High Country Soccer: Adult Coed Summer League

Adult Outdoor Coed 2014 Summer Soccer League

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to download the Updated Adult Outdoor Coed Game Schedule & Standings.

HCSA has accepted 16 teams for the outdoor adult season. There will be no playoffs. You can expect a 15 game season. We have 11 weeks to fit in 15 games per team, so 4 of the 11 weeks your team will have both a Monday and Wednesday game.

11 v 11 Coed- 35 minute halves / minimum of 3 women on the field

Slide tackling will not be allowed

Fields: Breckenridge- Upper Blue Elementary School Field, Silverthorne – Summit Education Center Field, Silverthorne- Rainbow Park Field, Frisco- Summit Middle School Field & Breckenridge- Summit High South Practice Field

Referees: Teams will need two referees per team so that if one is unavailable the team will have a backup. Each team is required to provide one referee for the game either prior or after each of their scheduled game. All referees must attend the Adult Coed Referee Meeting scheduled to be on Tuesday, June 3rd from 6 to 8pm at Barkley’s in Frisco. Referees will receive the necessary info and gear, pizza will be provided. Referees are paid $30 per game. Referees are paid one check at the end of the season.

Team Fee: 16 team league with 15 games: $1,200 per team

Payment: A deposit of $400 is required to secure a spot in the league. The remaining $800 will be due before the 4th game. If the remaining payment is not received before the 4 game the matches will be forfeited until payment is received in full and the team will lose it good standings status with HCSA. Payments should be made to HCSA and sent to P.O. Box 1996, Silverthorne, CO 80498.

Team Roster & Waiver and Policies forms needs to be completed and returned by the 4th game. 

NOTE: All documents need to be readable. Non-legible documents will not be accepted.  

League standing will start being posted after the 5th game.

15 Game Dates: Wed, June 4th / Wed, June 11th / Wed, June 18th / Wed, June 25th / Mon, June 30th / Wed, July 2nd / Wed, July 9th / Wed, July 16th / Mon, July 21st / Wed, July 23rd / Mon, July 28th/ Wed, July 30th / Mon, Aug 4th / Wed, Aug 6th / Wed, Aug 13th

Free Agents - players looking to get on a team

Note: HCSA cannot guarantee a spot on a team.

Email player information to amandaw@highcountrysoccer.org. Please include the following: Full Name, phone number, email address, gender, age, a brief description of your playing background & what position(s) you play.

Team managers looking for players will be provided a list of free agents to contact.

For Outdoor Adult Schedule, Standings, Registration, Roster, Waiver & Policies forms click below on

 Handout:Coed Adult Summer League Forms

Handout: Coed Adult Summer League Forms