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05-12-18 12:33 PM
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Tim "Big Daddy" McCullar
Played: 1996 - 2001
Number: 2
Position: Center, defensive back, wide receiver.
Solid utility player who could play almost anywhere on the field, Tim retired at the end of the 2001 season.

Sunday, December 17
Robert "Big Rob" Ovalle
Played: 2000 - 2003
Number: 14
Position: Wide receiver, linebacker.
Always able to use his size to his advantage, Rob was a consistent and reliable contributor to Storm for four years before an ankle injury forced him to retire in 2003.

Sunday, September 4
Matt Brayton
Played: 2000-2005
Number: 25
Position: Throwback, linebacker
Matt played a big role in Storm's early success. He had a great arm and made a lot of big plays sending the ball downfield. On defense, he was dependable and rarely missed flags.

Thursday, March 16
Dave "Barnsey" Barnes
Played: 2005
Number: 26
Position: Safety, wide receiver.
Big Dave Barnes was an major contributor to Storm's success in 2005 before moving to New England in early 2006. Considering the amount of grief we gave him and the fact he could probably squash any of us like a bug, Dave's self restraint was truly remarkable.

Q: Why did the Aggie stare at his milk?
A: Because the carton said "concentrate."

Good times... good times.

Wednesday, April 2
Robby "The Kid" Baker
Played: 2000-2007
Number: 3
Position: Rusher, linebacker, throwback
Robby joined Storm as our starting rusher and was on our first State Championship team in 2000. Over the years, he moved to throwback and linebacker. Robby had great hands and regularly came up with big plays, befuddling much younger players who tried to cover him without success. Robby retired at the end of 2007 after winning our fourth State Championship.

Sunday, April 6
Paul "Pinky" Segreto
Played: 2005-2008
Number: 6
Position: Linebacker, wide receiver
Paul played with Storm for three years before pinky and knee problems forced him to hang up his cleats in 2008. Although not flashy, Paul had great hands and was could always be relied on when it counted.

Sunday, November 1
Brian "Sleeper" McCray
Played: 2000-2008
Number: 23
Position: Linebacker, safety
Soft spoken and always calm, Brian was key menber of our defense for over 8 years and was an intergral part of five State Championship teams. Brian retired at the end of our 2008 season to focus on the demands of his career in the Houston Police Department and ever expanding family.

Sunday, September 4
Carlos Stewart
Played: 2005-2009
Position: Rusher
Carlos was an amazing rusher. Carlos and Joe Sherfield were the cornerstones of Storm's dominate rush attack in the mid to late 2000s. His tip/pick/TD (pictured) at State in 2005 is legendary. Unfortunately, two devastating ankle injuries and the pressure of having a real job forced Carlos to hang up his cleats.

Sunday, September 4
Lou "Dockers" Landin
Played: 2006-2010
Position: Everything
Lou could play anywhere on the field. He could rush, snap, catch and play coverage. He put a ring on a girl's finger that was the last we saw of him.

Sunday, September 4
Greg Martinez
Played: 2003-2009
Number: 12
Position: Wide receiver, corner, linebacker
Greg was probably the smartest guy who ever put on a Storm jersey. He was a very versatile player and could fill in where he was needed. When got he the ball, Greg could score from anywhere on the field. He was fast, smart and a great guy.

Sunday, September 4
Lathan "Late" Smith
Played: 1997-2010
Number: 5
Position: Cornerback, slot reveiver
Lathan was a huge part of Storm's success over the years. He was a threat to score whenever he touched the ball . On defense, he and David Miles were Storm's shut down corners for a decade.  Lathan combined great athlethic ability with intelligence and veteran leadership.

Sunday, September 4
David Miles
Played: 1999-2009
Number: 4
Position: Corner, slot receiver
David was on all of Strorm's championship teams. He played at an extremely high level for a decade and was a constant fixture on both sides of the ball.  Always calm, David was an great example to younger players. A knee injury in late 2009 ended David's flag football career.

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