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Tuesday, April 28
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Wednesday, March 11
Player Selection Policy

        Secrecy: Players shall never be told the position in wich they were drafted.

           Bonus Picks: Each manager requiring eight or more players prior to the draft to complete the roster will be allowed one bonus pick at the completion of round four. If more than one manager is allowed bonus picks under this section, the order of rotation will be identical to that being followed in the draft.


       Draft Plan A

          When a thorough tryout program has been completed, the last-place team of the preceding season gets the first choice in every round of the draft, the next to last place team gets the second selection in every round and the remaining teams select in the reverse order of standing. For the purpose of explanation, let us assume that there are four teams in the league.

                    First Round:   Fourth place manager selects the first player

                                         Third place manager selects the second player

                                         Second place manager selects the third player

                                          First place manager selects the fourth player


                  Second Round:  Fourth place manger selects the firth player

                                          Third place manager selects the sixth player

                                           Second place manager selects the seventh player

                                           First place manager selects the eight plaery, etc., until the rosters are completed.



An option is an agreement between a manager and the Player Agent covering a special condition. All options must be in writing (except No. 1) and be submitted to the Player Agent 48 hours prior to the draft. The options are as follows:

             1. Brothers/Sisters in the Draft When there are two or more siblings in the draft, and the first brother or sister is drafted by a manager, that manager automatically has an option to draft the other brother or sister on the next turn. If the manager does not exercise the option, the second sibling is then available to be drafted by any team.    

             2. Brothers/Sisters of Players Currently on a Team If desired, a manager shall submit an option in writing on a draftee if the player candidate’s brother or sister is a member of that manager’s team. If such an option is submitted, the manager MUST draft the sibling within the first three draft selections.

              3. Sons/Daughters of Managers If a manager has sons and/or daughters eligible under Regulation II for the draft, and wishes to draft them, he/she must submit the option in writing. If so stated, the parent/manager is required to exercise the option at or before the close of the specific draft round, depending on the League Age of Sons/daughters. Parent/manager option takes priority over any other option. NOTE: These provisions also apply for managers having eligible brothers or sisters in the draft.

             4. Sons/Daughters of Coaches A NEW coach shall not be appointed nor approved until after the draft to avoid “Red Shirting” of player through selective coaching appointments. A returning coach, through the manager, may exercise an option in writing to the Player Agent provided:

                        (A) The coach has served as a manager or coach in the league (at any level for the past two years AND,                (B) The coach is returning to the same Major League team as last year. IMPORTANT: In order for a manager to exercise this option, the coach must qualify under BOTH conditions above.



Saturday, February 7
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