Adult Slow Pitch Softball: MI ASA Managers Meeting

Managers Meeting Information

This "tab" features the Managers Meeting information that you are required to know before participating in a Holland Township-run tournaments.  We will not accept the excuse of "not knowing" since the information is now before you.  This is the managers meeting.  No other meeting will be held before the start of any tournaments.

The link listed will give you all the information you need for our tournament play including brackets, field directions, Slow Pitch Series, etc.  The link is as follows: 

At this site you will be able to review the following information:

  • HOME PAGE…General Information on the tournaments that Holland Township will be hosting this year as well as our local programs
  • NEWS...updates and announcements on upcoming tournaments and additional Michigan ASA news
  • MEN'S CLASS, C, D, & E TABS...each of these tabs gives you information on all of the Holland Area Softball qualifiers we are hosting as well as specific infor for each respective state championship
  • WORTH MEN'S D/E/F SLOW PITCH SERIESthis tab features basic information as well as a link for the MASA Worth Slow Pitch Power Series including point distribution, options for paid berths, as well as the rewards points that lead to the availability of Worth products.  Click the provided link for more details
  • WOMEN'S 35 & Over N.I.T. ...This is an ASA National Invitation Tournament featuring teams that qualify as Women's 35 & Over teams.  Details will be announced as soon as they are available       
  • MANAGERS' MEETING...this tab features all of the information that would be covered in a typical pre-tournament managers meeting
  •  SLOW PITCH TOURNAMENT INFO…this is the most important part of the site.  Here is where you will find information on various tournament rules (Home Run limits, Uniform, etc.) and Points of Emphasis that you will be expected to know before the tournament begins.  The excuse of “not knowing” will not be accepted.  Please review these items before the tournament begins  
  • SCHEDULES/FORMS/BRACKETS…The brackets and various forms for MASA tournament play are listed here.  If you’re looking to play in additional MASA state tournaments and need the appropriate forms, they will be here all season, if needed. 
  • LOCATIONS…this lists every site imaginable that we play at for all of our Holland Township activities.  The facilities we will be playing at will be Helder & Quincy Parks in Holland Township and the Matt Urban Complex in the City of Holland.  Click the “Locations” tab, scroll down the list, and click on the needed sites for addresses and directions.  The address is listed front and center, but by clicking the nautical icon listed next to it you will then be taken to a Google map service featuring a local map of the area and the ability to get directions from your area
  • LINKS…featuring links to the ASA & MASA web sites for further information on all things ASA as well as  Hopefully this will allow you to get everything ready for this weekend. 

I have seven things I want you to be aware of before the tournament begins. 

  • The first…the field distances.  Helder #1 & #2 are 275’ down the lines, 290’ in the gaps, and 300’ in center.  Quincy #1 is 290' down the lines and 315' in center while Quincy #2 is 280' all the way around.  The Matt Urban Complex features three fields with 300'-320' fences all the way around.  The Holland Township distances are a little shorter but I think it presents a unique challenge for teams.  Sanctioning teams is always interesting and the home run/power issues are always talked about.  All of the participating teams have had their rosters reviewed and approved for the correct level of play.  I am not interested in hearing complaints about field distances.  We have all played on a variety fields with this game.  Fences shouldn’t be an issue.  Let’s just play ball. 
  • Second...Field Conditions.  If we get rain, they may be soft and they will be somewhat wet.  Please be careful and mindful of that whether in the field or up to bat
  • Third…I am proud of the way ASA works with umpires.  We provide more training then anyone I know of.  I am confident in the staff we have.  However, if you have a concern or a problem during a game, I still expect team managers to act accordingly when discussions with umpires, occur.  When done so in a professional and sportsmanlike manner, umpires and managers work things out, better.  The more professional you are, the more our umpires will be, also.  I know sometimes players get a little out of control but please do your best to showcase professionalism to the best of your ability. As tournament director, if I am needed to help in some way, I will be there.  Do not be afraid to ask for assistance if needed.  Whether I am on site or a member of my staff is there, we’ll help in any way we can. 
  • Fourth…If you need refreshments there is a Family Fare plaza just down the road from Helder Park on 96th Avenue. From the park entrance go north (left) on 104th Avenue and then take a right on Quincy St.(east).  Go to 96th St. and take a right.  A Family Fare plaza will be on your left side.  It includes a grocery store, gas stations, restaurants, and more.  From Quincy Park take a right turn out of the entrance and head west to 144th Avenue.  Turn left on 144th and right at the corner of 144th and Butternut Drive is another Family Fare plaza.  The Matt Urban Complex will have a concessions area.  For all alcohol is allowed!!
  • Fifth…if it rains I will be in contact with you as quickly as I can.  Calling me every ten minutes doesn’t help.  I will contact all of you with any information needed right away in case things are delayed or any other issue arises.  I should have most of the managers’ cell phone numbers and will probably text you in case announcements are made.  Please give me the time to make the best decisions on any issue that arises, especially the weather. 
  • Balls and Umpires are taken care of per your tournament entry fee
  • Finally, make sure you check-in before games and have your ID ready.  You’ll need to sign the roster form.  Please give yourselves time to get this taken care of before your first game.  The quicker you do this, the faster you’ll be ready to play. Also, be prepared for bat checks.  Only ASA legal bats are allowed, period.

Good luck this season!

Darrin Duistermars -Tournament Director