2009 Hendersonville U10 Boys Soccer: Coach's Corner

Sunday, April 19
Feilds Closed
Congratulations Elites!!!
Good victory.  Thanks Coach Kevin!
The fields are closed today so our makeup game is again postponed. 
There are no practices or games this week so let’s get together on the 28th for practice.  
As we continue to grow we are getting better and this could lead to a playoff game.
Go Elites!!!

Monday, March 2
Info for Tuesday

Hello Team #3!!!

It is supposed to be cold tomorrow so dress your son warmly.

We will be covering positions to prepare for our first game. I am attaching the "Terms to Learn" which spells out the responsibility of each position and have added "Terms to Learn #2" which outlines certain commands I will be giving. Help your son to learn and understand these as we get ready for Saturday.

We will also be voting on a name for the team so ask them to have some ideas.

I have seen great involvement and engagement from the boys and I am very encouraged going into our first game. Talk with your player about what we have learned and practiced.

See you at the field,


Handout: Terms to Learn

Thursday, February 26
2009 Spring Schedule

Hey Team!!

We are off to a good start having had a couple of good practices.

Tonight we worked on some conditioning like any team we have some sprinters and some pacers. All could use more running/condition so we will continue on this path.

I also kind of assessed the boys to start getting an idea of who will be best suited for what positions.

Keep your son practicing with the ball, nothing fancy, just foot on ball to get the feel of the ball.

See you Tuesday night!!