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Thursday, March 31
Welcome to the Heights National Little League website!

Sign-ups are done.....now what?

 First of all, if you haven't, please go and like our Facebook page-- Heights National Little League HNLL.  We keep parents and families updated on that page as much as possible.  It will answer many of your questions. 

There is still a little clean-up work to be done with registration.  We still have some kids we need to get paperwork for.  We won't be having another document drop-off, so if you have paperwork to get it, please send it to:


PO Box 50535

Billings MT 59105

We will be contacting you if we need any information from you. 


Majors teams and above should already have been contacted by coaches.  Minors baseball should be hearing by the end of the week.  It will be another week or so before we have t-ball and coach pitch teams ready so it will probably be a week and a half or so before you hear from your coaches.  No schedules will be released by the district until the week of April 11th, so please be patient, we will get them out as soon as we get them.


Opening Day:   April 16 at 11:00 at the new Bitterroot Complex.  More information to follow.


Please be patient through the road construction season this year.  Bench Blvd will be torn up from the Bitterroot Complex down to the Clevenger Complex.  It might be a little more difficult to find parking so please plan accordingly. 


Here is to a great 2016!!


Joni West

President, HNLL 


Other teams, dates, and announcements shall be forthcoming. 


Heights National Little League - PO Box 50535 - Billings, Montana 59105


Most game schedules have been posted in the Documents tab.


Wednesday, May 27
Where are all the umpires?

Where are all of the Umpires? That's an excellent question with only one answer: sitting in the stands wondering where all the umpires are.

This is the perennial problem that plagues leagues everywhere, there are never enough umpires to cover games.

How many games will we have umpires for?

• That’s a darn good question.

• On average, in the 2014 season of baseball and softball, we had 26 home games each week. This was only in the majors division and up.

• On average, we had 6 working umpires, each week. We don't have that many this year. Many umpires also serve in a number of other capacities. They can only work one game at a time and sometimes, they have other responsibilities which prevent them from working your game.

• We have fielded multiple calls each week from Managers looking for umpires. In some cases, we are able to get someone to cover a game if they weren't already working one. In most cases, we simply have not been able to find anyone who is available. Many of the league's umpires started because they wanted to make sure that their kids' games had umpires. It's a great reason to get started.

• The league trains volunteer umpires and will provide the necessary equipment (except for a cup, guys, you’re on your own for that) for you to umpire behind the plate.  Even though it is in the middle of the season, we can still get you some materials and work with you to help get you "game ready." Contact us with your interest in becoming an umpire at hnlluic@gmail.com.

Finally, one request: when you are at the field, watching a game and you haven't been willing to help out by umpiring, please don't sit behind the fence, or along the fences and yell at the umpires. These VOLUNTEERS who have taken time away from their family, work or the yardwork that they desperately need to do at their own home are out there so your kids will have a game and so their manager can actually manage their team.

If you truly believe that they don't know what they are doing and that you can do a better job, come out and share your knowledge and experience, your kids will appreciate the work that you do and you will have a new appreciation for how hard your kids and their managers have worked all season.

Saturday, February 7
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