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  Hornet Boys  

HORNETS Come Up Short In Their First Outing
The HORNETS faced the COMETS in their first game at the SMBC tournament. The game started slow as the boys showed some rust and began the process of getting to know each other. The first half had the HORNETS down 8-14. Poor defense and excessive turnovers really hurt the HORNET team. The second half brought with it a vast improvement as the boys outscored the COMETS by 4 points. Down as much as 9 points with 12:35 to go, the boys never gave up as the held the COMETS scoreless for the next five minutes and got within three points. Late in the game the COMETS gave a burst and got ahead 19-24 with 2:00 left in the game. Down 21-24 with :28 left, Chandler was fouled and made the first free throw. On the next free throw, Grayson rebounded and put in a 12 foot jumper to make the game 24-26 with :10 left. After the inbound, Hunter made a spectactular steal which gave the HORNETS the ball back with .07 seconds on the clock. A quick time out was called and the boys formed their last moment plan. However, the boys couldn't get the shot off before the buzzer and the COMETS squeeked it out by two points.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Hunter-8, Grayson-5 Ryan-4, Sam-4, Chandler-3,   
Rebounds: Chandler-8, Hunter-8,   Assists: Grayson-4, Andrew-1, Sam-1 Deflections: Andrew-5, Grayson-4, Ryan-4 Steals: Grayson-7, Andrew-3, Hunter-3 Blocked Shots: Matt-2, Hunter-1      

HORNETS "Ice" The BlitZ
The HORNETS took care of business against the IC BLITZ winning by a wide margin of 17 points. The game was valuable as it gave us an opportunity to come together as a team and work on some skills that will be valuable in the future. We worked on man-to-man defense, running the cutter play and tried a new offense play as well. The boys played hard and learned a lot!   TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Hunter-10, Sam-8, Ryan-4
Grayson-3 Rebounds: Hunter-9, Chandler-7, Ryan-3, Matt-3 Assists: Grayson-6, Hunter-3
Andrew-2 Deflections: Andrew-2, Matt-2, Sam-2 Steals: Andrew-3, Ryan-3, Sam-3 Jump Balls: Ryan-2, Andrew-1

Another low shooting percentage game at CBC! The boys missed several shots shooting only 13% from the field (7 for 42). However, unlike the game against the COMETS, the boys held on to victory! Halftime had the HORNETS up 9-7, but with 4:13 left in the game the boys fell behind 12-13. The final seconds kept us all on the edge of our seats as shots rolled off the rim, keeping the game very tight! Finally, with :14 left in the game Andrew went to the free throw line on a 1 and 1 and sank both of the shots, putting the HORNETS ahead 18-15. The BLUEJAYS crash landed as time ran out the the boys finished the tournament with only one loss. TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Hunter-4
Grayson-4, Ryan-4, Andrew-3, Sam-2
Rebounds: Hunter-10, Matt-10, Ryan-7, Grayson-6 Assists: Andrew-1, Hunter-1, Grayson-1, Sam-1 Deflections: Grayson-8,
Hunter-7, Ryan-6, Sam-6 Steals: Grayson-5
Ryan-4, Andrew-3 Blocked Shots: Grayson-2
Jump Balls: Chandler-1, Matt-1, Ryan-1

HORNETS Take The "Stomp" Out Of The STOMPERS
The HORNET boys won their first game of the Republic tournament against the 4th grade STOMPERS by 17 points. Halftime had the HORNES up 18-2. The boys no longer pressed the rest of the game and played a conservative 2-1-2 defense. TEAM LEADERS:
Scoring: Ryan-8, Hunter-6, Chandler-4, Grayson-4, Sam-4 Rebounds: Matt-9, Chandler-5, Grayson-5 Assists: Matt-4,
Sam-3 Deflections: Grayson-6, Hunter-4 Steals: Hunter-6, Sam-3 Blocked Shots: Matt-1, Ryan-1 Jump Balls: Andrew-1, Chandler-1, DeNeile-1, Ryan-1

The HORNET boys looked good in the first half of the 2nd Republic Tournament game as they ran the press well and finished the half winning 13-6. However, the Aurora team came storming out in the second half and put a scare into the HORNETS. The boys were held to only one field goal for the first five minutes of the second half as the HOUND DOGS had the game tied 15-15 with 10:30 left in the game. Time Out was called and the HORNETS calmed down and went back to business allowing the HOUND DOGS only 3 points for the rest of the game. The Aurora team hit a three-pointer with 1:50 left, but it was too little too late. TEAM LEADERS:
Scoring: Ryan-8, Sam-8, Hunter-4 Rebounds:
Hunter-9, Chandler-6, Ryan-6, Grayson-5 Assists: Grayson-2, Hunter-1 Deflections: Grayson-3, Sam-3 Steals: Ryan-4, Grayson-2
Hunter-2 Blocked Shots: Matt-2, Grayson-1
Jump Balls: Andrew-1, Grayson-1, Ryan-1

