Lakeshore Area Youth Basketball League: Lakeshore News

Monday, November 23
December 5 Games At West Ottawa

This games to be scheduled for December 5 will take place at West Ottawa and will include Harbor Lights Middle School and <acatawa Bay Middle School.  A few reminders:

  • Each team is responsible for providing a scorekeeper.  Please have this person ready to go 10 minutes prior to game time.

  • Each team should have matching shirts or jerseys with numbers. 

  • Game rules and guidelines are posted on this site 

  • Please bring your own practice basketballs.  Teams must agree upon a game ball to use.

Monday, November 23
Taem Schedules Are Being Worked On

Team schedules are being worked on right now.  Hopefully the schedule will be announced before Thanksgiving Break or by the early part of the week of November 30.


Web Site Directions

The Lakeshore Youth Basketball League web site is up and running.  Here are a few directions on how to navigate this site, what the "tabs" feature, and how to utilize the information provided...

  • Site Home...This site is actually a sub-site of the Holland Township Parks & Recreation web site.  The SITE HOME tab will get you to the HCT Recreation Home Page.  However, the direct link to the Lakeshore Youth Basketball League is listed below:
  • Home...This is the Home Page of the Lakeshore Area Youth Basketball League web site.  This page will also feature news items as well as a listing of game results and scores as the season progresses
  • Lakeshore News...This is where you will find informational pieces on what is happening with the 2014/2015 season including special announcements, community highlights, and more.  You may also find information on possible cancellations, however, always check with your local director, first, before assuming that the information will be posted here
  • Schedules, Rules, General Information...Here is where you will be able to download hard copies of the rules, schedules, and the site addresses of the facilities being used for the 2014/2015 season as well as information on concussion signs and symptoms
  • Results/Upcoming Games...Clicking this tab will get you to a listing of each individual league.  Click the league link you are interested in and you will get that week's schedule and, eventually, the results of games played.  Results & upcoming games will also be featured on the Home Page one week before the season starts and after the season begins 
  • Standings...Here is where you will find the overall standings as well as information on points scored and points allowed, per team.  Clicking each team individually at this tab will give you a rundown of the teams your selected choice has played as well as their scores.  These standings will be utilized to schedule the remaining two weeks of the season for all leagues.  This is why it is important for all coaches to communicate scores, ASAP
  • Locations...Click this tab and you will get a listing of numerous venues throughout West Michigan, including the various sites the Lakeshore Youth Basketball League will be playing at.  Find the facility you need and click the nautical icon listed next to it.  Clicking that icon will get you to Google directions in case directions are needed 
  • Links...This tab features links to the various Recreation departments and schools that are part of the Lakeshore Area Youth Basketball League