Soccer Field Schedules - Spring 2014: News/Cancellations

Monday, April 14
Helder Park Soccer Fields Closed for Monday, April 14

Good afternoon, all.  Earlier today our Parks staff inspected the soccer fields at Helder Park.  The hope was that they would be ready to go.  Unfortunately with the rain we had yesterday and the level of water that remains in the drainage ditches surrounding the park, they are asking for teams to please refrain from practicing tonight.  The fields are still quite wet and our staff believes the conditions to be dangerous and practicing could rip them up pretty good.  I know this is not what you want to hear but we also want the facility to maintain its character and reputation for being a top-notch facility.  We ask for your cooperation in this.  Thank you

Sunday, April 13
Helder ParK Soccer Fields Open on April 14

The 2014 Spring season will begin no earlier than Monday, April 14.  Practice & Game requests have been accepted and scheduled. Please review your organization's practice and game schedule to make sure all is good.

A deposit of half of what is owed for each season is now required before your teams take the field along with a signed Rental form.  Until the form is filled out properly and the deposit is paid you will not be allowed to utilize our fields.  Failure to do so will result in the expulsion of your team and possibly all of your respective association's teams.  However, because of the weather issues we have had we will accept deposit fees by Friday, April 18.  After that, teams will not be allowed to utilize the fields until those deposits are paid

New locks have been placed on all of the electrical boxes for the lights.  Once the deposit is paid keys may be handed out.  After the season concludes all teams must return their assigned keys.