Girls Softball & T-Ball: News

Monday, March 10
Middle School Softball Tryouts & Little League Juniors

Middle School Softball Tryouts & Info – ($75.00)

  • Tryouts will be held on Maqrch 17 & 18
  • We are looking at having a single team made up of 6th, 7th, & 8th grade players
  • Each player must have a Softball glove, Black softball pants, and Softball shoes (no metal spikes).   The Township will provide the Jersey
  • New Equipment can be purchased at Superior Sport Store, MC Sporting Goods, or Dunhams
  • This team does not have a set number for a roster however we will try to carry no more than 15 players or less.  Practices will be held after school but will be dependent on the schedule of our coaches and the weather.  It may be right after school or later in the afternoon, if necessary
  • Most Game days will feature 4:30pm start times
  • Fee will need to be paid once the team is selected
Little League – Juniors – ($65.00)
  • The Middle School season is played in April, only.  Our intent for this year’s team is to have this middle school team just flow right into Little League Juniors play beginning in May.  This has been done in the past and it should work for this season as well.  Little League games will take place in Holland at Matt Urban Complex and Maplewood Complex.  More information will be handed out once the middle school tryouts conclude