Hollister American & National Little League: History

Park History
The Vet's Park property was donated to the youth of San Benito County years ago by the Somivia family. This Welcome sign was posted and dedicated to the the family and memory of Jose "Joe" Somivia Opening Day, March 2000.

Hollister Little League All-Star Champions                                        
11/12 Year-Old                                        
Year        League            District 9    Section      NorCal      West Region
1972        San Benito        Champs         4 (2nd)                
1977        San Benito        Champs                        
1979        San Benito        Champs         3 (2nd)                
1983        San Benito        Champs         3 (1st)      Runner-Up        
1987        San Benito        Champs         4 (1st)      Champs      Runner-Up
1988        San Benito        Champs                        
1989        San Benito        Champs                        
1990        San Benito        Champs         4 (1st)      Champs      Qualifier      
1996        Holl. National    Champs         5 (1st)        4th        
2002        Holl. American  Champs                        
2003        Holl. American  Champs
2004         Holl. American  Champs       Runner-Up
2005         Holl. National   Champs       Champs        3rd
2008        Holl. American   Champs       Runner-Up
2009        Holl. American   Champs
2010         Holl. National  Champs       Champs     Runner-Up  
2011         Holl. National Champs        Runner-Up

9/10 Year-Old                                        

Year        League               District 9       Section 5      NorCal Finish        
1998        Holl. American      Champs                        
1999        Holl. National        Champs         Champs         4th        
2000        Holl. National        Champs            3rd                
2002        Holl. American      Champs                        
2003        Holl. National        Champs         Champs        Champs        
2004         Holl. American     Champs
2005         Holl. National       Champs
2006        Holl. American        Champs         Champs        Champs
2007        Holl. National        Champs         Champs       Runner-Up
2008        Holl. American        Champs  
 2009        Holl. National        Champs          
 2010        Holl. National        Champs         Champs     Runner-Up 
2011         Holl. National        Champs         Champs     TBD

11 Year-Old                                        

Year        League               District 9       Section 5      NorCal Finish                                                        
2001        Holl. American         D59                        
2003        Holl. National       Champs
2004         Holl. American    Champs      Runner-Up
2005         Holl. American    Champs
2006         Holl. American    Champs
2007         Holl. American    Champs
2010         Holl. American    Champs

Junior League                                        

Year        District 9       Section 5      NorCal Finish                

2008    Champs
2009    Champs
2010    Champs              Champs           Runner-Up

Did you know that ....
Hollister's National Little League was started in 1954.

Hollister expanded and added the American League in 1998.

Park Improvements
Snackbar built in ....

Dugouts Installed @ R.O.Hardin and Sunnyslope Schools in 2001

Lights Installed in 2003