Hall Of Fame: 2009 Inductees

2009 Hall of Fame Inductees


  • The word that comes to mind when speaking of Harderwyk CRC is OUTREACH.  When it comes to Parks & Recreation programs it’s no secret that we create opportunities for individuals of all ages to take advantage of.  Through these options our goal has always been to touch the lives of as many people as we can in a positive manner.  We look at OUTREACH as a very important part of what we do.  Harderwyk CRC does this, and they do it well.  As we all know this community is filled with churches and congregations featuring a variety of denominations.  All of them have opportunities for outreach and some are more successful than others.  But for us at Holland Township, Harderwyk CRC really stands out.  In short…Harderwyk Church really practices the art of Outreach to the best of their ability.  But for the purpose of the Hall of Fame the focus ois n the softball and basketball teams they have sponsored for probably 25-30 years.  Harderwyk has always been a class act, but you need to realize that softball and basketball have been outreach programs for them as well.  It’s about play, it’s about fellowship, it’s about an opportunity to get members and non-members involved in something that helps them to impact not only the church itself, but our community as a whole.  We have been fortunate that they have chosen Holland Township over the years as the place they like to play.  Harderwyk Church is a church that invests itself in its members, non-members, and the entire community.  They take the word “outreach” to a whole new level.  And for that commitment we recognize Harderwyk CRC as a member of the HCT Parks & Recreation Hall of Fame under the category of Community Partner.


  • The word that comes to mind when the name Arnie Rangel is mentioned is VERSATILE.  In Parks & Recreation we offer a variety of programs that require numerous staff to make them fly.  Sometimes a select few can handle a couple of programs here or there, but Arnie Rangel is someone that has been involved with just about every program we and the Holland/Zeeland area have to offer.  Now maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but not too much.  Arnie is one of those guys that will help wherever it is needed even if it’s a program he wasn’t all that familiar with.  In those cases, he’d just learn as he went and it would come to him sooner rather than later. 
  • Did you know...
    • Arnie got his start officiating various games as a high school student during PE classes. 
    • In 1970 Arnie played fast pitch softball and had to learn how to bunt and steal. 
    • It was the late Sal Perez who got him involved in officiating Flag Football rather than scorekeeping.  Officials were needed so he simply stepped in.  It was Gray Gogolin who got him started in officiating other sports including softball, basketball, Rocket Football, volleyball, and baseball.         
    • He was a pole vaulter in his younger days and also coached a little track and field at the Middle School level. 
    • Football is his favorite sport to officiate.  He coached Rocket Football and he is a member of the MI Touch/Flag Football hall of fame (2000). 
    • He is a commissioner at large for district 8 of the MI Amateur Softball Association
    • He has officiated three generations of several families
    • He truly loves all of the sports he is involved with 
  • What makes Arnie so special is that he can officiate a recreational contest with the same vigor and effort that he would a state tournament game of some sort.  With Arnie involved as one of the officials you always know you’ll get a competent, knowledgeable, fair, and committed official who gives you his best every time.   Yet Arnie is also someone who gives credit to others when his accomplishments get mentioned.  Individuals such as Sal Perez, Gray Gogolin, Craig Kuipers, Dave Fry, Tony Clendenning, and Don Klomparens seem to get mentioned by him on a regular basis as examples of those who have made him better on and off the field or court.  For Holland Township, Arnie has helped us grow in many ways.  When he walks onto the field or court you know you’re in good hands as a player.  Arnie is one of those guys that wears his heart on his sleeve.  He loves the game, but he loves his family more.  But if you truly know Arnie you already know that.  He’ll tell you that he loves being a part of any game that he happens to be officiating without having to be a major factor in its end result. Now a member of the Holland Township Parks & Recreation Hall of Fame recognized as the inductee under the category Individual Excellence…Mr. Arnie Rangel. 


  • The word I think of when it comes to Lynn Schweibert is a simple to choose.  The word is INSPIRATIONAL.  It’s not just about the fact that she has played softball for so many years…it’s her style, grace and attitude with which she plays the game as well as how she approaches life.  Talking with Lynn is like getting a lesson on what it takes to be a good player, a good person, and a productive member of society.  But first…a little history lesson: Back in her school days Lynn’s father was an athlete.  Sports were a big part of her life.  Her father was also an athletic director and principal, which was convenient…that way she could get into the gym and play ball.  Women’s athletics were not as strong a priority as they are today.  She played basketball quite a bit, but not the game we see today.  This was the old 6 vs. 6 women’s game in which you had three offensive players and three defensive players on each side of the court.  Each set of three was not allowed to cross half court, thereby making this somewhat like a 3-on-3 Gus Macker type of game.  Lynn participated in other sports as well, but for the purpose of the Hall of Fame we’re going to focus on her participation as a women’s slow pitch softball player. Let’s just get this out of the way…she is 75 years young.  She just doesn’t show up to play for the exercise…she’s good!  She is truly admired for her skill and demeanor on and off the field.  She has been playing with the core of her team for 36 years.  For 26 of these years she has played with her daughter.  For the last two years her granddaughter has now become a teammate.  This game and this team have had a positive impact on Lynn’s life.  She didn’t know many people when she first started playing with this team.  But as time went by Lynn’s involvement helped her in her everyday life including finding a doctor, a vet, and dentist through relationships with this team.  When you get Lynn to talk about her team it’s like listening to someone talk about their family.  That’s how she views it.  In her eyes this team features a wonderful camaraderie, a sisterly bond, and memories that will last a life time.  But here’s the main reason we feel her induction into our Hall of Fame is appropriate.  She is a true role model as to how to play the game and how it can also be applied to one’s own life.  Have a conversation with this young lady and you’ll understand.  Lynn is someone who should be speaking to our young people about the way you play the game.  The Individual Achievement Award for our Hall of Fame features individuals that have accomplished a variety of things at the local, state, and even national levels.  Lynn fits in with this group very nicely.  Her ability is without question.  Her enthusiasm is visible.  Her character is constantly on display.  Her example is truly inspirational.    


