Girls Softball & T-Ball: Recreation Master Rules

Master Rules For T-ball & Coach Pitch Programs - 2013

  • All teams will have a coach who is responsible for seeing that his/her players act in a sportsman-like manner at all times. All discussion between teams and the Recreation Department will be handled through the coaches, only
  • Any player, coach, parent, or manager showing unsportsmanlike conduct will be asked to leave the game. The players/coaches/parents return to play is under the discretion of the league director. 
  • To view a copy of all schedules online, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page to click on the appropriate link (Boys’ & Girls T-ball/Coach Pitch). Once you are at the correct page click on the link for schedules on the left hand side of the page. These pages will also include information on schedules, rosters, rules, News, and cancellations.
  • Rain-outs and other cancelled games will be rescheduled when fields are available. No decision will be made until 4:30-4:45 pm. It will be announced on WHTC AM 1450 and WJQ FM 99.3 no later than 5:30 pm. You may also call 395.0178 ext 4 for the Recreation Hotline which will be updated as early as possible. Also, continue to check the web site for updated information on cancellations and more.  If the first game of the night is cancelled, all games will be cancelled. Once at the field the call is at the discretion of the supervisor/umpire and/or coaches. No games will be made up after July 31. All leagues will be concluded by July 31. 
  • All players must wear shoes and shirts. No metal spikes allowed
  • Teams must bat all players that are present at game time
  • All catchers for t-ball and coach pitch leagues are required to wear a batting helmet and stand against the backstop when the ball is batted unless gear is provided
  • There will be a free substitution for all levels of play. Any player may be removed from play and placed back in the line up without penalty.  However, we do intend to keep teams at smaller numbers so substitutions should be at a minimum anyway
  • All teams may play up to ten players in the field, unless coaches have additional players and choose to play them all, defensively.  Infield positions include pitcher, catcher, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and shortstop.  Four outfielders are to be used including left field, left center, right center, and right field.  Pitchers must wear a batting helmet while fielding the position.
  • All leagues will play 3 innings and will not feature umpires.
  • There will be absolutely no jewelry allowed to be worn during the games. Please have your players remove all jewelry before the game starts. Any player repeatedly disobeying this rule will be asked to leave the game. Any repeated disruption of the game to remove jewelry will also result in an out. This rule will be enforced at all levels.
  • The next batter must be in the on deck circle ready to bat. The on deck batter must remove the bat after the batter has hit the ball. If everyone follows this rule, games will proceed much smoother and without any delays.  
  • While we encourage fan participation and cheering for all teams, abuse of opposing players, coaches, of the umpire by spectators will not be tolerated. We encourage all coaches to make this clear to parents and others. If abuse becomes obtrusive, the supervisor will ask the coach to refrain the fans. If, however, this is ineffective, the supervisor will ask the coach to have the offending person(s) leave the park. As a last resort, the suoervisor can end the game and report what happened to the director, in which case a forfeit for the offending team may occur along with any other potential penalty as deemed necessary by the League Director.
  • Any profanity, throwing of helmet or bat will be an automatic out, and possibly, an ejection  
  • All batters, base runners, pitchers and catchers are required to wear a helmet and/or gear depending on their respective league.
  • No score will be kept for all leagues.  
  • COACH PITCH LEAGUES – A batter will receive 4 pitches from the coach. If the batter fails to hit the ball fair (foul ball on the 4th pitch is an out) he/she will be out. No tees will be used. Underhand pitching is encouraged but do not throw it in a slow pitch fashion. Make sure a batter hits the ball in his/her last-at-bat regardless of the number of pitches it takes. 
    • Each team goes completely through the batting order. Even if one team has more players, teams will bat the exact number of players they have for a game. Make sure all players know whom they follow. 
      • At the 4th-6th Girls’ Coach Pitch level…if the coaches choose to play it like a regulation game featuring three outs per team per inning that is okay.  However, if one team gets through the entire batting order and three outs have not been made, teams will switch offense/defense, regardless.  Make sure at least three innings are played and/or each player gets three at-bats.
    • Last Batter Rule: Once an out is made, anywhere, play ends for that portion of the inning including putting out any runner on base after the last batter has hit the ball, or if the ball is brought to Home Plate before the last batter reaches home. 
    • Once the ball passes the arc in front of home plate, the ball is fair.  If it does not reach the arc, it is a foul ball.
    • Only one base may be advanced on an over throw in the field of play and any ball thrown out of bounds. Only one overthrow can occur per batter. (Coaches’ discretion)
    • The ball is dead once a play is made and the ball crosses the arc in front of home plate intended for the catcher or if there is a “stop” in play. Runners will not advance.
    • Two-three coaches may be on the field to help direct the defense. The offensive coaches will be at 1st and 3rd bases.
    • There will be no bunting at these levels
    • If the ball hits the “pitcher”, then it is an automatic single with all base runners moving up one base.
  • T-ball uses baseball sized “softie” balls.
  • Boys 1st Grade Coach Pitch uses baseball sized “softie” balls.
  • Boys 2nd Grade Pitch uses regulation baseballs.
  • Girls 1st -3rd Coach Pitch uses an 11’ “softie” softball.
  • Girls 4th-6th Coach Pitch uses Green Dot softballs.
  • There is a district wide ban on smoking in all school facilities and on school grounds.
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on school grounds and at Township facilities.
  • Please park in the designated parking areas only. Violators will receive warning stickers on their cars and second time violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Keep fields, dugouts, and area around the field clean. We do have staff that go around and pick up trash and debris, but it would be helpful for teams and their families to pick up after themselves. We utilize school and township facilities, and the maintenance staff would very much appreciate our cooperation in this area.
  • It is the coaches’ responsibility to inform all players of these rules and other materials pertaining to the Youth Summer Recreation Program. Let the players and parents know that the excuse of “NOT KNOWING” will not be acceptable as a reason for violations. Above all else, enjoy yourselves, have fun, and have a great season!!!
  • Stress over-running first base.
  • Work on force-outs at second and third.
  • Rotate positions to provide as broad of an experience as possible to each player, within his or her ability (lower levels, only).
  • Only 10 players are on the field of play during their respective innings. Teach the players the proper infield and outfield positions, but feel free to move infielders closer to the plate and outfielders just outside the baseline
  • “Chattering” by the defensive team is acceptable as long as it is not derogatory to the opposing team. “Heckling” will not be tolerated.
  • Umpires will not be utilized at all games. Coaches work just fine. Please be respectful of supervisors
  • Stress the importance of not throwing the bat. First time is a “warning”; second time will be an out.
  • Stress the idea of lining up the bat with the ball no more than twice and swing by the third attempt   (T-ball).