2009 Hendersonville U10 Boys Soccer: Welcome


Welcome to the official website of the Hendersonville U10 Elites! Please check back often for updates to schedules, games, pictures and other important information throughout the season.


Wednesday, May 13
Elites Advance to Championship Game

Congratulations Elites on the 7-0 victory on Monday night.  The win advances them to the championship game to be played on Thursday, May 14th at 7:30 against Team #2.

 After the game, we will go to Baskin Robbins to celebrate the season with ice cream.

Tuesday, May 5
Makeup Game Scheduled for Tonight, May 5

Our makeup game against Team #2 has been scheduled for tonight at 7:30pm on field 9A.  Daly has drinks & snacks.

Please arrive at the field by 7:10pm. 


Sunday, April 19
Feilds Closed

Congratulations Elites!!!
Good victory.  Thanks Coach Kevin!
The fields are closed today so our makeup game is again postponed. 
There are no practices or games this week so let’s get together on the 28th for practice.  
As we continue to grow we are getting better and this could lead to a playoff game.
Go Elites!!!

Tuesday, March 3
Game & Snack Schedule


Our game schedule has been added! You can find our games under Schedules and on the Calendar.  Drinks & snacks have been assigned for each game.  You can find out your game by clicking on the Calendar.  Each player has one game assigned.  If you can not bring drinks & snacks for your game, please make sure to switch with another player beforehand.

Inclement Weather

Please call the weather # 264-5313 or click on the link above during inclement weather to find out the status of practices and games.