Local Business Program Options: Fabiano's Karate

Fabiano's Karate Program Options

Sessions for the following programs:  
  • Session 4:  January 6 - January 30

*Call for other available sessions*  

FABIANO’S KARATE - $79.00, includes free uniform
  • The purpose of Karate is to help develop self- confidence, self-esteem, better physical conditioning, respect for others and self defense skills.
  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE: One week before the start of the class.
      • WHO: Co-ed ages 6-13 yrs. Old (Approx. 45 min. class)
      • WHEN: Monday through Thursday at 5:30pm.  May attend twice a week – days of your choice.
      • WHO: Co-ed ages 14 & up
      • WHEN: Mon. and Weds. At 6:30pm, approximately 60 min. class
  • WHAT: Today’s hottest workout! No physical contact or experience required. You’ll strengthen and trim your body with boxing and kicking moves plus burn mega calories, all to music. No uniform needed.
  • WHO: Co-ed 14 yrs. and up.
  • FEE: $39.00 or $45.00 for a 10-visit punch card 
  • WHEN: Monday & Wednesday @ 6:30pm
How do you register for these programs?
  • To register for KARATE CLASSES you need to stop in and sign up at 340 E. Lakewood Blvd. The entrance is located in the back. For more info call 616-392-7722 or go to www.hollandkarate.com
  • Cash or Check only