Girls Lakeshore Area Little League: Majors Local Rules

Majors Local Rules

MAJOR LEAGUE (Age 11 & 12)

  1. Each player shall play AT LEAST 2 consecutive, complete innings.  The “goal” is comparable and equitable playing time over the course of the season.  Managers should attempt to give each player opportunities to play infield and outfield positions.  However coaches may need to play certain players in key positions for safety purposes.  In short...not putting players in positions they simply cannot play. 
  2. Full roster rotation batting & 3 outs per inning.  4 balls, 3 strikes in an expanded strike zone (shoulders to mid-shin).  Managers should attempt to equalize the number of at-bats for each player over the course of the season.
  3. FIVE RUN limit completes every half-inning until May 19.  Then it's unlimited runs scored.  The Mercy Rule will be as follows
    • 10 run advantage after 4 complete innings.
    • 15 run advantage after 3 complete innings
    • 20 run advantage after 2 complete innings
  4. Six inning game (7th inning permitted with tie, if time permits).  NO NEW INNING to start after 80 minutes. Umpires will announce starting time.  New inning starts after 3rd out.
  5. Batting order shall be submitted & exchanged before each game.
  6. Play is complete when pitcher has the ball inside the pitching circle and is not making a play on the runner.  Runner must either attempt to advance or retreat to previous base (see National Rule 7.08(a)(5)).
  7. Pitching rubber is 40 feet from the back corner of home plate.  A 12 inch diameter softball is used for the Majors level.
  8. All National pitching rules apply. This includes maximum innings and rest requirements for pitchers. Pitcher’s pivot foot must be in contact with the rubber when the pitch is released.  Otherwise, pitch is ruled “illegal” and is called a ball.  If the “Illegal” pitch is put into play, the play proceeds as normal and “illegal pitch” is nullified (see Illegal Pitch” on pg 49 of rule book).  Section 8.01 of the Rule Book thoroughly describes the pitching motion and acceptable rules for pitching.
  9. A pitcher remaining in the game, but moving to a different position, can return as a pitcher anytime in the remainder of the game, but only once in the same inning as she was removed. 
  10. Section VI of rule book for maximum innings and rest requirements for pitchers.  One pitch in an inning constitutes an inning pitched.
  11. NINE players in the field.
  12. Bunting is permitted. 
  13. All batters are encouraged to wear batting helmets with face-guards, but face guards are not required.  Some communities do require face guards. 
  14. Base stealing (including home) is permitted AFTER ball has been released by the pitcher.
  15. Runner’s foot must be in contact with the base they occupy until the pitcher releases the ball.  Runner is called out if not in compliance.
  16. Plays at home plate – avoiding contact supersedes a "mandatory" slide.
  17. Infield Fly Rule is in effect.
  18. Players serving as base coaches must wear helmet.
  19. Home team keeps official score book.  This league utilizes a one umpire system.  Some communities provide two umpires.  The visiting team may supply a second umpire if able to do so.  Otherwise, one umpire should suffice
  20. 2 coaches allowed on the field when batting (in coaches’ box).
  21. Coach MAY warm-up pitchers (while catcher puts on gear).
  22. Players may not wear watches, rings, jewelry, or any metal objects (unless for medical purposes).
  23. All National Little League rules apply.  When in conflict, Local Rules prevail.