  • This team and their leader epitomizes the word that I think describes them the best…and that word is STANDARD.  Monhollon Softball is the standard in West MI and beyond not just because of the results that occur on the field, it has as much to do with the character and professionalism off the field.  Monhollon is the standard for which all tournament teams from this area look to when they want to see how it’s done, and done well.  It started in 1978 when Bob Monhollon started playing with Dave Overway because he was short a player.  It was then that one day Bob met one Wally Hasty and his versatile assistant Don Klomparens.  Shortly thereafter Bob played in Holland Township with Hardy Brothers Electric.  He only played during the week and even used wooden bats.  But by the late 80’s and early 90’s Bob and his brother, Bill, started the Monhollon brand of slow pitch softball…and this area has benefited because of that.   When Bob puts teams together he obviously wants to get the best players he could.  But it’s not just about getting the best softball players…these individuals have to have more than that.  If you’re going to play for Monhollon softball you need to possess character, chemistry, and you need to be family-oriented.  This is as important today as it was when he first started.   As the years have gone by, the Monhollon brand has won numerous local league championships, multiple tournament championships of all kinds, state championships in various associations, and have participated at the national level.  But as much as Bob has a love for this game, we are struck by how much his family plays a role in his success.  For awhile, Bob stopped playing so he could coach his daughter as she rose through the ranks.  Remember what we said about Bob and his desire to have players that are family-oriented?  Talk about walking the talk.  The Business Leadership award features businesses that have impacted our department in ways that have helped promote and enhance what we do.  In this case it is definitely appropriate for Bob and Monhollon Concrete to be honored.  Bob has organized teams for many years.  He has been the sponsor of these teams along with his brother Bill in years past and he’s a great manager.  It’s not just the results on the field that make Monhollon the standard which many teams look to exemplify.  We also honor the professionalism, the example, and the ability that Bob displays as a manager and sponsor.  Good teams need leaders and Bob is definitely one of the best.  In a way one might even say he is somewhat of a pioneer in the art of putting together a softball program, the right way.  For setting that standard it is our honor to welcome Bob Monhollon and Monhollon Concrete into the Holland Township Parks & Recreation Hall of Fame. 


  • The Community Service award is a very unique and distinct honor that recognizes the late Wally Hasty.  Individuals that are given this honor are people who have left a very special mark on this community and have given in ways that showcase their love, respect, and responsibility towards the ideal of community.  This year we are very proud to induct Mr. Leo Martonosi as this year’s Wally Hasty Community Service Award winner.   Leo is one of this area’s true treasures.  For 40 years he covered sports for the Holland Sentinel and did so with his unique flair and style.  Despite whatever major sports story was out there, Leo’s heart was into writing about the community sports scene.  Leo Martonosi has always been the Holland area’s biggest cheerleader and media advocate for our local sports scene.  After all these years, all the local stories, and all of the events he’s covered we feel like he’s part of the family.  Why does Leo love sports so much?  He’ll tell you it keeps him young.  He’ll also tell you the reason he loves the local sports scene so much is that you feel more connected when it’s one of your own.  In a way, local athletes are his kids as well.  But it’s not just about the people for Leo.  He has always pushed the quality of our area’s facilities wherever and whenever he feels necessary to do so.  He loves this community and we love him.   If you know Leo well enough, you know that despite his love of sports he has two things in his life that take priority.  The first is his family.  You cannot talk to him without him mentioning his family in some way.  They ground him but support him in a big way.  Whatever he’s accomplished in his life…his family has helped make it happen.  The other thing you know about Leo is that he is a man of faith and he’s not afraid to show it.  Sometimes it’s tough to be a Christian, let alone talking or sharing your faith.  Yet, Leo Martonosi has no problem discussing, sharing, and living in his faith.  Not very many public figures do this, yet he does so without fail.  He’s community icon, a staunch believer in the local sports, and a man of faith all rolled into one.  It is always a joy to review possible candidates for this particular award.  Wally Hasty impacted so many lives that it’s important we pick the right people.  I know Wally would be pleased knowing Leo Martonosi is receiving an honor that bears his name.  He’s a reporter, a journalist, a columnist, a family man, a man of faith, and this community’s biggest fan.  His stories on our community…the way he wrote them…and the enthusiasm he has shown towards this community for 40 years is more than worthy of the honor that bears the name of Wally Hasty.  He is now a member of the Holland Township Parks & Recreation Hall of Fame as the Wally Hasty Community Service award winner…Mr. Leo Martonosi