HORNETS Unable To Overcome Themselves Against RAPTORS
In the championship game at the Republic Tournament the boys squared off against the RAPTORS, but found an even bigger opponent in themselves. Shooting 2 for 15 (13%)in the first half, the boys found themselves down 6-14. The second halfhad the HORNETS scoreless for the first six minutes as the RAPTORS led 6-18 with 10:00 left in the game. The HORNETS got their opponent's shooter in foul trouble and began to play better as they held the RAPTORS for the final 6:30 minutes and outscored them 10-0.
However, the clocked ticked away and the boys ran out of time as they found themselves down by three with 6 seconds left. The HORNETS mangaged to steal the ball and get the final shot off...but it didn't fall and they came up short by three points.
The HORNETS finished the game 8-44 (18% shooting percentage).
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Ryan-5, Andrew-4, Hunter-3 Rebounds: Hunter-11, Grayson-6, Chandler-5 Assists: Grayson-1, Matt-1, Ryan-1, Sam-1, Hunter-1 Deflections: Grayson-8, Hunter-8, Sam-5 Steals: Sam-5, Hunter-4 Blocked Shots: Grayson-1, Matt-1, Ryan-1 Jump Balls: Hunter-1

HORNETS Lose Close Game With Arkansas REBELS
No one expected the HORNETS to compete well against the 4t grade REBELS and in the first 10 minutes it appeared that the boys themselves fell into that category. The REBELS led by 5 for the first seven minutes and the HORNETS made most of their first half points by free throws. Halftime came and the HORNETS were down 10-14.
In the second half the HORNETS ran their press a little better and the game got tighter as it stayed within 4 pts for the final nine minutes. The boys did not shoot well and as a result the game went to the wire with the HORNETS scoring on a steal with 1:00 left making it 22-24. However, the REBELS were able to score one more basket and hang on to win by four points.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Eric-8, Hunter-4, Ryan-4 Rebounds: Hunter-6, Grayson-4, Hunter-4 Assists: Grayson-3, Hunter-1, Ryan-1 Deflections: Eric-6, Grayson-4, Hunter-4 Steals: Eric-5, Grayson-4, Hunter-3 Blocked Shots: Eric-2, Grayson-1, Jump Balls: Andrew-1, Grayson-1

HORNETS Outplayed By The JAZZ
The JAZZ came flying out of the gates going up 0-10 in the first eleven minutes....the boys came back battling and finished the first half down 8-12. The second half began just like the first...the JAZZ went up 10-22 in the first eight minutes. The HORNETS battled, but costly turnovers and poor shooting held them to a ten point loss.
**On an interesting note the Jazz lost to the REBELS by 20 points while the HORNETS played the REBELS to a four point game.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Eric-6, RyanE-4, Andrew-2, Hunter-2 Rebounds: Hunter-9, Eric-5,   Assists: DeNeile-2, Grayson-1, RyanE-1
Hunter-1 Deflections: DeNeile-3, Eric-3, Hunter-2 Steals:   Grayson-5, Hunter-3, RyanE-3 Blocked Shots: Eric-2, Hunter-1 JumpBalls: Eric-2, Hunter-2

The HORNETS were a little slow out of the gate getting down 0-6 in the first 5 minutes...but by halftime they had regained a 17-10 lead.
The second half, the HORNETS poured it on going on to win the game by 16 points and scoring a season high of 39 points.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: RyanE-10, Jordan-9, Hunter-7, RyanT-7, Rebounds: Grayson-8, Hunter-8, DeNeile-7, RyanE-7, Jordan-6 Assists: RyanT-3, Grayson-2, RyanE-3, Deflections: Grayson-4, Hunter-3 Steals: Andrew-5, Jordan-4, RyanE-4 Blocked Shots: Hunter-2, RyanT-1 JumpBalls: Jordan-2, Grayson-1, RyanE-1, RyanT-1

The STING Gets "Stung" By The HORNETS
The boys came out "swarming" against the STING as the pressured the ball the whole game. However, the STING put up a scrap and held their own as halftime found the boys down 15-17. The boys quickly tied the game in the second half and the score remained tied for another eight minutes as the HORNETS slowly pulled ahead and stalled in the final minutes to run down the clock.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Grayson-11, RyanT-6, Andrew-4, Eric-4, Sam-4
Rebounds: Grayson-5, RyanT-5, Chandler-3, Matt-3 Assists: Grayson-2
Deflections: Grayson-8, RyanT-3, Hunter-2 Steals: Eric-4, Sam-3
Blocked Shots: Grayson-2 Jump Balls: Sam-1

HORNETS Defense Shows Up Against WILDCATS
The boys came storming out against a much bigger 4th grade team!! The WILDCATS barely got the ball to their side of the court as the boys pressed the ball and flew through the first half going up 12-2.
The second half the boys played just as hard until finally giving up a few points when they went into the 2-1-2 defense.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Hunter-6, Sam-5, Andrew-4, Eric-4, Grayson-3
Ryan-3, Matt-2 Rebounding: Hunter-5, Chandler-3, Eric-3, Grayson-3
Assists: Andrew-2, Deflections: Grayson-6, Eric-5, Sam-5 Steals: Sam-6, Eric-5, Grayson-4, Andrew-3   Blocked Shots: Eric-1, Grayson-1

The HORNET boys came up strong against the Tigers.....with swarming defense and fast break offense!! The Tigers were never able to get it going as the pressure just kept on coming. Halftime found the HORNETS up 19-2.   In the second half the boys worked on their man-to-man defense and slowed the game down. The HORNETS have continued to improve their game and are becoming a very good team!
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Eric-10, Sam-7, Chandler-4, Hunter-4 Rebounds: Matt-7, RyanE-7, Eric-6 Assists: Grayson-2   Deflections:
Hunter-2, Grayson-2, RyanE-2, Sam-2 Steals: Hunter-5, Eric-3, Grayson-3, Sam-3 JumpBalls: Eric-3

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