Girls' Youth Basketball & Intro To Basketball: Local Rules & Guidelines

Monday, October 27
2014 Little Panthers & Panther Cubs Rules/Guidelines
  1. Practices for the 2nd/3rd program will all be held at Woodside Elementary School beginning the week of October 27.  Practices will be once a week at either 6:00 pm or 7:15pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays.  Two teams per time frame could be practicing at each site, most of the time.  A select few open slots will be available for practice, if wanted.  Contact Darrin or Amanda at Holland Township Recreation to make those arrangements.  Games will be on Saturdays mornings beginning at either 8:45am, 9:40am, 10:35am, 11:30am, or 12:25pm and Monday evenings at either 6:15pm or 7:10pm.  All Saturday games will be at Great Lakes Elementary and will begin on Saturday, November 8.  All Monday games will be at Woodside Elementary on both Monday, November 10 and Monday, November 17.
  2. Practices for the 4th/5th program will be held at Great Lakes Elementary School and Macatawa Bay Middle School and will begin the week of October 27.  Practices will be once a week at either 6:00pm or 7:15pmpm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays.  Two teams per time frame could be practicing at each site, most of the time.  A select few open slots will be available for practice, if wanted.  Contact Darrin or Amanda  at Holland Township Recreation to make those arrangements.  Games will be on Saturday mornings at beginning at either 8:45am, 9:40am, 10:35am, 11:30am, or 12:25pm and Monday evenings at 6:15pm & 7:10pm.  All Saturday games will be at Great Lakes Elementary and will begin on Saturday, November 8.  All Monday night games will be at Macatawa Bay Middle School on either Monday, November 24 or Monday, December 8.
  3. Potential coaches for this program will have to fill out a volunteer application form which will be provided at the first two clinics.  This will authorize us to do background checks. We will need a copy of a drivers license or state ID to accompany the volunteer application. After each respective clinic on Saturday, October 18 or Saturday, October 25 there will be a coaches/players/parents meeting will occur to review schedules, rosters, hand out equipment and additional team information while also filling out/turning in the volunteer application forms. 
  4. The goal of this program is for these young ladies to have safe, instructive, and fun opportunity to learn the game of basketball.  Coach them at practice and support them during games.  Don't over-coach these young ladies and take away from what is supposed to be a fun learning experience. Let them have fun and you have fun, too!
  5. All members of the team are expected to play, approximately, the same amount of time.  Teams will feature anywhere from 8 to 10 players so you'll need to be creative.  Please do the best you can to even out playing time from game to game.  2nd/3rd and 4th/5th will play a traditional 5-on-5 format.
  6. Do NOT argue/make comments about the referees in front of your team.  This takes the responsibility off the players and places it where it doesn’t belong … on the teenage officials which are also high school girls basketball players. The site supervisor will handle ALL problems with the officiating, and any other issues that may arise on site.  You will NOT criticize the officials directly.  If this happens you will be dealt with by the league director and head varsity coach.  Any discipline will be at the discretion of the league director and varsity coach.
  7. Only half-court, man-to-man defense is allowed.  There is some subjectivity here.  A person dribbling hard up the court after a rebound can have a defender running beside without the rule being broken.  Similarly, when dribblers attack the basket and are stopped by a second defender (good help side defense), this is not an infraction.  In short, “run and jump” double team defenses and zone defenses will not be allowed.
  8. Free throws will be awarded for shooting fouls.  Please include proper free throw alignment in your practices.  2nd/3rd players may move up in front of the free throw line, if needed.  We would prefer 4th/5th to shoot from the line, but may be moved up if the officials and coaches deem it necessary.
  9. The most difficult calls for the referees to make come with the traveling and double dribble rules.  Referees will be talking to players about double dribbles and traveling during games.  Initially they may not call all of these violations.  By two to three games into the season, no double dribbles will be allowed and all obvious violations of the traveling rule will be called. 
  10. There will be four 8 minute quarters.  The clock will stop for every four minutes for substitutions (this is not a time to talk with your players).  The clock will restart after one minute.
  11. You will have a one-minute break between quarters with a 4-5 minute break at halftime.  The clock will not wait for teams slow making their substitutions!
  12. Each division will play seven games.  For 2nd/3rd we have four teams that will play each other at least two times, each. For 4th/5th, we will have six teams in which all teams will play each other at least one time.
  13. Scores will be kept at all levels of play, but they will not be tallied over the course of an entire game nor displayed on site.  Rather, the scorekeeper that will be provided will keep score with a provided score sheet with each quarter starting over at 0-0.  Holland Township will keep track of these quarter scores and coaches will get them e-mailed on a weekly basis to chart their team's progress. 
  14. Make sure that your team's players, parents, family, and friends understand that all school rules apply when going to games and/or practices.  This is non-negotiable!! Also, make sure that as the months get colder and wetter please make sure you dry off before entering the gym.  This way we won't have any water on the floor when games are in progress. Girls are asked to take their boots off in the hallway and put their basketball shoes on before entering into the gym.
  15. Make sure your team warms up outside the gym until the game before yours is complete.  Also, all fans must sit in the provided bleachers.  No one will be allowed to roam the gym, school, or grounds when this program is in session.  Watch your child/friend/family member play basketball and let the coaches do their job
  16. Have fun, be supportive, and enjoy this great game!!