Adult Volleyball: Adult Volleyball Rules

2015-2016 Adult Volleyball Rules
  • League Nights Tuesday
  • Locations Mac Bay MS, Harbor Lights MS, Pine Creek and Woodside Elementary School

  • Entry Fee – $325.00 ($225.00 Sponsor Fee, $100 Roster Fee).  Fees must be paid in full by November 11, 2014.  No team will be allowed to play until we receive their entry fee unless an arrangement has been made with the league director.  For those teams that have sponsors and need to have them billed, please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

  • CancellationsAnytime school has been cancelled, the recreation programs for that evening will be cancelled as well.  Cancellations will also be broadcast on WHTC 1450 AM and WJQ 99.3 FM.  You can also access the Holland Township Recreation website at, call our recreation hotline at 616-395-0178 ext. 4 or check our facebook and/or Twitter

  • AwardsTrophies and T-shirts will go to Session winners.

  • Format All teams will play two sessions in which teams may be moved up or down at the midway point.  This will be under the discretion of the league director.  Matches will consist of three or four rally scored games


    • United States Volleyball Association rules apply to all league play unless otherwise specified.
    • RostersRosters must be turned in by the start of the season.  However, you may add to your roster throughout the year but only if approved by the league director. 
    • Age Eligibilityany female high school student will need to be approved by the league director and the athletic director of their high school before being allowed to participate.  These same students must also fill out a state mandated concussion form before being allowed to participate.  Allowing high school students to participate will ultimately be under the discretion of the league director  
    • Length of Matches - If there is 15 minutes or less left of your scheduled match time at the beginning of the fourth game, then the fourth match will be played to 15, if deemed necessary by the official.
    • Scoring - Rally scoring will be used.  First team to 25 is the winner.  The winning team doesn’t have to win by two points.
    • Warm-up Time - Teams playing in the first match of the night must have their warm-ups on the court completed before game time.  No more than five minutes is allowed for warm-ups on the court in between games unless the official says otherwise.
    • Forfeits - Match time is forfeit time.  No grace period will be given.  After 10 minutes the second, third, and fourth games will also be counted as forfeits.  If it is necessary to forfeit a match, please call us so we can contact the other team.  Teams must have five players that are on their roster to participate.  
    • First Serve - The first team listed will serve the first and third games with the second team listed serving the second and fourth games.  Each team will play the first and second games of the match on one side and then switch for games three and four.  An initial coin flip will determine sides.
    • First Pass - With the exception of Women's Division I...the first pass of a serve must be legal bump.  No setting, blocking, or attacking the ball off a serve will be allowed on the first hit.  A player may not block the opponent’s service.
    • Raised and Lowered Backboards - If a ball hits a backboard and stays on your side you may play the points out.  If a ball hits the backboard and crosses the net to the opponents’ side, this will result in a point/side-out for the opponent.
    • Walls & Railings - If a ball hits the wall or railing then it will be called out with a point/side-out being awarded.
    • Timeouts - Each team is allowed one time per game.  Each timeout is 60 seconds  
    • Ghost Players - This rule applies to Women's Division I, only...a team playing with only five players will be required to play with a ghost player.  This means when the ghost player rotates into the serving position, your team forfeits that serve.
    • Substitutions - For Women's Division I, only...a substitute may enter the game an unlimited amount of times in the position of a teammate and can only be replaced by the same teammate.  All other leagues may rotate in a circular rotation on a side out. 
    • Ejections - Players that are ejected from a match will have the incident reviewed by the director as to if and when the player may play again. 
    • Full refunds will be given if a program, activity, or class is cancelled by Holland Township Recreation due to insufficient enrollment or program conflicts; or due to participant illness/injury (doctors’ note may be required) or moving out of the areaIf you have registered for a class, program, activity, or league and decide at least two weeks prior to the program that you cannot attend or decide you cannot attend prior to the registration deadline, you will be issued a refund, less a $10.00 administrative fee.  If you drop out from a program less than two weeks from the program start date, after a registration deadline, or after the start of a program, NO refund will be issued unless due to illness or injury
  • Substituion List...We are also looking at the idea of a master substitutes list for the upper divisions of play.  Details are being worked out to see if this is a possibility and will be released later on
  •  HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS…We have received a couple of requests for high school players to participate once the MHSAA season is done.  As stated in the rules that will be at the discretion of the director.  However, if allowed, they will play in Divisions I or II, only
    • There is a district wide ban on all tobacco products in all school facilities and on school grounds.  Violators will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to participate in that evening’s game.   
    • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on school grounds. 


  • The bleachers cannot be used to sit on unless they are fully pulled out.  Locker rooms can be used for changing and showering.
  • No Work boots, cowboy boots, black-soled shoes, or high heels are allowed in the gym.  In the winter we ask that you remove your wet and muddy shoes before entering the gym. 
  • Please park in the designated parking areas only!  Violators will receive a warning sticker on their car or receive a parking ticket by the Ottawa County Sheriff Department.  Areas by the side entrances of the schools are for Emergency vehicles only.
  • Due to school events it will not always be possible for you to come early and warm-up before your game.  If you do show up while the gym is still in use, we ask that you wait in the hallway until whoever is using the gym is finished. 
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the gym.
  • We know that sometimes it is not possible to leave your children at home while you play volleyball.  If you do bring them; please do not allow them on the courts, on the unopened bleachers, in the hallways, or on the track located above the gym. 

Good luck to you all and we hope all of you have a great season!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call at 395-0178. 





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