Adult Slow Pitch Softball: HCT/MASA Softball News

Monday, July 27
Men's Class E State Championship - Schedule Changes

We had a 36th team that I was not aware of that did make the attempt to get things in within a timely fashion.  Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and government firewalls, some things never arrived.  It has been resolved but it does change the scheduling for the tournament. 

For a tournament of this size I did my best to minimize waiting in between games.  However, it’s almost impossible to make it workable for everyone so be mindful of that.  Teams will be waiting 2-3 games on some occasions before playing their respective second games.  Simply put, there’s no way around it.  Also, the games are scheduled in 65 minute increments.  The purpose of that is to keep things moving.  The faster you move the quicker the games will get in.  We ask you to do your best to stay on schedule...

Here is a breakdown of where we stand…

  • Game Breakdown

    • Games will start at 8:45am on Saturday, August 1

    • We will have five games at all five sites (Matt Urban & Quincy Park) at the following time frames…

      • 8:45am, 9:50am, 10:55am, 12pm, 1:05pm, 2:10pm, 3:15pm, 4:20pm, 5:25pm, 6:30pm, 7:35pm

    • We will have one game at Matt Urban, only for the last time frame

      • 8:40pm

    • Games will start at 9am on Sunday, August 2

    • We will have games at Matt Urban, only…

      • We will have three games at 9am & 10:05am

      • We will have two games at 11:10am, 12:15pm, & 1:20pm

      • We will have one game at 2:25pm, 3:30pm (championship) & 4:35pm (if game)

  • Game Sites

    • Games will be played at Quincy Park in Holland Township and the Matt Urban Complex in Holland

      • The address for Quincy Park is 14025 Quincy St. in Holland Township (49424).  The address for Matt Urban is 270 E. 32nd St. in Holland (49423).  See the information below listed under “Locations” for specific directions

Monday, July 20
Miller Lite Wins Class D

In an tournament that featured great teams and great play throughout the day the biggest factor was the weather.  Approximately 4-5 hours were lost with rain delays and field conditions.  However, the tournament was played and all went well.  At about 2am on Sunday morning, July 18, MIller Lite defeated AfteShock in the men;s Class D championship game.  SportAbout finished third.  Thank you to all of the teams for your patience and efforts during the tournament.

The All Tournament team featured the following...

  • Class D

    • 3RD Place – SportAbout

      • Austin King

    • 2ND Place – AfterShock

      • Matt Vandenhuevel & Josh Lucas

    • 1ST Place – Miller Lite

      • Scott Shepard, Mike Oxendale, & Alex Davison

Monday, July 20
The Mattress Store Claims 50+ Championship

Despite the rain, wind, and poor field conditions the four teams in the 50+ tournament stayed patient and the tournament was completed right before the second wave of storms came through.  It was a great day featuring some outstanding players, all of which simply love this great game.  The Mattress Store defeated renos North to claim the 50+ state championship.  the all Tournament team is listed below...

  • 50+

    • 3RD Place – Doug & Don’s

      • Timothy Kendall

    • 2ND Place – Reno’s North

      • Scott Beglin & Ron Burle

    • 1ST Place – Mattress Store

      • Kevin Haarsma, Timm Constanti, & Gary Ferro

Monday, June 15
Routine Softball Wins Class E Qualifier

In one of the more competitive tournaments we have seen the last few years, ROUTINE SOFTBALL overcame a pair of 7th inning deficits in earlier games to defeat WORKFORCE in the chamionship game of the Holland Class E Qualifier, 6-2.  Both teams had their share of late-inning heroics throughout the tournament and displayed outstanding defense.  ROUTINE receives an unpaid berth to the state final and a national final of their choice while WORKFORCE & URBAN COWBOYS earn unpaid berths to the state finals.  The final bracket can be viewed be clicking the "Schedules/Brackets/Forms" tab listed to the left of this home page

Monday, May 18
Michigan ASA D & F Qualifier Champions Announced

A total of 18 teams were on hand for both the "D" & "F" Michigan ASA qualifiers held in Holland on May 16.  Both tournaments featured competitive games and outstanding performances by teams and players.  What started out as a rainy morning turned into a warm and sunny afternoon.  Congratulations to the following teams for their performances this past weekend...

    • Class D Champions - AFTERSHOCK 
      • Earns an unpaid berth to the Class D State championship as well as an unpaid berth to the ASA Class D National Championship of their choice
    • Class D Runner Up - JETS
      • Earns an unpaid berth to the Class D State Championship
    • Class D Third Place - SPORTABOUT
      • Earns an unpaid berth to the Class D State Championship
    • Class F Champions - NEWTON PLONT
      • Earns an unpaid berth to the Class F State championship
    • Class F Runner Up - COORS LIGHT
      • Earns an unpaid berth to the Class F State Championship
    • Class F Third Place - BEAST MODE
      • Earns an unpaid berth to the Class F State Championship

For complete brackets please click the "Schedules/Brackets/Forms" tab listed to the left of this page

Monday, April 20
Holland C/D Qualifier Features Outstanding Teams & Games

The Matt Urban Complex was host to the first qualifier of the season for the Michigan ASA Worth Power Series.  Eight teams including one C team and seven D teams participated in the April 18 tournament.  To review the final bracket click the "Schedules/Brackets/Forms" tab to the left of this page.  Congratulations to LINESHOT for winning the overall tournament and the Class D state and national berth that goes with it.  Congratulations to SPORTABOUT and the PATRIOTS for earning Class D state berths.  Finally, congratulations to 22 BELOW who earned a Class C state berth.