Soccer Field Schedules - Spring 2016: News/Cancellations

Monday, April 11
Field Conditions Hampered by Weather

Due to the weather we have had this past weekend the soccer fields at both Quincy and Helder Parks have been deemed unplayable by our Parks staff.  No practices will be allowed for Monday, April 11.  Pending weather, all fields should be open by Tuesday, April 12

Sunday, April 10
Spring Practices To Start On April 11...Weather Permitting

The Practice Schedule for the Spring season is set to begin this Monday, April 11.  However, with the bad weather that we have had and the possibility of less than desirable field conditions, we will look to make any decisions on practice cancellations by 3pm on Monday, April 11.  Hopefully all will work out but please be prepared if the weather does not cooperate.  Thank you