Adult Slow Pitch Softball: Class C Regional Challenge

Monday, March 31
Men's Class C Slow Pitch Series Challenge

For the first time in several years the Michigan Amateur Softball Association will be offering a Slow Pitch Tournament Series Challenge for Men's Class C.  Teams will have a qualifier, state tournament, and regional tournament options for 2014.  Here is how these tournaments will pan out for the upcoming season...


  • A single state qualifier will take place in Holland, MI.  The date is May 17.  The Qualifier winner will receive a paid berth to their respective state championship (up to $285.00).  The qualifier is open to all C teams from our ASA Region
  • If a Michigan team wins the qualifier that team will earn a paid berth to the state tournament on July 19 in Delta Township
  • Qualifier Tournament cost is $245.00


  • Michigan teams that participate in qualifying play will be given preferred seeding when the state tournament is drawn
  • The Michigan Class C champion will earn a paid berth to the C Regional on August 9 in Holland
  • The Michigan State tournament fee is $285.00


  • This tournament will conclude our Class C season
  • The top two finishing teams in the Regional Tournament will earn paid berths to the ASA Class C National tournament in Oklahoma City as well as $500.00 travel money that will be given to the teams once they arrive in Oklahoma
  • The Regional Tournament fee is $285.00