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Heather's Europe Trip: Welcome  


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San Antonio Local Weather
Heather's Trip
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San Antonio, Texas
Monday, February 23
Welcome Click on Albums at left for photos



Long trip home that started at 2:30 am.   Flight from Vienna to Copenhagen and flight from Copenhagen to Washington DC went flawless except none of the kids liked the food served on the flight.  When they hit Washington Dulles it was a different story.  As the oldest of the San Antonio group she was in charge of 6 other kids.  Unfortunately United Airlines overbooked and only had seats for 3 of the kids.  Heather on her own confronted the airline reps and demanded that they all get on the flight or none of them do.  The rep kept trying to split them up even finding seats for 6 and leaving 1 behind.  Heather held her ground and the rep finally bumped other passengers to make room for all 7 of them.  The flight was then delayed for weather.  They got in about 10pm and the other parents were all thanking Heather for taking charge of the situation.  As parents we are extremely proud of her.

Go to Albums to see a collection of photos from her trip.  Thanks to all that helped and said prayers for her and us.  She had a great time and really grew as a young adult.


Heather spent the day watching games, shopping and talking with her new friends.  They all were a little sad as it was their last day.  She was going to leave the hotel at 2:30 am for the airport so none of the girls went to sleep.  They just got together and talked till they left.  Heather will be starting the treck home shortly.


Happy Birthday Heather!!! 

Heather turns 17 today.   She's been sung to by her team and they are working on ways to embarass her at the dance tonight.  They had 3 games today.  The first game they won by forfiet as the opponent showed up an hour late.  They ended up losing 1 - 0 on the other 2 games.  Heather did some shopping between games and has a dance tonight.  

The girls found a way to wish her Happy Birthday.  They gathered up a group of German boys and had them sing Happy Birthday to her in German then they each gave her a kiss.


She played her first game today against Ferencvarosi Torna Club from Hungary but they lost 1 - 0.  She played in the goal the entire game so she was excited about that.  She said she made several good saves.  After the game they went to the mall.  Opening Ceremonies are tonight. 


Training sessions in the morning.  After training they all went bowling.  They then travelled to their new hotel which is closer to the game fields and is with all the other athletes.  Heather was hoping the new hotel had air conditioning as the training facility did not but she was wrong.  The new hotel does not have AC either but it does at least have fans. 


The teams went to an Austrian amusement park today.  After her training session in the afternoon she got to meet several Professional Athletes.

Her and Katie(her roommate from Atlanta Georgia) are hitting it off really well.  Heather says a lot of the girls are kidding her and Katie because of their accent and use of the word Ya'll.


Heather went to visit a WWII Concentration Camp today.  She was a little disappointed as there was no tour guide and all the signs and displays were in German so no one knew what they were looking at.

The team she was placed on is called the Quick Steps and she is rooming with a nice girl from Georgia.


Heather arrives safely in Vienna at about 4am our time.  Had a very busy first day and she could barely stay awake to talk to Wanda.  Hope to have updates on activities soon.

6-29-08 1pm

She is in Denver

Hit the airport at 5:15am to send her off.  Got off OK today though very tired from yesterday's nightmare.  Heather is in Denver and slept most of the way there.  She leaves about 3pm our time for Munich, Germany which is about a 11 hour flight.  She then heads to Vienna and is due to arrive there about 3:30am our time.  We have a few pictures of departure.  Click on Albums at left.


She was on her way!!!

The plane from SA to Dulles had mechanical problems and the flight was cancelled.  She will now leave early Sunday morning.  Bad news is after we picked Heather back up we went to do a little shopping and my van got broken into and Heather's carry-on backpack was stolen.  It had her uniforms, debit card, license, cash, camera and other stuff in it.  My work laptop and toolbag was also stolen.  We then spent the rest of the evening running around to replace all the missing items so she can still leave in the morning.  Pray that everything goes smoothly from now on and for a safe and fun trip for her.  Check back as we will update with pictures as we get them from her.  Thanks for everyone's support.


This site is set up for those that love and support Heather can track our fundraising progress and when she is gone can check in on how her trip is going.

 Heather has been accepted to travel with People to People Sports Ambassadors to play soccer in Vienna, Austria.  People to People  is a program started by President Eisenhower 52 years ago to foster world peace by getting young people together playing sports to get them exposed to other cultures and customs.  Heather will be representing the USA playing soccer in the World Youth Friendship Games.  There will be kids also competing in  baseball, basketball, bowling, wrestling, volleyball and tennis.  Heather will be leaving on June 28 and return on July 7.  While in Austria she will receive training by some of the best coaches in the country, play against kids from around the world and explore the Vienna, Austria area.

The total cost of this trip with airfare, passport, meals, lodging, etc is about $6,400.  You can see the guage at right to see where we are in our effort to raise this much money.   This money is coming from our household budget, Heather working as a soccer referee and getting another job soon, fundraisers such as the BBQ plate sale and from generous donations from many friends and family.  We can't thank you enough for all the support we have received.  You have all been a blessing!

Thank you and God Bless,

Michael, Wanda, Heather and Matthew

Be sure to check back often to see updates and pictures from our fundraisers and daily reports and pictures from Heather while she is overseas.  Click on the links on the left for the latest news, events and pictures.  If anyone needs to contact us you can email us.

Heather's Europe Trip
Heather's Europe Trip
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