Lakeshore Area Youth Basketball League: 5th and 6th Grade Rules

Monday, December 22
5th and 6th Grade Rules

Rule 1 - League Administration

  • Directors from each participating entity administer the Youth Basketball Program.  These directors reserve the right to (1) rule on any matters not specifically covered in the rules & regulations and (2) make any decision it deems necessary for the best interest of the Youth Basketball Program.  Any questions, comments or concerns should be directed to your respective Area Director.

  • Each team will be responsible to provide a scorekeeper and/or a scoreboard operator

Rule 2 - Player Eligibility

  • Under no circumstance may an individual practice or compete with a team unless he/she is a registered player within their respective entity’s program

  • Each entity’s director has the right to classify those players who have been “held back” or “promoted” a grade. 4th Graders are permitted to play in the league if necessary or at the request of his/her parent.

  • The Lakeshore Area Youth Basketball League promotes a non-discriminatory policy that ensures participation for all youth regardless of race, sex, economic status or disability.

Rule 3 - Formation of Teams & Team Rosters 

  • Each entity will make the final determination on the number of teams and the number of players per each team in each division for their own communities.  Decisions will be based on the number of registrations received by their respective registration deadlines.

  • Teams will be formed in an effort to achieve an equal balance of talent & grades on each team. 

  • Each Area Director may add or delete players from a team’s roster as he/she sees fit.  Volunteer Coaches are not permitted to add a player to his/her team roster. All player registrations must be made through each respective entity.

Rule 4 - General Playing Rules

  • The Official Michigan High School Athletic Association Basketball League Rules shall govern all divisions except where noted.  This includes calls such as ten-second backcourt violations, over and back violations, three-second lane violations, five-second held ball violations, etc. However, the Lakeshore Area Youth Basketball League has adopted certain “house rules” (listed below) which will override any specific M.H.S.A.A. rules.


Rule 5 - Minimum Number of Players to begin an Official Game

  • A team must have a minimum of 4 players present to begin an official game.  Any team not ready to play within 5 minutes of game time shall, at the discretion of the officials and supervisor, forfeit the game to the opposing team.  In the event that the opposing team is unable to field 4 players, the two teams scheduled to play an official game shall participate in a scrimmage contest with officials. Coaches are encouraged to divide up teams for balance during scrimmages.

Rule 6 - Comparable Playing Time/Length of Games

  • Games shall consist of eight (5) five-minute periods (running time).  Substitutions should only be made between periods, with the exception of an injury.  The time in between periods is NOT a timeout.  Your next group of players should be ready to go.  The clock will stop for time-outs called by the official and during all foul shots


Rule 7 - Position Specialization

  • A reasonable amount of effort should be placed into making players familiar to several positions.  “Specialization” requests often come from the players and parents, not always the coach.  However, depending on each team’s overall talent, sometimes certain players need to play key positions in order for their team to have a chance to succeed (i.e. ball handlers).  Please do your best to expose each athlete to a number of positions if you’re able to do so


Rule 8 - Game Interval Time 

  • Pre-Game Warm Up:                5 Minutes (Time Permitting)

  • Time Between Periods:            20 seconds

  • Halftime:                                   3 Minutes

Rule 9 - Tie Game at End of Regulation Play

  • No overtimes will be played.   The game is a tie. 

Rule 10 – Timeouts

  • Each team is permitted (1) 60-second time-out and (3) 30-second time-outs per game.

Rule 11 - Game Ball/Size of Basketball

  • Each site shall supply a game ball for all scheduled games. Teams should bring their own warm-up balls as issued through the recreation department.  Basketball size for all leagues will be 28.5 or what is commonly referred to as a “women’s sized” basketball.

Rule 12 - Jump Ball

  • Games will begin with a jump ball. Teams will alternate possession to start any new quarter or during any jump ball situation. 

