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  Lady Hornets  

HORNETS "Mystified" by MYSTICS
The Lady Hornets were shocked by the Mystics in a tough game. With no practice, the girls were a little rusty and perhaps not in as good as shape. Halftime had the Mystics up 14-6. The girls battled to the end, but were unable to stay with their opponents who have been playing for the past three months.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Jordan-4, Annie-2, DeNeile-2, Sami-2 Rebounds: Taylor-7, DeNeile-5, Jordan-5, Sami-5 Assists: Taylor-3, Jordan-1 Deflections: Annie-4, Chelsy-2, DeNeile-2, Jordan-2, Rebecca-2 Steals: Annie-3, DeNeile-2, Jordan-2, Taylor-2 Blocked Shots: Taylor-1 Jump Balls: Chelsy-1, Sami-1
Lady Hornets 11   Mystics

After suffering a tough loss in the previous game, the girls took out their frustrations on the hapless FLAMES. A strong press and swarming defense helped the girls to a 20 point victory. The LADY HORNETS had to play with six girls and it could be said that the actual number was five and one-half as Taylor played even though she was sick.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Annie-12, Jordan-7, Taylor-7, Sami-4 Rebounds: Jordan-5, DeNeile-4, Sami-3 Assists: DeNeile-6, Jordan-3 Deflections: Jordan-5, Chelsy-4, DeNeile-4, Annie-3 Steals: Jordan-5, Sami-4,
Blocked Shots: Taylor-1 Jump Balls: Chelsy-2, DeNeile-3

In a slow paced, mostly defensive game...the Lady Hornets beat the Lady RAIDERS by 13 points. Halftime had the Lady HORNETS shooting only 15% and up 8-6. Rebecca a made a free throw two minutes into the seconcd half to make it 9-6. For thirteen straight minutes there was no scoring as the HORNETS held back the RAIDERS but couldn't get the ball to fall into the basket. The girls managed only 16% shooting for the whole game but had a total of 25 steals.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Taylor-8, Sami-4, Rebecca-2 Rebounding: DeNeile-6, Regan-6, Amy-4, Rebecca-4, Sami-4, Taylor-4 Assists: Annie-1, Amy-1, Regan-1, Taylor-1
Deflections: Annie-5, Regan-5, DeNeile-4, Rebecca-4, Sami-4 Steals: DeNeile-8, Rebecca-5, Amy-4 Jump Balls: Annie-1, Chelsy-1, Rebecca-1, Sami-1, Taylor-1
Lady HORNETS 19 Lady RAIDERS   6

Lady HORNETS "Declaw" The Lady CATS
In the game against the CATS the girls had an easy victory as halftime score was 14-2. The second half saw our opponents score only one goal as the swarming defense was too much for the CATS. TEAM LEADERS:   Scoring:
Annie-6, Rebecca-6, Taylor-6 Rebounds: Rebecca-7, Amy-5, Annie-3 Assists:
DeNeile-3, Rebecca-1 Deflections: Rebecca-5
Annie-4, DeNeile-4 Steals: DeNeile-10, Rebecca-10 Jump Balls: DeNeile-2
Lady HORNETS 23 Lady CATS 4

Lady HORNETS Come Out "Cold" Against HOT SHOTS
The championship game for the tournament was not the Lady HORNETS best effort as they struggled with the press allowing 31 points and had 27 turnovers! Much to their credit, the HOT SHOTS were a very fast team with good ball handlers. Our girls had trouble breaking the press as well as holding the press. Halftime score had the girls down 10-17. The HOT SHOTS went on to win by 13 points. TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Rebecca-6,
Annie-4, Taylor-4 Rebounds: Taylor-8, Amy-6
Regan-6 Deflections:   DeNeile-3, Sami-2 Steals: DeNeile-5, Taylor-3 Blocked Shots: Regan-1, Taylor-1 Jump Balls: DeNeile-2, Regan-1, Taylor-1

