Hall Of Fame: 2010 Inductees

Thursday, January 27


  • Izzy Ybarra is one of the slow pitch softball players this area has ever produced.  For over 30+ years Izzy has given his all to the sport of softball.  As a pitcher, he has had very few equals.  As an all around player, very few can match his accomplishments.  Izzy has won numerous local, state, and national championships.  Whatever level he is playing Izzy plays with the same heart, passion, and vigor wherever he plays.  Izzy Ybarra is an ambassador for the game of slow pitch softball and he certainly fits as a new member of our Parks & Recreation Hall of Fame 


  • When it comes to the word “service” very few can match what Gene Koopman has given to this community.  As an officer for the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, Gene enhanced an already strong relationship between law enforcement and local government.  He developed programs and involved himself in others.  In all cases, he made them better.  Gene also served as a trustee for Park Township and continued serving the public.  Gene’s approach was and still is simple…whenever an opportunity presents itself to “give back” he does so.  That is why Gene Koopman will be recognized as a new member of our hall of fame under the Civic Leadership category. 


  • Mary Alice is a true icon to the north side community.  Her impact was and still is significant during her tenure as Park Township’s Recreation Director.  More importantly, her relationship with Wally hasty and Holland Township helped create a variety of opportunities for Holland’s north side that rivals parks & recreation departments across this state.  Mary Alice worked for the betterment of the community and was successful in doing so.  From Tot Time to the Park Township Arts Center, Mary Alice has left a legacy that is hard to match.  We are all grateful and appreciative for her contributions to Holland’s north side and beyond.  She is more than worthy as the Wally Hasty Community Service inductee 


  • When so many newspapers are trying to stay alive, The Holland Sentinel continues to be strong as this community’s voice.  Its hometown appeal and emphasis on local news has more than just sustained the newspaper, it has prospered.  If you want to know what’s going on in this community you had better read the Holland Sentinel.  This newspaper goes to great links to keep its local readers informed and educated.  It’s not the GR Press and it’s not USA Today.  The Holland Sentinel is our newspaper and that’s the way we like it.  The Holland Sentinel is truly worthy as the 2010 Community Partner inductee 


  • Like his brother, Bob, last year, we honor Bill Monhollon this year for showcasing his commitment to this community and his achievements on and off the field of play.  Bill Monhollon was a very steady and consistent slow pitch softball player.  His defense was slick and his hitting was top-notch.  Bill was one of the better players this area has seen.  He was also a great manager who always made sure things were taken care of.  He now coaches Little League baseball and also has sponsored Little League teams over the last few years.  In short, Bill Monhollon gets it.  He has given back to this community and does so without fanfare.  His example on and off the field is exemplary and we honor that commitment as a new member of our Hall of Fame under the category of Business Leadership