Dale Harris, Chief Umpire. Contact Dale in the event you need to trade one of your assignments.