Adult Slow Pitch Softball: Slow Pitch Tournament Info

2014 Slow Pitch Tournament Information & Procedure

Teams must be registered with the Michigan Amateur Softball Association (MASA) to be eligible to participate. Teams automatically acquire membership when their registration fee is accepted by the state association or agent and runs through December 31 of the current year.

All MASA sponsored tournament games will be played according to the rules set forth in the Official ASA Guide and Rule Book with the following exceptions: 

  1. All teams must submit their roster at and get approval from both the District Commissioner and MASA Executive Director before your team will be allowed to participate in any MASA slow pitch tournament.  For more information on the roster submission procedure go to and click the Slow Pitch tab listed at the top of the Home Page
  2. MASA HOME RUN RULE...The MASA Home Run Rule applies to all MASA tournament play for Adult Male, 35-Over, and Coed Slow Pitch including qualifiers, districts and state final play. For tournaments involving out of state teams, such as; National Tournaments and National Championships, the ASA Home Run Rule would apply.  For the 35 & Over State Championships, the Home Run limit is 4 (Division I) and 1 (Division II) with each over-the-fence Home Run hit after that, an out...only.  For Classes D, E, & Fthe Home Run Limit is two, one, and zero, respectively
  3. COMPLETE GAMES...If for any reason other than a forfeit, all tournament games suspended before completing 4 1/2 innings, the game will be continued from the point of suspension. District tournament games are complete if 5 innings (4 1/2 if applicable) have been played at the time of suspension.  In all MASA qualifying and state tournament finals, a full seven innings must be played, unless a weather emergency is declared by the state commissioner or his designee, (6 1/2 if applicable) unless the run ahead rule is invoked.
    • The deadline for all roster changes is the league deadline or June 15, whichever is earlier
    • In the event championship play (Qualifying Tournaments) should begin earlier, the roster deadline would be one (1) day earlier than the beginning of championship play
    • THE ROSTER WILL BE FROZEN for any team that earns a berth for further ASA / MASA tournament play through participation in any qualifying tournament. Only players listed on the roster utilized upon qualifying shall be eligible to participate with that team in all ASA / MASA tournament play for the remainder of the current season. Once a team has qualified, there shall be no roster additions.
    •  INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS may sign the roster of one and only one team within a division of play throughout the season in all MASA tournament play.
    •  THE MANAGER shall present his teams' proper identification to the Tournament Director
      • The manager is that person duly registered on the Official Roster filed with the MASA or has so indicated in writing to the State Office
      • The manager is responsible for the following:
        • The eligibility of all players upon his respective team. He will be held responsible for the appearance of the players and their conduct on and off the field
        • Upon the request of the tournament committee, the manager shall present any and all members of his respective team for the purpose of identification.
        • All players will be required to present positive identification before participating in any MASA tournament play.
        • Teams entering any portion of state elimination play shall fulfill all team commitments. Failure to do so will subject the manager and the team to possible disciplinary action. In the event of emergencies or Acts of God, exceptions shall be allowed by the State Commissioner or his agent
        • Conduct of players. Refer to the ASA Code; Articles 505 A, B, C, D, and E.
      • ONCE THE TOURNAMENT BRACKET HAS BEEN DRAWN, there will be no refunds of the entry fees
      • GAME TIME is forfeit time.
  6.  UNIFORM RULE...Teams participating in all classes of slow pitch; must wear shirts of the same color with a permanently attached Arabic number measuring a minimum of six (6) inches on the back; no duplicate numbers or fractions are permitted
    •  Pick-up players may wear their own team uniform up to and including State Championship play as long as it conforms to current MASA regulations.
    • National competitions shall follow the rules set forth in the ASA Official Rules of Softball
    •  If the sponsor provides uniforms, players must wear them.
    • Slow Pitch State Tournaments two (2) host teams. In tournament play where all teams have direct berths, the designation of host team is not necessary.
    • The procedure for the selection of host teams is as follows
      • The procedure must be decided prior to the start of the current season
      • The procedure must include some type of play down; league play, play - off, special tournament or district tournament finish
      • The final determination shall be the responsibility of the District Commissioner and that decision shall be verified in writing to the state office
      • In the event that only one team is eligible in a particular class, that team would be designated as the host team.
      • The host team shall be selected from the tournament site hosting the tournament.
    • STATE: Any qualified team who desires to enter MASA State Tournament play must have the following items to the Tournament Director no later than the tournament deadline, which is 5:00 pm on the Monday of the week of the MASA tournament draw. The MASA tournament draw will be held no later than NOON, on the Friday prior to the scheduled tournament
    • QUALIFIERS: The tournament deadline for all MASA State Qualifiers will be NOON, on the Friday prior to the scheduled MASA tournament
      • MASA Official Entry Form.
      • Approved Roster from
      • Tournament Entry Fee.
        • The only exception to the above procedures is the Emergency Entry Procedure which exists when a team does not have the time to make the deadline by mailing the entry form(s), over night if necessary, or physically hand carry the entry form to the tournament site
        • In this case, if the District Commissioner or District Commissioner-at-Large has in his possession all three requirements as stated above, he may contact the tournament director and place this team into the tournament. In doing so, the District Commissioner or District Commissioner-at-Large is financially responsible for this team entering the tournament.
        • This entry procedure is not complete until the tournament director is contacted by the respective commissioner, confirmation is approved by the tournament director, and the paper work, MASA Official Entry Form, ASA Official Championship Roster and the Tournament Entry Fee, are forwarded to the tournament site.
    • THE OFFICIAL MASA TOURNAMENT DRAW shall be a "blind draw" for all state and qualifying play and will be conducted by the MASA State Office in conjunction with the tournament host.
    • TOURNAMENT DEADLINE. The tournament deadline for all MASA State Tournament play is 5:00 pm on the Monday of the week of the MASA tournament draw. The MASA tournament draw will be held no later than NOON, on the Friday prior to the scheduled tournament.
      • Exception: The tournament deadline for all MASA State Qualifiers will be NOON, on the Friday prior to the scheduled MASA tournament.
    • MASA REFUND POLICY. Once the tournament bracket has been drawn, there will be NO REFUNDS.
    • MINIMUM NUMBER OF TEAMS. The minimum number of teams necessary to award a berth from qualifying tournament play shall be four
    • TEAMS PROTECTED THE FIRST ROUND ONLY. Teams from the same district are protected from competing against each other in the first round of the winners’ bracket whenever possible. If this should occur, the number (team) drawn will be returned and we will re-draw for that team's bracket position.
    • ONCE THE TOURNAMENT DRAW IS COMPLETED, fields and game times will be assigned by the tournament host. It is permissible for the tournament host to consider distance traveled by participating teams before assigning fields and game times.
    • The following steps should be taken when a double forfeit is declared in the winners’ bracket only.
      • Coin Flip. The Tournament Director shall flip a coin. The winner of the flip (Team A) shall be placed in the advanced position of the winner's bracket as though they had won the game. The team losing the flip shall be placed in the losers’ bracket as though they had lost the game.
      • Team A. Team A automatically loses the game they were placed in and drops down into the corresponding losers’ bracket.
      • Under no circumstances does either team play another game in the winners’ bracket.