Lady HORNETS Struggle With The MYSTICS
Another tough game with the MYSTICS!! The girls came out strong and were the first to score. We stayed within 2 points for the first eight minutes and slipped behind 9-13 at halftime. The second half was disastrous as we could only muster two points. TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Jordan-7, Annie-4 Rebounds: Jordan-6, Taylor-5, DeNeile-4 Assists: Annie-2, DeNeile-2 Deflections: Regan-4, Sami-4, Jordan-3, Steals:
DeNeile-3, Jordan-2 Blocked Shots: Rebecca-1, Taylor-1 Jump Balls: DeNeile-2, Jordan-1, Rebecca-1
Lady Hornets 11    Mystics 26

Lady HORNETS "Tame" The Wildcats
In our first game of the SMBC tournament the girls took charge of the WILDCATS cruising to a halftime score of 20-0. In the second half, the girls dropped back into a 2-1-2 defense and tried to run plays on offense. The game ended with a 35 point margin of victory for the HORNETS. TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Jordan-13, Annie-8 DeNeile-8,
Taylor-6 Rebounds: Taylor-10, Jordan-9, Veronica-8 Assists: DeNeile-4, Annie-2, Jordan-2 Deflections: Chelsy-4, DeNeile-3
Jordan-3, Steals: Jordan-5, Chelsy-4, DeNeile-4, Taylor-4 Blocked Shots: Taylor-1
Jump balls: Chelsy-3, DeNeile-2, Jordan-2

Lady HORNETS Stumble In Second Half Against Mt. Vernon
In a battle for the chance to move to the championship game, the Lady HORNETS struggled against the MOUNTAINEERS. At the end of the first half the girls were up by the score 17-13. But, the second half was filled with turnovers, low shooting percentage and four times as many foul calls as our opponent. The Lady HORNETS were outscored 17-10 in the second half and finished the game with a last second 3-point attempt that bounced off the rim. TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Annie-11, Jordan-10, Rebecca-4, Taylor-4 Rebounds:   Rebecca-6, Veronica-6, Jordan-5, Taylor-5 Assists: Taylor-3, DeNeile-2, Jordan-2 Deflections: DeNeile-4, Jordan-3 Steals: Jordan-6, Taylor-3 Blocked Shots: Taylor-3 Jump Balls: Annie-1

The game started out looking like a sure win for the girls as halftime had us up 14-7. However, the second half was a new game as the EAGLES came out strong and held the HORNETS to 2 points for the first six minutes. Foul trouble followed as the calls were decidedly against the girls. The Lady HORNETS were holding on to a 3 point lead with eight minutes left and the press was not as effective as it had been earlier. With 1:40 left the girls held to a thin
27-26 lead....but that was all the EAGLES would get as the HORNETS held them for the rest of the game, winning by 4 points. This game saw the girls turn the ball over 21 times and shoot 14 for 49 from the field. The LADY Hornets were called for fouls four times as often as their opponents. TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Jordan-17, Taylor-7, Annie-4, DeNeile-2 Rebounds: Taylor-8, Veronica-5, DeNeile-4 Assists: Annie-2, DeNeile-2, Jordan-2 Deflections: Taylor-2, Regan-2 Steals: Jordan-9, Taylor-5 Blocked Shots: Taylor-4 Jump Balls: Jordan-4, Chelsy-2
Lady HORNETS 30 Purdy EAGLES 26

Lady HORNETS Win In Final Seconds
In one of the most exciting come from behind victories in the history of our team the girls pulled one "out of the hat" as they beat the Stoutland TIGERS in the final moments of the game. The TIGERS were a big opponent for us as they all seemed bigger than our largest player. It was a physical game in which we had a lot of trouble passing over the TIGERS. Halftime score had the girls up 7-6. After scoring two baskets in the first five minutes of the second half the Lady HORNETS never scored again until the final two minutes. But, those final two minutes were fast-paced and heart throbbing as the girls erased a 7 point deficit to go on and score 10 points in the last two minutes. Down by 1 point with :26 left, Annie stole the ball at half court and went in for a layup to put the HORNETS up 19-18. As the TIGERS took their final time out and came back to inbound, they found themselves unable to beat our press as Jordan stole the ball and made it 21-18. On the final play we stole the ball once again and dribbled out the clock. The girls held the TIGERS scoreless for the final four minutes of the game while adding 10 points to our score. TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Jordan-9, Taylor-7, Annie-3, Sami-2
Rebounds: Taylor-8, DeNeile-3, Jordan-3
Assists: Jordan-2, Taylor-1 Deflections: Jordan-3, Rebecca-3, Taylor-3 Steals: Jordan-6, Annie-5, DeNeile-3, Taylor-3
Jump Balls: Sami-2, Chelsy-1, Regan-1
Lady HORNETS 21   Stoutland TIGERS 19

