Hopkinton Varsity Boys Basketball: Alumni Game

Sunday, November 27
2011 ALUMNI 69 HAWKS 54

Players who participated in this years Alumni game

DJ Travers

Ryan Callahan

David Harrison

Kevin Hill

David Brandt

Jake McManus

Jon Marshall

Steve Bower

Jay LeBlanc

Billy French

Cameron Givens

Even Year Alumni 63
Saturday, November 24

Odd year Alumni won the bragging rights at this years alumni game behind the hot scoring of Jake Littlejohns, Dave Harrison and Ryan Callahan.   A complete team effort broke open a tight game after 3 periods  (odd 44-41).  Playing well for the Even year Alumni were DJ Travers, Jay Reno and the hot shooting of Kevin Hill and Luke Simon.  Nice game by all. 

Playing for each team this year were:


 07 Nick Garlow     06  Greg Foti 
 07 David Harrison     06  Kevin Hill 
 07  Jake McManus    06 Jay Reno
 07  Jon Reen    06 Luke Simon 
 07  Zack St.Hilaire    06 Bryn Waldwick 
 05 Wyatt Blue     06  Pat West 
 05   Nate Claggett    04 Alex Chittim 
 05 Ryan Callahan     04 Brian Foley 
 05 Jake Littlejohns     04 David Stillwell 
 05   Josh Schaefer     04  DJ Travers
 05 Jeff Sweatt     02  Ryan Feller
 03  Nate Barton    00  John Blanchard
 01  Corey Prescott      


Odd Year Alumni 78

Friday, September 28

This years alumni game will be held in the Hawks nest on Nov. 21st.

Girls game at 6:00pm followed by the boys at 7:30pm.  Because of the

delayed start date for the boys, this years game will feature the graduation years (2006, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1998, 1996, 1994, 1992 1990) vs Odd years

(2007,2005,2003,2001,1999,1997,1995,1993,1991)  Anyone older is allowed to play but bring your own oxygen.  First 10 players to arrive for each team will receive a nasty new game shirt.  Questions give Coach Chase a call at 746-6397 x237  or email shirt size and your number to 4chaseteam@comcast.net by Nov.7th.

Wednesday, November 22
Alumni win first game in 5 years 62-40
From the Old alumni John Blanchard (00) and JOn Clay (00) to the newest Simon, Reno, West, Foti, Hill and Waldwick (all class of 2006) the Alumni fired on all cylinders beat the young Hawks in every phase of the game. Other highlights were DJ Travers dunk and some unselfish play by all. Thank you Alumni for coming back and making this the most participated game in years. Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving with your families and friends.

Class of 2000: John Blanchard and Jon Clay
Class of 2001:
Class of 2002: Andrew Blanchard,Ryan Feller
Class of 2003: Nate Barton, Nate Simon, Adam Poor
Class of 2004: DJ Travers, Alex Chittim, David Stillwell, Brian Foley
Class of 2005: Josh Schaefer, Jake Littlejohns, Wyatt Blue, Jeff Sweatt,
Class of 2006: Greg Foti, Kevin Hill, Jay Reno, Luke Simon, Bryn Waldwick, Pat West

After allowing 30 points to the alumni in the first half the varsity
Hawks played better defense giving up only 22 second half points
on there way to a impressive 69-52 win. Leading the alumni were
Lucas Breshaw (98)and Mark Beaudoin (98) who both were on fire all night. Other Alumni playing this year were: Kenny Welch (98), Gary Tomlinson (90), Ryan Feller (02), Kip Cross (99), Nate Simon (03), Adam Poor (03), Greg Smith (00), Corey Prescott (01), Mike Czarkowski (01), Adam Weaver (01) and Andrew Putnam (02). Thanks for coming back alumni and we hope you can catch the Hawks at a gym near you this season.

