Hudson Valley Heat Baseball: New Player Information

Interested in joining the Hudson Valley Heat ?
The Hudson Valley Heat baseball program is a dedicated youth baseball program that focuses on the continued development of the high school aged athlete. We are looking for players who are committed to playing competitive baseball in our summer and fall programs. This summer we will be playing an increased schedule of games while participating in the American Legion Baseball and AAU affiliated programs. We are also looking to increase our tournament participation and college showcases in the area.

If you would like to register  for a tryout please fill out the NEW PLAYER SURVEY on this page. There are no guarantees that you will be invited to a tryout and if invited to tryout that you will make the team.

Some things you should know before you fill out the survey

  • This is a competitive baseball program, everyone that makes the team is a very good baseball player regardless of the role you play on the team.
  • We carry 15 or 16 players on our roster. All playing time will NOT be equal although you will most likely get more playing time than if you were playing a full schedule on a town team. 
  • This is a competitive baseball program and must be a priority. If you vacation during the months of June and July this program is NOT for you.
  • For those athletes who compete in more than one sport which requires additional summer camps/training, the following applies:If you know there is an unavoidable conflict between a summer camp or training commitment and the Legion post season, please do not tryout. You will not be rostered.

  • While every effort is made to keep expenses in check this is not an inexpensive team to run. None of our coaches or administrative personnel are paid and our fees reflect the costs to run the team and your committment to excellence.
  • No players will be allowed to miss any practices or games during the week(s) of the Legion post season (District Tournament, Divisional Tournament, Department Tournament, Regional Tournament or World Series). During the aforementioned times, the program assumes Legion Baseball is your priority.

  • Players are expected to uphold the Legion Code of Sportsmanship at all times.

  • Dual participation in any other baseball program is prohibited and grounds for dismissal from the team.