Lady HORNETS "Steal" The Show
The Lady HORNETS faced off against the the PATRIOTS....The girls came out flat as they tried to run a man-to-man defense and were quickly outscored 0-8. However, by 6:00 left in the half the HORNETS had recovered and led 12-8. Halftime had the girls up 17-10 as Regan hit a free throw at the end of the half. The second half the HORNETS worked on their press and compiled a total of 28 steals for the game. TEAM LEADERS:
Scoring: Rebecca-10, Jordan-8, Sam-8, Taylor-4 Rebounds: Regan-9, Jordan-8, Taylor-6, Sami-5 Assists: Annie-4 Deflections: DeNeile-4, Jordan-4, Taylor-3
Steals:   Sami-8, DeNeile-7, Jordan-7 Blocked Shots: Jordan-1, Rebecca-1 Jump Balls: Annie-2, Taylor-2
Lady HORNETS 34   Lady PATRIOTS 12

The Lady HORNETS came storming out in tonight's game going on a 8-0 run and leading 16-7 at halftime. As the girls continued to work on the press, steals piled up and the girls added 9 assists. The Lady Hornets shot 38% from the field and stole the ball 24 times as they easily won the game by 17 points. TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Jordan-16, Annie-10, DeNeile-2 Rebounds:   Regan-5, Sami-4, Taylor-4, Jordan-4 Assists: DeNeile-3, Jordan-3, Annie-2 Steals: DeNeile-7, Jordan-5, Annie-4, Taylor-3 Jump Balls: Sami-1, Taylor-1

Lady HORNETS Roll Over Nixie Chicks
The girls got off to a slow start...down 0-4 after the first 3 minutes, But came storming on as they took control of the game and led 21-10 at halftime. The second half was a continuation of the girlshard play and great defense.   Chelsy scored her first basket as the Lady HORNETS finished up with a strong victory.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Jordan-20pts, Annie-13pts, Rebecca-4pts
Rebounds: Jordan-7, Rebecca-7, Sami-5, Veronica-5 Assists: Sami-3, Annie-2, Jordan-1 Deflections: DeNeile-5, Jordan-4 Steals: Jordan-7, Annie-5, Sami-5, Veronica-4 Blocked Shots: Rebecca-1 JumpBalls: DeNeile-2, Chelsy-2, Veronica-2
Lady HORNETS 38    Nixie Chicks 22

Lady HORNETS Fall Short Against Shooting Stars
The Lady Hornets pressed the Stars in a tight first half holding thier own and then some. There were several lead changes...but the girls found themselves down 16-19 at the end of the half. The second half was a tight game for the first 9 minutes as the girls were tied 29-29. But, the HORNETS would only score 2 points in the final 9 minutes and the game ended with the girls down by 9 points.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring:   Jordan-19, Taylor-9, Sami-2, DeNeile-1
Rebounds: Jordan-11, Taylor-11, DeNeile-7 Assissts: Annie-2,
Deflections: DeNeile-6, Taylor-4, Steals: DeNeile-3, Taylor-2
Jump Balls: DeNeile-3, Jordan-2