2002-2003 Alumni Game
Hawks 40 Alumni 34
This years Alumni game was a back and forth affair with Kip Cross (99) and Greg Smith(00) hitting long 3 point shots to keep the alumni in the game. Jeff Adams(95)was his usual self doing whatever he wanted. Dan Kruse (99) and Lucas Bresaw (98)played well as did Jeff Turcotte (95). Others who played were Kenny Welch (98),Mark Beaudoin (98), Adam Weaver (01), Ryan Feller (02), Jon Clay (00), John Blanchard (00), Ben Houston (02) Derek Astles (00) and Andrew Putnam (02).
We had 15 alumni show up for the game. That's great! Next year your mission is to bring back 1 more alumnus each. Thanks for the action. Hope to see all next year.   

Hawks win 3rd Alumni game in a row 48-36
Sophomore Dave Harrison scored 7 of his 9 points in the second half and the Varsity Hawks pulled away from a 19-18 half time score to beat the Alumni for the 3rd straight year 48-36. Leading the way for the Hawks was Pat West with 13 points, Bryn Waldwick scored 8 and Wyatt Blue put in 6 points. Eight Hawks finished with points. Leading the Alumni was Alex Chittim (04) with 6 points, Eric Weaver (03) 5 points and DJ Travers (04) also with 5 points. 10 players from the Alumni scored. Players from the Alumni who played in the game were:
Alex Chittim 04             Ryan Feller   02    Kenny Welch   98
Dj Travers    04             Corey Prescott 01   Mark Beaudoin 98
Brian Foley   04             Adam Weaver    01
Dave Stillwell 04             Andrew Putnam 01
Nate Simon    03             Jon Clay       00
Nate Barton   03             John Blanchard 00
Eric Weaver   03             Kip Cross      99
Adam Poor    03             Lucas Bresaw   98

Thanks to all the players for making this a great night. It is always nice to see all of you again. Enjoy your families and have
a wonderful Thanksgiving. Coach Chase

Saturday, November 24
Alumni Contact Information
 Deacon Blue 355 Kearsarge Mtn. Road, Warner NH      
 Nick Garlow 2058 Hopkinton Rd, Contoocook, NH   568-3146  
 David Harrison 53 Woodland Drive, Contoocook, NH   244-6312  
 Jake McManus 67 Galloping Hill, Hopkinton, NH   848-8211  
 Jon Reen  738 Old Turnpike Rd  724-1966  
 Zack St.Hilaire  46 Rockingham St. Concord 03301  540-9348  
 Greg Foti  161 Fieldstone Rd Hopkinton  568-5245  
 Kevin Hill  209 Amesbury Rd, Contoocook  568-5801  
 Jay Reno  1128 South Rd Hopkinton  746-2728  
 Luke Simon  31 Cottage St. Contoocook  848-6468  
 Bryn Waldwick  46 High Pond Rd Hopkinton   748-1336  
 Pat West  798 Main St Contoocook  731-8582  
 Wyatt Blue  355 Kearsarge Mtn. Road Warner  731-7145  
 Nate Claggett  116 Cedar St Contoocook  724-4331  
 Jake Littlejohns  35 Wilson Rd Canterbury 03224  568-7807  
 Josh Schaefer  535 Pine St Contoocook  724-4238  
 Jeff Sweatt  207 Old Stage Coach Rd Hopkinton  724-0399  
 Ryan Callahan  245 Spring St Contoocook  746-6961  
 Alex Chittim  236 Hopkins Green Hopkinton  226-2727  
 Brian Foley  54  568-6123  
 David Stillwell  382 Park Ave Contoocook  746-3414  
 DJ Travers  618 Broad Cove Rd Contoocook  746-6000  
 Nate Barton    496-1454  
 Nick Foti    491-5649  
 Ryan Feller  8 Island Hill Ave Apt.115 Malden, MA 02148    
 Corey Prescott  PO Box 228 Warner, NH 03278  731-9407  
 John Blanchard  299 Briar Hill Rd Hopkinton