Highland Springs Little League: Concession Stand

Friday, December 6

Friday, December 6
Concession Stand Information

Changes have been made to the way we will operate our concession stand this year!!!

 The concession stand is our main fundraiser for HSLL and if the stand is not successful, registration will continue to increase. HSLL relies on our HSLL volunteers for the primary operation of the concession stand. Each one of us as a parent in the league has the responsibility of working in the concession stand approximately one time per season, per child for at least three hours.

Working the concession stand not for you? Opt-Out at $20 and you still will be contributing to the children at HSLL. This Opt-Out fee can be paid at the time of registration, if not then it must be paid before the first schedule game.

The concession stand schedules are completed after the game schedules are completed to avoid conflicts with team games. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and board members in advance for helping and giving of their time to keep the concession stand operational during the season.

For additional information, please contact Concession Stand Manager Tiffany Smith by email at tiffanyssmith30@yahoo.com or by phone 804-385-9438. 

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