Rule 13 - Scoring/Standings/Scoreboard Operation 

  • Official scores will be kept.  This will help determine the remaining four weeks of play in which teams will be matched up accordingly.  All directors will be required to call/e-mail their scores to Darrin Duistermars of Holland Township Recreation.  His contact information is the following:

Rule 14 - Zone Defense/Double Teaming

  • Teams are not permitted to use a zone defense. Teams are required to play man-to-man defense. Teams may NOT double-team, period.  Each team needs to “play within the spirit of this rule.”  This was meant to teach “help side” defense, not “cherry picking”, “ball hawking”, etc. This league is a teaching league.  Do not exploit or confuse the nature of the league or this rule.
    • “Help Side” defense is just that…”help” for a teammate that was beaten off the dribble.    Once that player is “stopped” you must drop back and go back to man-to-man defense on an opposing player
    • We refer to the play of a defensive player coming from one side of the front court all the way to the other side in an attempt to steal the ball from a defended player while leaving their defensive assignment free as “ball hawking”…and we do not allow that. 
  • In the event that a defensive team “double teams” an opponent, it shall be given warning for their first offense. The second offense and remaining offenses could mean a technical foul may be assessed with (2) shots will be awarded if it becomes an issue.

Rule 15 - Defensive Pressing

  • Defensive pressing in a team's backcourt is not permitted. The defensive team must permit the offensive team to cross mid-court with the ball.

  • In the event that a defensive team “presses” in their opponent’s backcourt, the officials will stop play and inform/remind the defensive team of the “no press” rule and permit the offensive team to take the ball out of bounds in their own backcourt at a point close to where the infraction occurred.

  • After a defensive rebound that said team attempts to take the ball across the half court line.  After the initial outlet pass is made (no stealing at that point), if a long pass is attempted in the backcourt in an attempt to create a fast break but is stolen by the other team…that will be allowed based on the judgment of the officials.

Rule 16 – Individual & Team Fouls

  • Personal & team fouls shall be accounted for on the Official Score sheet. Each player will have six (6) personal fouls to give. The bonus situation shall be in effect on the 7th team foul per half.

  • In the event that a team commits (10) team fouls in one half, the opposing team shall receive two (2) free throws for each foul at and after ten (10) team fouls

  • During free throw attempts players may now enter the lane upon the release of the ball by the shooter.  Also, players will be allowed to step over the free throw line when attempting or ending a free throw.  Players will be allowed two feet (24 inches) inside the free throw line.  If the official deems a player has crossed the “line” a violation will be called.

Rule 17 – Protests

  • Due to the nature of the Youth Basketball Program, protests will not be permitted concerning the officials’ judgment or interpretation of league rules. Coaches should address any concerns or questions to their respective Area Director.  The Area Director will then address such concerns with the remaining directors, if necessary.


Rule 18 – Uniform/Shoes/Jewelry

  • All players are required to wear their respective entity’s issued/Matching T-shirt/Jersey.
  • All players are required to wear proper gym/court shoes on the gym floor.
  • Jewelry may not be worn during any practice or game. Jewelry includes, but is not limited to rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Rule 19 - Cancelled Games

  • Follow your respective recreation/ school district cancellation policy or website. 

  • Games may be canceled due to dangerous weather conditions, school closings or any such conditions that may prove to be harmful to players.  Cancellations are typically made the morning of competition by the local Directors no later than 8am, no earlier than 7am.  Make sure your Recreation Director has your most current contact info including home/cell phone numbers and e-mail to facilitate this process.  Keep a roster of your team at home and at work to aid your phone calling chain.

  • Games may or may not be made up depending on time constraints and gym availability 

Rule 20 - Sportsmanship

  • Good sportsmanship will be displayed at all times by players, coaches, and spectators. 
  • Heckling of the other team, “trash talking,” ridiculing others, and throwing equipment will not be tolerated.
  • At the end of each game, players and their coaches will shake hands with their opponent as well as the officials
  • The use of tobacco, alcohol or other controlled substances in any form by players and adult leaders on the playing field or in the proximity of his/her players is strictly prohibited before, during or after games and practices


  • Web site will feature schedules, rules, standings, and info on concussion signs and symptoms, as well