Hawthorne: Scholarship Collections

Friday, January 16
Scholarship Fund


During every game, home team players come around to collect donations in the stands.  These donations that are collected go into a saving account to be used as Scholarship Funds.  Depending on how much is collected during the season is how many Seniors we can help!!!  The Scholarship Fund is used to help offset our Hawthorne Seniors college education costs.

Hawthorne High School hands out scholarship applications to ALL SENIORS (no matter what school they attend) who are interested in applying for a scholarship. If they complete the application on time and hand it into guidance they are eligible to participate for a scholarship. The scholarship application are then handed out to all organizations who would like to give our Seniors a possibility for a scholarship. When HBSA gets the applications a Volunteering Scholarship Committee goes through the stack of nominees (which could be over 100) to see all children who have gone through our program. Nominees are selected and then Seniors are chosen. Hawthorne High School then hosts a scholarship night in May in which our Seniors are honored with scholarship money.