Lady HORNETS "Fired It Up" Against The SPARKS
What a tough battle! The refs really let the teams get physical in this one as the girls battled a bigger team and fouled into bonus in both halves! The Lady Hornets held the SPARKS to 1 point for 15 minutes---trouble was we only scored 5. During the last 2 minutes of the first half the SPARKS scored 5 unaswered point and went ahead 5-7.
The Lady HORNETS would not score for 10 minutes as the second half found the girls down 7-15 with 15:45 to go. Both teams battled back and forth with the HORNETS going on a short burst that got them within 3 points with 1:30 left. A bad pass on an inbound play helped the SPARKS and the girls could not recover as they lost by 4 points.
At the end of the first half the girls were 2 for 22 (9%) and finished the game 7 for 43 (16%).
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Taylor-9, Annie-2, DeNeile-2, Jordan-2
Rebounds: Taylor-5, Jordan-4,   Assists: DeNeile-2, Jordan-2, Taylor-1, Sami-1 Deflections: DeNeile-7, Sami-7, Jordan-5   Steals: DeNeile-6, Jordan-4, Taylor-4, Sami-3 Blocked Shots: Taylor-4, DeNeile-1, Jordan-1, Veronica-1 JumpBalls: Taylor-5, DeNeile-3
Lady HORNETS 18    SPARKS 22

Lady HORNETS Hold Back The Panthers
The girls came storming out against the Panthers, puttin a lot of pressure on the ball and generally creating havoc and turnovers. The Panthers were stunned and unable to get anything going until late in the game as they made a little run against the HORNET reserves.
Halftime had the HORNETS up 14-2. In the second half the girls pulled back into a zone defense and allowed the Panthers to move the ball better. The Panthers overcame a 12 point deficit to finish the game down by 7.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: Taylor-10, Annie-4, Jordan-4, Rebecca-2, Regan-2 Rebounds: Annie-3, Jordan-3, Regan-3 Assists: Jordan-4
Deflections: DeNeile-6, Jordan-4, Taylor-4 Steals: Jordan-5, Annie-4, Jump Balls: Jordan-4

Larsen Squeeks One Out Against The Lady HORNETS
What an exciting game!!! The Lady HORNETS took on one of the best 5th grade Rec teams without Jordan & Rebecca. With only six HORNETS we knew it would be tough and the girls rose to the challenge as they played hard until the very end. Down 0-8 in the first nine minutes, the HORNETS held their own to finish the half 7-13. In the second half, the girls battled again but found themselves down 14-23 with 8:14 in the game. The HORNETS would go on to hold the Larsen team to zero points in the last five minutes as they climbed back in the game. With :22 left in the game Annie made the front end of a 1 and 1 to put the game at 25-27. With :19 left, Annie made a half court steal but was tripped up as she headed to the foul was called and the girls were unable to get the ball back as time ran out.
Key Notes: We were 3-9 from the free throw and 11-41 on field goals. We also turned the ball over 21 times. DeNeile played hard as she was 4-8 and the high scorer.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring: DeNeile-8, Taylor-6, Annie-5, Chelsy-2, Regan-2, Sami-2 Rebounds: Taylor-12, Regan-10, Annie-6 Assists: Annie-3, DeNeile-2, Taylor-2 Deflections: DeNeile-6, Annie-2, Taylor-2 Steals: Annie-2, DeNeile-2, Taylor-2 Blocked Shots: Taylor-2 Jump Balls: Regan-2, Chelsy-1, Sami-1
Lady HORNETS 25   Larsen Farm & Lawn 27

The girls came out slow against the FLAMES as the game was tied 4-4 at 13:00. By 7:30 the girls had pulled ahead 10-6 and with two minutes left in the half were up 17-8. The FLAMES would score one more basket before halftime, but could never recover from the pressure defense and fast paced offense of the HORNETS. The girls worked on man-to-man defense in the second half and in finishe the game winning by 19 points.
TEAM LEADERS: Scoring Jordan-14, Annie-8, Taylor-7, Rebounds: Regan-7, DeNeile-5, Taylor-5, Chelsy-4 Assists: Taylor-3, Annie-2, Jordan-2, Rebecca-2 Deflections: Jordan-6, Regan-4, Chelsy-3, DeNeile-3 Steals: Jordan-9, Rebecca-5, DeNeile-4, Taylor-4 Blocked Shots: Jordan-2, DeNeile-1, Taylor-1 Jump Balls: Annie-2, Jordan-2,
Lady HORNETS 35    FLAMES 16

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